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Shutting Down Wonderland

April 26, 2009
By XTwistedAliceX SILVER, Etobicoke, Other
XTwistedAliceX SILVER, Etobicoke, Other
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She falls into the dark; and floats along the things she has loved as she was taken away. She never saw it coming, her demise at the end.
Heard of a girl named Alice that has once fallen as she was now, never heard of her again.
Remembers seeing her parents crying, when Alice came back, Alice wasn’t the same girl anymore.
Then again she disappeared as the pocket watch ticked.
Everyone called Alice crazy, perhaps she is going crazy too thinking she is suffering and following the same path.

She lands softly on the ground, the grass cracking under her feet; she almost thought it would break.
She comes upon an opening; she looks back above seeing pictures covering the portal, her beloved teddy bear out of reach.
She sees the forest; the one Alice screamed about in fright and begins to feel her feet run away from the dark.
Colour seems so different here, another world from her own.
She no longer knows what to believe.

A grin appears before her eyes, and a pair of big yellowish-greenish eyes to match with a maddening purr.
It was the one Alice called Cheshire, the one with maddening riddles even more maddening laughter that haunted her dreams.
The words of the Cheshire gave the girl a headache; it was making its way inside of her soul and turning it dark.
The purple feline of nightmares began to fade as it had appeared.
The smiles and eyes forever burned into her mind with that purr and maddening voice.

She sees her hair begin to turn darker, her skin paler.
The girl sudden heard dark desires of pain and screaming and the faces of potential victims.
The tears screaming down her face, wiping away her innocence as she saw what she had done.
A body lied on the ground butchered to death and blood bathed with the worlds of the Cheshire printed on its cooling skin.
Her soul no longer blood innocent, no longer hers at all, it belonged now to the Cheshire.

Beth never thought the little boy to be the white rabbit that would lead her here; Alice never said what it was that brought her to the place she called Wonderland.
The little boy came to her claiming he was lost in the woods, he cried saying he lost his parents.
She took him by the hand, then followed her murderer into the dark woods the last thing she would see before the dark.
The last thing Beth remembers hearing is the tick of his pocket watch, before she became the faceless and blood covered thing she was now.
Her dress now stained with blood, her skin stained with the silent screams of her first victim.

Yes, of her first victim, she thought, “more surely to come if I am deafened by the Cheshire,
I must run run and run to avoid the white rabbit and the cursed Cheshire cat,
I must cleanse myself of the evil I was blind and forced to do against my will and free myself from this hell,
There is one thing I must do, I must kill the villain that started all of this and brought me here,
I must find the girl named Alice and finish what the queen had ordered, off with her head!”

Alice smiles from the tree above, “how silly a child is she,”
Alice fades into mist and reappears in her beloved Hatters garden, a place of perfect sin and reeked of death, her favorite perfume.
“Oh hatter, we have a new playmate who clams she will be the death of me,” Alice cackles.
“Then I suppose we ought to test her to see if she is worthy of your glace my love,” the Hatter laughs and strokes Alice’s cheek before forcing a kiss.
“Then by all means, let the games begin,” She says and tosses the Hatter against his chair and straddles his waist before they both begin to laugh wickedly at the thought of their new plaything.

Many beings came at her and she stole things from them, they made her mind begin to pool into a lust for Alice’s blood, the ending of Wonderland.
She noticed smoke in the slight distance, she smelled tea from afar.
She heard ruffles in the maze around, a female giggle of laughter, she knew it to be Alice but it was not her time yet.
She opens the gate to the garden and enters; she saw a corpse tied to a tree, hooks through the tendons with slits along the body filling the tub.
“Welcome sweet Beth. Please, have a seat,” the Hatter greets her.

“I thank you, you must be the one they call Hatter,” Beth smiles.
The Hatter takes a bow, “Indeed the one and only,” He smiles as she takes the seat opposite him.
Hatter smiles, then turns on the silent saw hidden behind Beth’s chair, “I hear you to be the death of Alice,” he comments.
Beth smiles, “I suppose the Cheshire talks,” she raises a brow.
The Hatter laughs, she would never take his beloved Alice from him.

Beth stands up before the saw could catch her, the Hatter cringes disappointed she was not already a victim of his dear Wonderland.
Beth walks over swaying her hips, leans into him, “Tell me where Alice is Hatter,” she smiles.
“Would you like to know what I did to Alice when she walked like that towards me?” He asks. “I made her mine!” He says and reaches for her.
She grabs the syringe from the pocket of her dress and punctured his neck and injected him with its content, “Compliments of Caterpillar. No, it will not kill you like you deserve. But it will paralyze you for the next hour while I hunt for you twisted Alice and kill her, forcing you to hear her scream,” Beth says taking the syringe from his neck and walking out of the garden.

She ran to the castle, it was the last place Alice could be hiding.
She wondered if her parents were looking for her yet, if they missed her as much as Alice.
Did they tell Noah yet that she was missing; she prayed the rabbit wouldn’t go after her brother.
Alice would pay for the sufferings they all had endured on her account; wonderland would be closed forever even if it took her last breath.
She saw the opening to the castle and its courts; Alice was in the center waiting for her.

Beth started to run towards her, then the cards circled her and with weapons.
“My my my Alice, personal bodyguards. Must be nice,” Beth smiles sweetly.
“Oh how indeed it is, the queen appears to have adopted me as her heir to the Wonderland thrown,” Alice smiles.
“Does she know all the chaos you have created?” Beth asks.
“Oh yes my dear Beth, she has. She has rewarded me for my achievements,” Alice smiles.
Beth snorts, “Achievements, that’s the word for it.”

Beth smiles, “Well then Alice. If this is so I challenge you to a battle me against Alice the princess to the death. A royal of the court cannot turn down a challenge. Even a royal to the court and kingdom of hearts,” She grins.
Alice commands the cards to disperse, “Then so it would seem. I accept you challenge Beth. You were always jealous of what I have; then again the middle child is always forgotten. Isn’t that so sister? Mother and Father do not even know you are missing,” Alice smiles.
“My dear sister, I have no idea of what you claim. I was content until you came back and caused terror for us all with your ramblings. You are as they sing, Poor little miss Alice, lost her chalice, got sucked in a hole, once released no one was pleased, all circled her, calling her the Wonderland whore.” Beth cackles.
“So it seems that sister is taking lessons from the whore, won’t you make mommy proud?” Alice snaps.
“Oh I plan on making mommy pleased once I put the whore to sleep,” Beth bats her eyes innocently with her grin.

Alice takes an axe from one of her cards, it appeared heavy but she seems to mange to catch a grip on it.
No one offered Beth anything, big surprise considering she was to murder their next in line for rule and her sister.
Alice came at her and swung the axe, Beth managed to miss when her sister fell to the ground causing the Axe to get stuck between two stones.
One of the cards tripped her and Alice came at her screaming with eyes bloodshot, her dark halo glowing, Beth kicked her knee in hearing it crack and her sister scream.
She expected the cards to come at her, but she realized that they were gone and they were alone in the court.

She walks and grabs the axes handle and wiggles it free and picks it up and holds it as her sister Alice had done.
She walks over to her sister and watched Alice try to wither away, her knee busted open and bleeding, eyes opening wide as she saw Beth coming closer with the axe.
“Sweet Beth, you couldn’t kill your own sister…could you?” Alice asked with a look of pure panic on her face.
Beth thought about it for a moment and took her sister by the hair and disappeared into mist and they both appeared at the opening.
“I do not think of it as murder sister, I think of it as a mercy killing,” Beth says and plays with a strand of Alice’s hair.

Alice attempts to scurry away while Beth pulls the queens scepter out from under her dress, “I never knew why you were the favorite Alice. I never could seem to grasp it. But now I learn that that apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to mother and me being innocent and you tainting us and making us like you. Well now your rein ends here and I am sending you back to make sure mother buries you!” Beth says as Alice manages to stand and gets punctured by the scepter and is thrown back into the entrance of the rabbit hole, it caves in with Alice in it.
There are screams and sounds of hurrying feet from behind, all the characters appeared behind her glaring.
Her legs buckle; she was at peace with Alice dead and finally felt free from her rein of terror and hoped that her mother and brother would be relieved.
The characters of her sisters Wonderland came at her with their hands outstretched and circled her, she sees them coming down at her with their bloodstained hands.

There was an article in the paper two days after Beth’s disappearance, the body of her sister Alice had been recovered with no sign of where it had come from.
There were no signs of the direction Beth might have gone in or signs of a struggle.
Beth’s teddy bear had been found with her sister’s body and locket around her neck, everyone assumed that who ever took Alice now had her sister Beth.
Noah found Alice’s diary, and the place she once wondered too. Beth was now there, he knew for sure, but she would never come back.
He found a pocket watch next to a dead tree that appeared to have rotted inside itself’ and knew that is where his once pure sister Beth now lied.

The author's comments:
This was originally an assignment for class but I really got into it. Although the work submitted is shaped different then the work I am showing here, I still hope you all enjoy it.

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on Oct. 15 2009 at 8:44 am
JessicaMollie BRONZE, Hawera, Other
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And again, I am crying for poor Beth, the victim of circumstance..i love the darkness of it...

Wolfie said...
on May. 6 2009 at 12:29 am
I love it. i love it all. A brilliant take on C.S.Lewis's story and i love the twisted, perverse, and dark feel of it. Your work is always very well done. I love it and i love you. ^^