My Guardian Angel

December 21, 2017
By Melissa Maiorca BRONZE, Pomona, California
Melissa Maiorca BRONZE, Pomona, California
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What does a girl like me have to offer? I think to myself. 


I can't give what the other girls offer to him. I am a dwarf in comparison to their statuesque figures. 


You'd think that being smart would get you somewhere, right? Don't they always say "guys like smart girls" ? What a lie, or else my options would be over flowing. But instead the opposite gender avoids me like a parasite.

Momma says they don't like me because I'm smart enough to know my worth. Well then what is my worth if nobody wants me. I feel like garbage half the time, is that my worth to him?

Sometimes when I pass by him in the school halls, he gives me a slight smile in which I reflect. He doesn't spare me a second glace, but continues down the rows of pale blue lockers, tennis shoes skeaking agains the white tiles.

As far as he can tell, I am happy. 

He sits near me in our chemistry class, one time he turned, casting his hazel on my green and said,'' I wonder what it's like in that pretty head of yours, always knowing the right answers,'' while I just smiled and huffed through my nose as I watched his tall form topped with black slik exit in the brightly lit class in response to the bell. 


One day, I was walking home, gazing upon the uniform houses of the suburbs, and said to my younger brother, a year below me," Jace, do you notice that no guys seem to approach me at school?''

Even though there was an age gap, he still towered over me. We shared the same green eyes and chocolate hair, framing pale skin.  

He nodded in response and then said, "Well yeah, this one dude in your year told all the guys to not bother trying since you aren't 'that type of girl'." 

I trailed slowly behind my sibling after that, lost in thought. "Jace, do you know who said that ?'' he stopped and pondered for a second. 

"Yeah, it was Nathaniel De Marco, he is in your chemistry class, I think."

The author's comments:

There are those times when you think that your crush couldn't care less about you, but what if they have basically been your secret guardian angel this whole time and you are now realizing it. Read along to find out what happens when brains meets brawn. 

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