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Teenage witch

April 5, 2019
By Morgan511 BRONZE, Stratford, New Jersey
Morgan511 BRONZE, Stratford, New Jersey
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   Jane was just a normal teenage girl, a high school student, good grades, a happy family, great friends, and a good boyfriend. She was living the life any person would love to have. Then her whole world turned upside down. Before I tell you the story, I should tell you a little more about Jane and her life. Jane is seventeen. She was an only child and her parents are hardworking nurses. Her best friend, Abby, is the same age as her and they have been friends since they were two. Her boyfriend, Ian, is also the same age as her. They have been together since they were fourteen. Jane is a tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She plays volleyball and sings. She competes in beauty pageants and has won ten trophies.

               Our story starts off with Jane in school. While Jane was in lunch a girl named Julie came up to Jane and decided that she wanted to pick a fight with her. Jane knowing her reputation was at stake chose just to stay calm and try to get herself out of the situation. She was relaxed until the girl pushed her and she fell over. This pissed Jane off and before she knew it she was hoping that the girl’s hair would just catch fire so that she didn’t have to fight her. Than all of a sudden the girl’s hair did catch fire. The girl screamed for someone to put it out. Jane still sitting on the ground was in shock. How could it have happened? She was just thinking about the girl’s hair getting set on fire and then bam it happened. Ian came over to pick up Jane and get her out of the crowd that had swarmed Julie.

               “How the hell did Julie’s hair just catch fire like that?” Ian said as her was helping Jane over to their lunch table where Abby and the rest of Jane’s friends were sitting.

               “I didn’t see anyone light it or anything it just happened. That was crazy. Hey Jane are you okay?” Abby looked at Jane realizing that Jane had a blank stare on her face like she had just seen a ghost.

“Jane?”  Ian waved his hand in front of Jane to try and get her attention.

“Oh yeah I’m fine I guess. I just don’t understand how that just happened. One second I’m on the ground hopping her hair would catch fire so I didn’t have to fight her than boom her hair is on fire.”

“Maybe you’re a witch Jane” Said Michael another kid at the table. He was known for believing in the supernatural.

How could Jane be a witch though? She has never had anything like this happen before and her mother never told her about any family history of witchcraft. Jane shook off what Michael said hoping it wasn’t true. The rest of the school day Jane was nervous of how her parents would react when she got home. What would she tell them? How could she explain that Julie’s hair just went up in flames right after she was thinking about it?

The school day ended and Jane went home. When she walked in the door her parents were sitting in the living room and they sat up as soon as they saw her. She thought her life was over. They were going to be so mad. Instead her parents told her to sit down and asked her to explain everything. She told them exactly what happened, when it happened and how it happened. The only thing she couldn’t explain was how Julie’s hair did catch on fire. Jane’s parents told her that they could explain that part of the story.

“What do you mean you can explain why her hair caught fire, you weren’t there.” At this point Jane was so confused that she didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t know what her parents were going to say and she didn’t want to know either.

“There’s things I haven’t told you about our family history Janey.” Her mother said while pulling out a book from behind her back. The book was old looking, the cover was made of leather and it had a string wrapped around it to hold it shut. The papers were old and mostly torn, some were even missing. Jane’s mother handed her the book and told her that it was owned by Jane’s great grandmother.

“So what does this have to do with Julie and her hair?” Jane was opening the book carefully trying to read what the words inside said. They were in a different language that Jane had never seen before but somehow she knew exactly what they meant. “How do I know what these words are? I’ve never seen this book or this language before in my life.”

“Jane our family has a history of witches. I know this sounds crazy and I know this sounds like I’m making it up but I’m not. When someone in our family turns seventeen they go through a transformation. The witch in them comes out and they don’t know how to help it. I went through it, your grandmother went through it and her mother before her. Every woman in our family has the witch trait. We were hoping that it had skipped you since it’s been a couple of months since your seventeenth birthday but what happened today was you. Your witch trait must have taken a little more time than mine to show. Mine showed up the day after my seventeenth birthday. I found out after I grew a plant in my hands. I use to tell you that I dyed my hair when I was young correct?”

“Yes. Mom you said that after you turned seventeen your mother let you dye your hair dark because it’s what you wanted to do.”

“Well Jane I didn’t really have a choice. One side effect of your witch trait coming out is that you will go through a lot of physical changes. My hair turned dark, my mother’s hair turned light blue, and her mother’s hair changed from brown to a white color. When your hair changes color that color represents what type of witch you are. I’m an earth witch, my mother a water witch, and her mother a wind witch. I can’t predict what color your hair is going to change but there is one thing you should know. The only type of witch not in our family right now is a fire witch. You were born blonde hair. If your hair starts to turn red and your eyes start to turn into a darker blue than they already are you are a fire witch. This change will happen very fast after the first time you use your powers.”

“What’s wrong with being a fire witch? And is that the reason I set Julie’s hair on fire. Am I going to be a fire witch?”

“We aren’t sure yet but it could mean that you are. Fire witches are the most powerful of all the witches. They can cause the most damage and they can harness the powers of other element witches which will give them the power of water, earth and wind. If a fire witch gets control of all four elements they could be a threat to all of humanity. This book will help you learn more about the practice of witchcraft and how to control your powers. I can also help you gain control of them but for a while you will have to be out of school because if you don’t gain control you will end up hurting someone even if you don’t want to.”

“This is all so crazy. How do I gain control of my powers if I don’t even know what powers I have yet?”

“Jane you do know what type of powers you have. Go look in the mirror.”

Jane got up and went to the mirror that was on the wall behind her. When she looked at herself she screamed. In the time that they were sitting there Jane’s hair had already turned a bright red color and her eyes a dark deep blue. She was afraid of what her friends were going to say. What was her boyfriend going to say when he saw that his beautiful blonde girlfriend was now a red head? She freaked out and ran upstairs to her room. Her mother followed her up with the book afraid of what would happen. Once her mom got upstairs she found Jane sitting on her bed crying. There was a burn mark on the wall in the shape of a hand print.

“All I did was put my hair on the wall. What is going to happen to me mom? Am I going to hurt the people I care about?”

Jane’s mom went to reach toward her to comfort her but Jane pulled away afraid that she would burn her mother. Her mother got closer and touched her anyway. She didn’t get burnt.

“Jane you can’t hurt me unless you want to. Your powers are that strong yet. Right now you can only burn something or hurt someone when you are in distress or when you are angry. I can help you grow your powers and control them but only if you let me. Let me show you my powers so that you trust me more. Come over to your window.”

Jane’s mom led her over the window which pointed out toward their backyard. Jane’s mother reached out in the direction of the tree next to the window. When she did this one of the branches grew and came toward Jane’s mother’s hand. Jane was in awe at what she had just witnessed. She wanted to practice her powers now.

“What can I start out with to try and gain control over mine? I want to practice my powers I trust you now.”

Jane’s mother went down stairs and got a candle and brought it back up to Jane. When she got upstairs she put the candle on Jane’s dresser and told her to light the candle. Jane was confused. How was she just going to light the candle? She didn’t even know how to use her powers yet. She looked at the candle and remembered that when she set Julie’s hair on fire she was wishing it would happen so she tried to wish the candle to light. She though hard about lighting the candle and how she hoped it would catch fire. Than all of a sudden the candle was lit. She did it with her own mind.

“Good job Jane that was great. You are already starting to gain control over your powers. Just remember don’t try anything if I’m not around to stop you if you go too far. You need to learn about your powers and the extent of them but you also need to learn how to stop yourself before you do end up doing something you will regret. You need to have your emotions in check at all times. You can’t get to angry or excited.”

“I thought that my powers would only act up when I’m in distress. How would getting to excited cause harm?”

“Getting angry or being in distress is only the beginning. Once you gain control than you can do anything you want at any time you want.”

“Mom this whole day has been so crazy. Can I just be left alone the rest of the night? I promise I won’t do anything stupid. I will keep my emotions in check and try not to catch the whole house on fire.”

“Okay Jane. If you need anything or you want to practice more just let me know and I will come help you. Love you, goodnight.”

The rest of the night Jane thought long and hard about her powers. She read all of her great grandmother’s book three times. Her life had just changed in the matter of a day.

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