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Not As He Seems

March 27, 2009
By weaker GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
weaker GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
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This is stupid, your stupid. He will never notice you. I thought as I searched the crowded halls of New Shield Senior High. I look at each face carefully so not to miss his. Your about an inch away from stalker you know, the voice in my head reminded me. I continued searching and found no sight of him what so ever. He is probably avoiding me the way I'm trying to find him.

You freakin moron he's normal, unlike you. Your from a dark inhuman world that has no room for a mortal like him, but he's different. Not immortal like you, but he's not like other humans, his energy is far from theirs. If only I could find him, get him alone ,just talk to him(no tapping into his mind either), and try to understand who and what he is.

Finally giving up on my search I turn and crash right into him. I almost fall when a pair of hands steady me by the waist, as they touch a zing of pleasure rushes through me. I turn my head looking up at him, my eyes are met by his soft gaze. His face is perfect, every part compliments another . The hair atop his head sat in the way that it was messy, but in just the right way. The side of his lip started to twitch up into a lopsided smile that made my mind melt. I shouldn't be thinking any of this right now, it's against law( immortal that is) to be romantically involved with a human. The thing is that for once in my life I don't care, he shows me what life is and that's all I've ever wanted. He's the only thing I've ever wanted.

With a small tug he pulls me close, slowly breathing me in. His warm breath beating down on my ear, filling me with unknown pleasures inside of me. Time stops as he leans closer(which I have no idea how he can get any closer than he already is and I don't care) and whispers,

“ Things aren't always as they seem, especially me. And
no matter what you and I will always be.”

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