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My Dark Guardian continued...

April 20, 2009
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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Her eyes opened slowly, everything seemed blurry at first but her vision soon cleared and she could see. Everything was sore and hurt badly. When she tried sitting up trickles of pain shot up and down her back as well as her arms and legs, looking she saw that they were bandaged up tightly. Her wounds cleaned and healing she was wondering now, who bandaged her up? Looking about the small dark room this girl saw a door and a window from which moon light spilled in. The girl forced herself out of bed, taking the sheets with her, holding them to her breast as she walked slowly towards the door. Opening it she slowly craned her neck out into the cool air that greeted her. Turning her head from left to right she could she that the door led her to a dark passage with many other doors that led to other mysterious rooms. Placing one foot before the other the girl walked out into the hall, keeping her hand along the wall as she moved down the right side. Her hair fell over her shoulders and covered her eyes from sight. Breathing a bit quickly she moved slowly, wondering where she was and how she had gotten here. As she moved around a corner she could see lights on from under a door to the left.
Cautiously she stepped over to the door, a slight limp in her walk. Her hand took the knob tightly, icy chills making their way up her arm and through out her body. With a small shudder she slowly turned it and opened the door, entering the room. Light blinded her for a moment before she found herself in a large room with many books and papers on the shelves and walls. A few windows were here and there. The floor was a dark wood polished and seeming to glow as it showed her reflection. As she gazed down at it she saw a young woman covered in white sheets, her pale skin looking paler then usual and her body wrapped up in bandages. Her dark hair covering her eyes from sight. With a sigh she looked about the room seeing a desk and a chair in a corner covered in shadows. But as she looked closer she suddenly caught her breath. There, sitting in the chair was the youth that had saved her. He was still wearing his black traveler’s hat with the armor, fitting his strong muscular body and black cloak. His face was so beautiful; every woman would want him, even the men. He stood as she spotted him and simply watched her, his eyes having a slight glint of red to them. A sword was strapped to his back, a fine blade it looked like indeed. The girl felt a chilling around her, a powerful aura that surrounded them both, coming from this young man. He looked to be 18 or 19, only a few years older then she. She looked into his eyes, but when seeing the glint of red she gasped, taking a step back just as he walked forward, coming face to face with her and holding her arms to her sides. The girl struggled, trying to free herself from him when he spoke.

“You shouldn’t be out of bed.” His tone was low and his voice emotionless, seeming as cold as stone itself. The girl stared at him, her heart racing as she watched his eyes turn even redder. Once they were a full crimson blood red color she gave a cry and tried to push him away, pulling back away from him. He held her fast with an iron grip, seeming gentle as well and firm. Slowly he pulled her into an embrace, holding her gently until she quieted down. The girl was overwhelmed by this action of his. She could feel the warmth he gave as well as the chilling coldness. Taking deep breathes she leaned into him slowly as he held her tightly. After what seemed to be hours the youth gently lifted the girl off the ground and carried her back to her room. Slowly he set her down by the door and let her walk in. The girl took one step, then two. As she reached her third step she stumbled over the sheets and started falling to the floor when he was there, holding her hand to catch her fall. Her lips turned slightly into a small smile and she thanked him shyly. He simply helped her stand, nodding slightly before helping her lie down in the bed. He wrapped the sheets around her more before pulling the comforter over her as well. He turned then and strode out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The author's comments:
Decided to just continue this short story that I am working on. The title of the actual story is called Rising of the Sun, but My Dark Guardian would be another great title for it...still have not decided which would i like. Maybe you guys could give me some suggestions on what you think? Feel free to give other title names or anything you think I could edit to make it better. Thank you for reading.

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on Sep. 29 2009 at 8:47 am
Onceknown BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Both titles are good, but I think that My Dark Guardian would be better for this story.

ZenGirl SILVER said...
on Apr. 29 2009 at 7:29 pm
ZenGirl SILVER, Taber, Alta, Other
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Aw I wanted it to keep going! You've got some really good ideas and I think Rising of the Sun might be a better title (though it would be easier if I knew what it was all about) that way you don't just focus on one individual but the whole story. Although My Dark Guardian has a very suave touch to it :D

But yeah, I think it's great. Might need a little polishing with your descriptions so they flow a little better, but I love the ideas behind it! Keep writing.