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End of Gods

February 19, 2019
By TimberW0LF SILVER, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
TimberW0LF SILVER, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
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Norse 1:

“Off! Claim Germania invariably. Expand the entirety of Midgard and discomfit anything that may trouble your journey. But do not expand any farther than the unclaimed land of Germania. For we do not yet know what lies beyond it in Midgard.” Odin said.

“Yes father, I am most venerated by this task. I shall take Yggdrasil to the end of Midgard. Shall anyone accompany me on this journey father?” replied Balder.

“That is to be certain. Call upon Forseti and two of your brothers. Tyr and Thor shall do plenty well.” Odin stated.

“As you say, father...” Balder said.


Roman 1:

Jupiter consults the oracle of Delphi.

“Be wary of the enemies that protrude from Germania. They mean to cut through Germania and seize the Romans’ land as their own. These unknown beings contain powers of those like divinities. They intend to inflict tremendous harm on you Gods. If you wish to end this before it begins, may I suggest that you send Apollo, his archery skills are second to none.” states the oracle.

“I-I will go on this journey as well, for I am of great strength and power. Mars should accompany us too. His speed and strength, as well as knowledge of warfare, will prove most useful if these savage beings are as you say they are.” said Jupiter.

“Yes! Yes! I-I mean yes, of course, it only makes sense. It would also be to your advantage to take Neptune, he will prove useful should the fight take to the sea.”

Norse 2:

“What is the meaning of this journey, Balder? What is Germania?” exclaimed Thor.

“Ughh… must you keep on with these questions? Germania, for a long time anyway, has long been kept a secret to everyone less you are Odin, the advanced group of Victors from Valhalla, or me. For a while, this place crawled with innumerable preposterous creatures. To keep safe the people of Midgard, it was a well-kept secret. The Valhallan group of Victors were sent in small groups to slowly diminish these creatures. Just recently they have finished” stated Balder.

“So we tend to just claim this territory for Midgard?” said Tyr.

“Yes, that is what Odin wanted. For reasons unknown he did not elect himself for this journey,” said Balder

Roman 2:

“How much farther must we travel?” Forseti asked.

“Till we see the beings. We must stop them before they reach the start of our Empire. We must also finish them at all cost. The oracle said they are a force to be reckoned with. They are nothing but savages.” said Jupiter.

Odin/Oracle 1:

“They’ll be here any minute just wait! I can’t wait that heavens are mine. These worlds are MINE, everything you see here should be MINE! Yes, yes you are cor-cor-correct. But patients is of necessity. I need to wait for the proper timing. Then I can take them all out at once… Yes, I am right, of course. Patience...patience…

The Meet Up:

Mars and Tyr lay dead, Mars with a sickle in his throat, Tyr with a spear that has torn through his heart. Thor and Neptune have not been seen since Thor summoned the storm and Neptune dragged him under the sea level. Forseti and Apollo, well… Apollo lay dead in the dirt and Forseti has killed himself in the name of justice. Forsetti's last words were “If a person is willing to kill someone, they must be willing to face justice and he himself must die…”

“Tell me thy name before thy is slain so I may know,” stated Balder.

Jupiter hurls a bolt of his wicked lightning towards Balder and he just stands there as the bolt reaches his body and dissipates.

“How many times must I tell you! You cannot hurt me! Nothing can hurt me! Let me just kill you already!” Balder shouted.

A rock is thrown at Jupiter's head and he turns for a slight second. Just enough to let Balder get in close on him. They are on the ground and Jupiter is underneath Balder. Balder in control Wraps around Jupiter, arms and hands-on as well as around Jupiter's face.

Balder whispers, “Tell me your name.”

Jupiter replies, “I am the god of thunder and the heavens and the sky. I am Jupiter.”


With that Balder releases Jupiter into the dirt next to Apollo and his quiver of arrows. Odin appears out of nowhere in the open, as if he has been watching the battle from close.

“Well done Balder, well done indeed,” Odin states as his voice changes tones slowly…

“How are you here, did you just stand there and do nothing as Mars, Tyr, Thor, and Forseti died!?” exclaimed balder

Odin’s image flickers from himself to the oracle as he grabs Balder by the throat. He reaches down and pulls an arrow from Apollo's quiver. The arrow changes form, the fletchings become spikey green leaves with red waxy berries. The tip was more sharp than previously.

“Ah Forseti,” his voice is now more high pitched and relaxed. He has changed. His hair is silky and jet-black. His nose point and his grin devilish.

“Loki!” exclaimed Balder. He stifled a scream as Loki thrusts the mistletoe arrow into Balder and pierces his heart.

“Such a pity justice is, but nonetheless this is my justice, and no doubt this sensation of pain is new to you. I’ve dealt with it many years, glad to finally see someone who cannot stand it as much as I. I am the ruler of the two realms now. From Olympus to Asgard I am the High Lord. I just want to thank you, Balder, for carrying out my endeavor. I’ve always seen you as somewhat of a father to me. And gods only know what happens to the father of the Roman gods.” He winks...

The author's comments:

This piece takes place during the reign of the Roman Empire. Norse and Roman gods clash as Odin and the Oracle of Delphi send their gods to attack.

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