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Angel Soul

February 17, 2009
By Tori DeRiggi PLATINUM, Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania
Tori DeRiggi PLATINUM, Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania
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When I was growing up as a kid my mother always told me I was special. “My little angle, Angel.” She’d say when she’d put me to dad. I would always giggle at that. She told me that God sent me from heaven for them and that’s why they named me Angel. As I got older I thought they were just the little things parents told their kids. My teachers and friends told me I lived up to my name, and if they didn’t know any better they would think I was an angel. I knew better though. I know I was no angle, and that I wasn’t perfect. I disliked school, I disobeyed my parents, I never made my bed and I procrastinate all the time. In my point of view I’m no angel.
I remember once back in middle school I was reading to preschoolers for a project. I was the only one of my age in the classroom. When I finished the story I asked the kids if they had any questions. One little boy raised his hand and asked, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” His response to why would you say that was, “’cause you must be and angel. Your name is Angle and you look like one.” I blushed and then said, “Of fours it didn’t hurt. I didn’t fall I gently drifted down. God would never let an angel fall.” I smiled, ruffled his hair and went on to the next question.
I never thought of this as more then child’s play. I never thought that it would be anything more. Of course I wasn’t an angel. No matter what that little boy says. I’m really the opposite of that. I have strait reddish brown hair down to my mid-back, with amber eyes, sprinkled with gold flecks. There was no halo over my head. There were no wings on my back, till December 23 of my freshman year of high school that is.
Two days before Christmas my parents sent my little brother, Cody, and me to the movies, so that they could finish wrapping our presents. I met up with my friend and Cody met up with his. His friend’s older brother was made to come as well . He was my age so I allowed him to hang with me. When he first walked in there was no beam of light or anything. There was just this pull to him I knew I had to be with him somehow. I didn’t know why but the pull got stronger when we made eye contact. I could see it in his eyes as well. I found out his name was Peter, and we shared a lot in common, including the angel madness. Even if I wouldn’t say it to me he did look like and angel. He doesn’t have the blond, blue eyed, halo, wings look. Instead he has brown curly hair, green eyes, sprinkled with blue and brown. He was taller then me by two or three inches and skinny as me- which is toothpick size.
He sat next to me during the movie. We talked and talked until my friend, Sharon, smacked us and told us to shut it. Half way threw the movie we both had to bolt to the bathroom. I three up what little was in my stomach and the washed out my mouth. When I walked out of the restroom I say Peter on the floor in pain. I ran over to him, but when I got on the floor to help, my back felt like it was being ripped open. I screamed in pain. I was awake enough to hear Sharon scream my name and then her shout, “Get Cody and Nate!” then I blocked out.
The nest thing I knew, my back was no longer hurt and I could hear my parents talking. I groaned to get there attention. Then I heard another groan that wasn’t mine. Upon opening my eyes I say I was in the back of my parent’s cargo van. Looking around I say Peter nest to me and Nate kneeling next to him. Cody was next to me and both sets of parents were outside the open door.
“They’re awake! Hurry get in and shut the door!” I heard one of our parents say. I went to sit up to make room but it was hard. There was something on my back that made it difficult. I did finally accomplish the upright position and sat Indian style. I looked over to where Peter was, he struggling to sit up as well, but I could see why. On his back was a set of magnificent wings. Pure white speckled with black feathers and the bottoms lined black feathers. His shirt was off and all I could do was stare with my mouth open.
The nest few weeks we spent as much time together as possible. When school started up I realized he was new and that’s why I had never seen him. My friends asked me if I was okay twenty times. Both Peter and I got use to the slits in shirts and baggy sweatshirts to cover up the wings. We were never apart more then an hour and we ignored the rumors. I found some quite funny.
After four years of high school someone noticed the wings when we were by the river in the woods stretching them out. Instead of tainting or anything like that he walked up to us and tapped us on the shoulders. We turned around, folded in our wings and started babbling trying to make up an excuse. With out saying anything he shook his head, put a finger to his lips and pulled off his jacket. Underneath was a set of wings brown on brown and six to seven feet each. A women came up behind him and did the same with small brown wings. Theirs matched like ours.
They took us to a place they called Tega Ot Venhea – Gate to Heaven. They explained everything to us. We are angels just not the way people think of us. We have a soul of an angel and are born to normal people. We live like normal people and with them till we meet our soul mates. At first look we know we have to be with then and there’s a pull to them. Then we’ll get to know them. At that point we’ll get sick to our stomachs and that’s when our wings grow in. Two soul mates wings are identical to each other because their Angels souls are mates and their wings are our. There are angel souls everywhere and other are sent to find them and take them to Tega Ot Venhea. They can get their wings at any age, and one they have them there’s no going back.
It is now December 23 eleven years after I meet Peter. We are 25 living at 23 Goldengate Rd. Tega Ot Venhea and I’m pregnant with our first. We were told that she would have and angel soul but no wings. She is due in one month and so is her soul mate. We picked the name Angelina and her mate is Mathew. Unlike us they will grow up with wings and knowing the story of who they are, and also they are the first to be born of souls themselves.
I was always told I lived up to my name. I was told I was and angel. Little children told me I looked like one. I never thought it could be true at all. I never even dreamed it could happen. Then I meet Peter on December 23 and we became what people told us we were. We grew our wings and became the true angel souls we are.

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