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Rain a blessing or a curse!!!

February 24, 2018
By Anonymous

It's drizzling outside.The weather is not hot, not cool.It is some sort of romantic. I am standing by the window watching rain. I always love rain. Rain has amused me, surprised me with its beauty. But sometimes ago I hated rain. This rain gave me so much pain and agony that I barely watched rain falling. When rain started I ended up shutting doors and window shields and started sobbing burying myself under pillow. The reason of that much hatred to my rain was my painful past. My past which shattered life. My past from which I thought life is a bitter journey of endless grievance. Anyway, somehow that rain that rain turned my life from curse into blessing. Not somehow there was obvious reson for that. Oneday, while I was walking from office to my home, rain started falling. I hurried myslf to a cafetaria to save myself. There while I was drying myself, I saw my favourite book "November 9". I discovered a guy was reading that book with tearful of eyes. And he was drinking my favourite drink" black coffee". His hair was dark brown and unruly, was waving with him. His dark brown eyes was full of something that I am not able to describe.He had a  smile that can conquer the entire world. I felt embarrassed for stalling him ike that. when he laid his eyes on me I quickly moved elsewhere. But I noticed, he got up and started walking towards me. my face turned white watching him coming to me, He approached me as Zac and asked me to have soem coffee with him. I agreed without knowing I will agree. There was something in his voice which wanted me to hear him all day long. his gestures were very polite, but he had a wild kind of thing which made him unique. The next couple of hours spent like we were talking for only for some minutes. I taked to him like a friend. I told him things I shouldn't have told anyone, but I ws not scared. I felt secured talking to him. His eyes were reassuring but at the same time he was not pitying me. He was the only son of aristocratic parents. he was an MIT graduate!! Have u heard that an MIT graduate. I almost spilled my coffe hearing that. He sells software games and update different issues of software games. I was astonished by hs talent. We talked about our hobbies, about parents, about friends, about school, whatsoever. I don't know if I am destroying my life or not, I don't know if I am making another mistake or not. But after leaving the cafetaria I thought that I deserve another chance. There has to be one. Life is mysterious,. Maybe, God have better plans for me... After that talk with Zac I felt myself much lighter, I slept without any bad dreams, I talked freely, I laughed freely. My parents felt the difference and they were happy for me, and I was happy for them seeing them happy. Zac asked me for my number and i gave him my number. The next day, he called me and asked me to go to the park. I went to the park. I saw him wearing a light blue shirt and I instantly loved him, cause that day I told him that blue is my favourite colour. He was holding that book "November 9" and gave that to me.I opened the book and a ring fell onto my hands.I don't know whether I will laugh, or cry,whether I will be happy or sad or mad at him. He told me standing on his knees "Elena, you are the most astonding girl, I ever met. I look onto your eyes as if I am seeing the ocean, you smile like stars are twinkling in the sky, you talk like rain is falling. I know the lie are very dramatic , I know we don't know each other, but I want to read you like mystery book. I want to exlore you. I want to feel myself beside you. I want to live my life holding your hand. I know it's too early to say something but I am ddeply, completely, madly, insanely in love with you. If you say "yes", I will be the luckiest person on this world. if you say "no" I will spend my life waiting for you. please accept me as your friend, as your companion, as your life partner."I felt that he put a dagger through my heart; not in a sad way, but in a fully emotional way. He sat on his knees for about 20 minutes. I don't know how I will thank God for giving me such a life. He plays mysteriously. Dare I say, but I am really happy. Rain has shattered my life once, but this rain has made my life complete. Complete with immense happiness., calmness, soothness. I love Rain. I didn't follow when Zac stood behind me. He holds my hand and tells me, "Let's go outside, Elena. I will love to get drenched in rain...Will you?" Dare I say, I am happy.

The author's comments:

I read a lot of romance novels. I love when people finally live happing together. That novels inspired me to try to write a story. I am not a writer, but sometimes I like to write my imagination. 

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