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A Vision of Life

May 11, 2009
By Chevy Smith BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Chevy Smith BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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I have never thought of a place more enchanting as this. One simple walk through this place will rejuvenate your senses for weeks to come. As your journey through this masterpiece begins, you feel a soft breeze wave across the ground. It is light and gently touches the skin on its way by. The touch is just soft enough to balance the heat grazing your skin from the sun. Your first step impacts the wet stone with a slap. The stone feels as smooth as ice. One glance past the tall waving stone archway tells you that stone does not compose the entire floor in this labyrinth. Lush green grass surrounds the walkway. Looking closely, you see that the grass is covered with water. The smell of roses carried by the wind, meets your nostrils. The smell, being sweet and inviting, ensnares the foreigner. One more big breath lets you smell the wetness or rain of the oncoming storm. Each of your senses becomes twice as alert. The wind begins to howl and nip at your skin. Rain falls like a speeding bullet to impact the ground with a thud. You look from side to side to find shelter. Quick as a rabbit you take refuge under the gigantic stone archway. There are flashes of light all around. It sounds like someone is banging cymbals right next to your ear. You don’t dare move for the fear of getting soaked from head to toe. At a second thought and glance, you seem to see that this isn’t bad at all. That it is actually peaceful and calming. Before you know it, the calming tone around you has stopped. You can now continue on with your journey through the beautiful maze. As you step away from the arch your senses tingle from the past excitement. Everything around you seemed to have changed. There is a new smell and feel to things. You notice that something is wrong. How could this amazing work of art have anything wrong with it? Sure enough there is. One little smudge on the painting. One brown spot in a field of grass. One bike in a car lot. With this odd occurrence your curiosity is spiked. You feel that you have to investigate. Walking slowly, so you don’t fall, you make your way up the ramp. In the wall you see an unfinished section. A section that no one is working on. Then the question arises. Why would someone not want to work on this lovely design? The temptation to grab the tools and start working was immense, but that is for another day. Now it is time to continue your journey. A feeling of despair and sadness overcomes you as you realize that your journey is almost complete. Your steps slow in an attempt to keep the experience going as long as possible. In your attempt to slow down you don’t notice the people rushing past you. You don’t hear their pleas and cries of agony. You don’t see them waving and pointing at the great orange glow growing behind you. Only when you reach the edge of the grand landscape do you turn around. Suddenly, you smell the great orange glow. One of the lightning bolts must have hit the ground. Now everything that you just experienced was in jeopardy. You feel like you want to help stop the gigantic orange glow. Someone thrusts a bucket of water into your arms and you run. Run, run, run, run, and run. In one attempt to put out the orange glow you succeed. More and more people are doing likewise. Now at last you are at peace again. The maze of wonders is at peace. The excitement of the day settles down. The experience is enough to last for a lifetime, but sadly it is time to go. You have to leave the beauty behind. Your senses now feel as though an angel has touched them.

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