The Star: You make me different

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

     My name is Titan. I am only a satellite of Jupiter, but I am the biggest one. I am so happy and proud of that, because Jupiter is the largest planet which revolve fastest on its own axis in the solar system.
    Jupiter is the sweetest apple of my eyes. There are at least 68 satellites revolving around her and most satellites know that I like her. As a watchman, I tried my best to grow up for her. I wish one day I can stand by her, protect her and be the apple of her eyes. One of my friends Iapetus was shocked by me. He said that every time when Jupiter looks at me, there is a bright spot (People would like to call it “Magic Land”.) shining in the Ligeia Mare which is the second large sea inside my body. I think that is because I am too excited to see Jupiter’s fascinating face.
    I hate these turbulence and storms. Although they are just the normal phenomenons of her skin, I can’t make sure that if they will hurt her. I am not close and big enough to protect her yet. To me, turbulence and storms are potential safety hazards. When it comes to this, Jupiter has always been a subject to impact by comets and asteroids. Every impact left marks or dark blotches on her skin. I still remember once she was crying, and that broke my heart. She said she couldn’t put up with these ugly sunkens and spots. That was the first time I indicated the true state of my mind, “Jupiter, whatever you be, you are always pretty in my eyes.” She blushed.
     All my satellites were so weird recently. I saw they making fun of Titan but I don’t know why. Titan is a genius! He is the largest satellite around me. You can’t even imagine how fast he grew up. Do you see how cool his aerosphere is spinning?
     Titan is always a quiet boy, I was surprised by him once I was crying because of the impact of comets and asteroids. What did he mean? And what was that bright spot shining inside his body? He is the only one who praise me, is that means he likes me or if he just want me to feel better? I accepted his kindness and I felt my heart was beating like a little bunny inside it. What is this chemical reaction? Is turbulence coming?


     “Jupiter, see! It’s meteor shower!”
     “Make a wish! I heard that it’s gonna come true if you make a wish to meteor shower.”
     “What did you make?”
     ”I wish one day I can stand by you,, protect you and be the apple of your eyes.”

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