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A Simple Fireplace

April 27, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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*Sighs* My cozy chair. How I love this masculine chair filled with the sensation of having a king’s power.

It was so cozy this room. A lot of people did not like the room because of its Gothic décor but I loved it. I loved the Gothic-castle-style windows and the on-going shelves of books that had titles in genres of fiction, fantasy, and Gothic literature. I loved the black-painted walls and the furniture of black silk. Of course, I loved my favorite chair too as I said before.

Speaking of favorites, another thing I loved about the room was the tall, black fireplace that had my collection of Gothic statues on top of it and my black analog clock that had red Chinese dragons as its hands.

*Sighs* What a beautiful sight it was to see the fireplace with the moonlight glinting off of it and the fire blazing silently inside it like a silent dragon. What a beautiful sight…I dozed off into a sleep.

I woke up to a grandfather clock’s clang.

That was weird. I did not have a grandfather clock in the room.

I looked behind my chair and saw nothing other than my chair casting a long shadow down the long room. I double-checked but didn’t find anything still.

I shrugged my shoulders.

Maybe it was just from my dream and I began to close my eyes again.

The clang came again and I woke up with a start this time.

Where was it coming from?

I looked behind my chair one more time.

I froze.

The chair’s expecting long shadow was changed into a different shape. I didn’t notice what it looked like at first but then….I was horror-struck.

It was a lady looking back at me. My lover, Jaciline, who had died a year ago from….I can’t speak of it. I can’t speak of what I did to her.

Then, I shook off my horror-struck emotion and told myself that my imagination was getting to me because I was tired.

With that thought in my mind, I fell asleep.


A bigger bell sound woke me up this time and…I wish it hadn’t.

There…in the fire…was the face of Jaciline. She was staring at me with anger in her blood-stained eyes and her jet-black hair sprawled all over her face.

I screamed in horror as I tried to get out of my chair. I couldn’t! Some force was pulling me down and keeping me on the chair.

Then, there came another clang as my mouth was shut by an unspeakable force.

I looked at the face of my once-beloved Jaciline who had turned into some indescribable demon. I never thought she would ever turn into such a demon.

She opened her mouth, revealing silver-colored pointed teeth, as she spoke:

“Hello, Max. Enjoying life without me? Well, that won’t last for long.”

Another clang came and I looked up to notice that my clock’s dragon hands were glowing.

They bursted out of the clock and transformed into the dragons they were carved as, only with eyes of fire and actual fire coming out of their mouths.

I screamed but it did not echo in the room because I was muffled by the unspeakable force which by then, I believed came from Jaciline.

Jaciline laughed a devious laugh as the dragons bend over me with sparks of their fire breath burning my face. They opened their mouths as heat blasted into my face making my skin burn with treacherous pain.

After the heat blast, I saw that some of my face was only bone and half of it, only flesh. It burned with such intense pain that one would want to kill himself right there.

Jaciline laughed again.

“I could have killed you right there but you tortured me so much when you killed me that I will do the same. See you in the fire pits, love.”

The face of Jaciline disappeared from the fire.

The dragons looked at me with devious smiles and began the torture…

The torture was so intense that one could not explain it other than that I wanted to kill myself right there in my cozy, now-scorched chair.

The dragons did it again and again until they were satisfied. When the torture was done, I was numb and used to the indescribable pain that happened in the torture.

The fire, in the fireplace, disappeared. My room began to shake like it was in an earthquake as many books began to fall off the shelves and onto the floor. I was in fear as pieces of the roof fell near my chair and moonlight came through the holes in the roof.

Then, the shaking stopped.

A big gaping hole was inside the fireplace with fire spiting out of it; making things burn around me...

Should I say it?

The next thing that happened to me was I was brought down into the hole by the two dragons and I was brought to the place where many fires burned; never to go back to my cozy room again.

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