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March 15, 2009
By Victoria_Luz PLATINUM, Niantic, Connecticut
Victoria_Luz PLATINUM, Niantic, Connecticut
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The wind whipped around my dark red hair like I was afire as I looked out at the city I had grown up in. The lights sparkled brightly like stars in the night sky. I stood on top of the highest building I could find, that was within walking distance.
I took a deep breath. I had never gone about killing myself before but then again I never had a reason to before. My waitress job never gave me too hard a time, besides the 20 pinches a day I got from randy business men, but it was alright. I lived in a decent apartment to. I was in debt, but then again who wasn't, but I wasn't overly worried about it. As soon as my career as an artist picked up I'd be fine. Or so I kept telling myself.
But no, it had nothing to with my past life and everything to do with my current. I was a monster. And I couldn't live knowing that. I stepped up onto the ledge of the building, took a deep breath, and took my last step forward onto thin air.
Suddenly I was knocked back with such a force all the air escaped my lungs. I fell back on the concrete of the roof of the building, hard. An oddly warmish thing held me pinned.
'You little idiot! What the hell were you thinking? Nothing at all I'm sure. Stupid chit.' The thing growled at me, its voice rumbled up from its chest. I realized then that it was a man, well duh it was a man. I noticed he had dark brown hair that looked silky to the touch. He lifted his head to glare at me with chocolaty brown eyes. Eyes that widened slightly as they took me in.
And then I smelled him. I smelled his blood rushing through his veins, I could hear the wet thud of his heart. I quickly scurried out beneath him and sat with my knees brought into my chest a few feet from him. I could still smell him. I held my hand over my mouth and put my head down, concentrating on my scent instead of his.
'Did you hear a word I said?' the man snapped. 'What the hell were you doing?' A flare of white hot anger pulsed through me. How dare this man stop me from finally doing the right thing? I couldn't be allowed to roam free, it wasn't safe. And who knew how long it would be before I couldn't even make that decision on my own?
'What the hell do you know? And how dare you stop me!' I yelled back at him, the anger boiling over.
'I saved you! And you're angry at me?!'
'YES! I want to die and you stopped me. Of course I'm angry!'
'I thought suicidal chits were sobbing little depressed things. Not furious harpies that bite your head off. What in the world made you even think that was a good idea?' his heart was pounding faster with his anger. He smelled different than the people that walked the streets I suddenly noticed. Sharper. I guess. Like they were American cheese and he was cheddar. Oh god, was I honestly comparing human blood to cheese? That settled it. I rose to my feet and resolutely walked over to the ledge. He was instantly next to me, his hand wrapped tightly around my wrist. It was then something occurred to me.
'Hey you tackled me from the front-'
'I saved you.' He interjected.
'-and there is nothing there but open air. How is that possible?' I asked him, completely bewildered.
'You are still a fledgling, your powers grow the older you get.' He replied, and it sounded as if he was enticing me with something.
'A fledgling? Powers? What are you talking about?' I was even more confused now.
'You don't even know what you are?' his eyes widened, then comprehension dawned in his eyes.
'Omigod! You're like me.' I looked at him intently, trying to see if he felt that same awful hunger I did.
'Yes, I am like you. But older, much older. And therefore I wield greater power than you.' He said, his eyes wary and calculating.
'What am I?' I asked desperately.
'A vampire.' His voice was soft, tempered. Careful not to send me over the edge, so to speak. I blinked. Then again. I turned away from him and marched over to the edge of the building. 'Fine! Jump! I'm not going to be the one to give you the attention you crave. So-' and I jumped. For a few blessed seconds I was falling. At peace. But then arms wrapped under my legs and shoulders and my decent slowed. 'Stupid little chit!' he growled, floating with me in his arms. He floated back up to the top of the building, with me squirming the entire time.
'I don't want to be a monster!' I cried trying to get away from this man.
'You aren't a monster.' He said quietly, and started walking to the exit, then down the stairs.
'Please, I just want it to end I can't bear this hunger.' I pled.
'Tell me where you're sire is. They can take care of you.'
'A sire?' I felt like I was playing a game where everyone else knew the rules but me.
'You don't even know what a sire is? Christ, what is wrong with him? Look a sire is the person that made you a'well what you are.'
'A vampire.' I finished for him, a pit of dread knotting itself in my stomach.
'I don't know. I was walking home last night' and suddenly the memory came flooding back. 'and a man jumped out at me. He dragged me away into an alley and he'he bit me.' My hand went my neck but the wounds had miraculously healed. 'Then he said'that I was really pretty and he wanted to keep me. Like a pet.' The revulsion was apparent in my voice, 'He made me drink this nasty stuff and when I awoke I was in the street, and hungry.' The reminder of the hunger made it flare up again. I closed my eyes, breathing through my mouth, desperately trying to hold myself together.
'That b******. It's a rule among vampires that you can't change anyone unless they agree to it. It's even worse that he left you there. He probably wanted you to go feral.' He growled, his temper clearly flaring. But he kept it in check.
'Feral?' I asked weakly. I was so hungry.
'Leave a fledgling alone and they start going on a killing rampage, because of the hunger. If the sire raises the fledgling right they learn to not kill when they feed, it's not so difficult, plus the sire will make you stop before you go too far.' He sighed, 'You've held out for longer than anyone would expect you to. It's quite impressive. But you need to feed.'
'No' I replied steely.
'What?' he looked at me with those chocolate eyes filled with confusion.
'I'm not drinking blood.' I blanched at the thought.
'It's no worse than eating meat as a human.' He reasoned to me.
'I don't care. The meat isn't human.'
'You'll get used to it.' He growled.
'No. Let me go.'
'So you can off yourself? Not a chance. Give it a few days, then you can decide whether life is worth living.' He walked out of the building and set me down on the side walk, but he firmly held my wrist.
'I'm being kidnapped. Again.' I mused. 'All I wanted to do was kill myself and instead I get kidnapped by a vampire. Lovely.' I said sarcastically. But he made a point of ignoring me. But I saw the corner of his mouth twitch. He hailed a cab and shoved me inside. He gave directions to the driver and shut the door.
'What's you're name anyway? I think I should start getting the names of my kidnappers so I can file a police claim later.' His mouth twitched again. So he was unused to smiling, huh?
'It's Aldridge.' He said stoically, his eyes forward.
'Aldridge. Hmm, not really a vampire name, but not really normal either.'
'I'm sure when my mother named me she did not expect me to become a vampire.' He replied tartly. His arms were crossed over his chest and I took a quick second to take him in. He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He was lean and looked strong, without the bulbous muscles so many favored. 'And what is you're name?' he huffed.
'Doesn't matter much does it? I'm sure the corner can ID my body, even if it is all messed up from the fall. They still have dental records. Though the fangs might throw them off.' I mused.
'You're damn calm for someone who was about to throw themselves off a building.' He snapped.
'Well that plan was squashed by a nosey, bad tempered vamp, so I might as well figure what this is all about. Then I can make an educated decision to off myself.' I replied, sickeningly sweet. He growled again, his eyes flashing.
'Are you going to tell me your name or not?' he hissed.
'No' I replied simply. It was too much fun teasing him. He let out an angry sigh.
'You will tell me you're name you insolent chit.' He turned to me, leveling his glare at me.
'Yes master.' I said zombie like. But I ruined it by cracking a smile.
'I do believe I'm going to throttle you.' He said in all seriousness, his jaw clenched in anger.
'Well that would take care of both our problems.' I shrugged. He let out another sigh. And went back to ignoring me. After a few seconds I started to hum. Then I mumbled, 'Self righteous suicide, I, cry, when angels deserve to die.'
'What in the hell are you singing?' he cried.
'System of a down. Chop Suey.' I replied then continued to hum. We stopped in front of a very nice apartment building. We climbed out and Alridge, I still liked that name, paid the cabbie and towed me into the building. We went through the foyer, and into the vacant elevator. We exited on the top floor and he led me over to a door. He pulled out a key and opened the door. He stepped inside first, raking a hand through his hair tiredly.
I went in next. It was lavishly furnished with a huge leather sectional couch. In front of it was a wide TV. But what caught my eyes was the widows that completely covered on of the walls. I walked over to them and looked out. The view was beautiful. The lights twinkled from all the tall buildings like fireflys.
'Don't even think of jumping.' He barked from behind me. I jumped at the sound, startled.
'I wasn't.' I snapped.
'Why were you in the first place?' he asked.
'I felt the hunger.' I gripped my stomach, the pain was growing, 'And I knew I was a monster. I was never a vegetarian, but human blood? Ugh, no. How could I think I was anything else but a monster? And with that hunger, I didn't want to wait until I was too hungry to resist. And end up killing someone. I couldn't let that happen. Better I die than some innocent.' I finished, still gazing out the window. But then I looked at him, to see him staring intently at me.
'How noble. But if you can live without killing, will you at least consider it?'
'I guess.' I would try. I'd see if I could handle it, and if I was sure I was safe.
'Good, now you must eat.' He held out his wrist for me.
'What!' I screeched and jumped back.
'You are a danger to yourself and anyone around you if you do not feed.' He pulled me down on the couch, his arm around my shoulders. He shoved his wrist into my face. I gave a weary sigh and held his wrist. I pressed my lips against his skin. It was smooth and warm. I felt the blood pulsing in his veins. I couldn't help it, not anymore. The hunger hurt too much. So I bit down.
My fangs easily pierced his flesh, and then the blood was pouring into my mouth. It was pure ambrosia. It was spicy and sharp. I drank, and drank. Until the gnawing hunger subsided. I pulled away, my breathing labored.
'Impressive. You stopped without any pressure from me.' His voice was husky. I looked up to see his eyes had warmed, they looked like melted chocolate.
'Thank you.' I mumbled, suddenly tired.
'You're welcome.' His voice was rough, but kind. His hand knotted itself in my hair, rubbing.
'It's Kylie. My name. It's Kylie.'
'Kylie. Hmm.' He mused, still stroking my hair. 'It's cute.' He suddenly stood and scooped me up into his arms. 'You're body is tired from the conversion process, you need to rest.'
'No arguments here.' I managed, already falling asleep in his arms. 'I can sleep on the couch.'
'No you can't little one, there is too much sunlight. You can handle a little bit, but it'll be a sunny day tomorrow.' He opened up another door to a beautiful bedroom. It had a king sized bed with a silky black comforter. He laid me under the covers, then took off my shoes. He brushed the hair back from my face tenderly. 'I need to leave for now, but I'll be back in a few minutes. Stay here.' I barely nodded but was then out.

The next day, night, well when I woke and stepped out of the room. Aldridge was staring out the window. I snuck up behind him then leapt at his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He tensed, then craned his neck around to look at me.
'You are pretty slow for a vamp.' I chuckled.
'I knew it was you coming, but I saw no reason to spoil your fun.' He said calmly, a tiny smile on his face. 'How are you feeling?' he asked, turning around in my arms.
'Better. My stomach doesn't hurt so much. I think I'll be okay.'
'No, you must feed once a day.' He pulled up his jacket sleeve to reveal his wrist.
'Woah! Hold on there. I just ate. I'll be good for a little while.' I took a step away from him. I definitely didn't want to engorge myself all the time.
'Alright.' He pulled down his sleeved warily. 'When you get hungry, tell me.' I nodded. 'You should stay inside for now. We don't want to expose you to too much human blood that quickly. Get used to my scent first, then we'll introduce you to human scents then blood.' He reasoned.
'Okay, no arguments here.' And so that's what we did. Aldridge kept me inside, he fed me before I went to bed. But he started to smile more often, after a few days he even held me after I fed, stroking my hair. And you know, I was happy. Really happy. Being a vampire wasn't so bad. Well with Aldridge it was actually quite nice. He even promised to take me flying.
But soon it was time to introduce me to human scents and human blood. We walked outside and around the streets. Aldridge wasn't worried in the least, I had already been around a few people. And I was fine. My stomach clenched a bit when someone came too close, but I just took a deep breath, and I was okay.
Aldridge kept his arm wrapped around my waist the entire time. It was a very possessive gesture, or maybe he was just making sure I didn't jump some random person.
'Alright little one.' He led me over to the edge of Central Park. We walked into a part where the trees were thicker. Aldridge closed his eyes and soon two men ambled up to us. I tensed, but Aldridge was calm. 'Watch me first.' He walked over to the bigger of the men. He nudged the man's head to the side then sunk his fangs into his neck. After a few gulps Aldridge released him. The man swayed a bit and Aldridge had him sit against a tree. His face was tight when he turned back to me.
'You're turn.' He said tartly. I couldn't imagine why though. I'd finally be out of his hair, no longer a leech to him. But maybe an asset. I walked up to the other man. He was maybe an inch taller than me, with sandy blond hair and murky blue eyes. He had a boyish face, I couldn't help but notice. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in so I could press my lips to his neck. I could smell the blood. I could smell it. I shuddered. A sick feeling knotted in my stomach. I just wanted to get away from this man. But I couldn't let Aldridge down. I couldn't be a burden to him.
Suddenly I was lifted away from the man. I looked up to see it was Aldridge that held me, a fierce look in his eyes.
'Aldridge, what are you doing?' I sputtered. He growled, low in his throat and set me down, away from my supposed victim. He then dragged the blond-haired man over to him and sank his fangs into his neck. He drank deeply, then he turned to me. 'Aldridge?' I was so confused.
Aldridge stalked over to me, his eyes the color of dark chocolate. 'I don't want to see you touching another man again.' He hissed.
'What? Why? I don't understand.' I looked at him, the puzzlement clear in my eyes. Instantly his arms were wrapped around me. His hand knotted in my hair and he pulled my head to him. He pressed his lips to mine, his hands tightened.
'Still confused?' he asked, inches away.
'Even more so.' I managed. He smiled at that. A sweet, happy smile.
'You are mine. I don't want you touching any other man. Especially caressing one such as you were doing.'
'I wasn't!' I got out before he kissed me again.
'You will feed on me, and me alone. I trust you have no arguments.' His grin turned sly.
'Nope, none at all.' I smiled back and placed a kiss on the tip of his nose. But then he had me feed and this time from his neck. He gasped slightly when my teeth pierced his flesh, but then his arms tightened around me. I pulled away, resting my forehead against his chest, trying to catch my breath. He took me home after that.
We spent much of the next few days just walking around at night. When another man would attempt to flirt with me Aldridge would give them such a menacing glare they'd immediately back off.
'So what am I to you? You're adopted fledgling, minion, what?' I asked him playfully, a few days after my first attempt at taking human blood.
'I believe the term is girlfriend.' He smiled back at me.
'I don't believe I was ever asked.' I returned, in mock petulance.
'I don't believe I ever felt the need to ask. I am a vampire, I take what I want. But if I must' he sighed heavily. 'Little Kylie, would you do me the great honor of becoming my girlfriend?' he even made a great show of bowing.
'I don't think that was a grand enough gesture.' I replied tartly, crossing my arms and trying to look snobbish. He grabbed my hand, and yanked me into his chest.
'How's this for a grand enough gesture?' and with that his lips pressed against mine. What felt like hours later, I broke away, gasping.
'Okay, okay. That convinced me.' I giggled. It was always like that. Aldridge carefree in teasing me. He seemed so much lighter than he was the first day I met him. But one day I wanted to go grab some things from my apartment. More clothes and my sketchbook. Aldridge didn't want me to go alone but he had to run to one of the many businesses he owns because they were having some problems. I just smiled, assured him I'd be fine and left.
I was on my way to my little apartment when I jerked to a stop. It felt like there were chains around my neck and my legs. I turned around to see a man standing there, smiling manically at me. He had long scraggily black hair that hung down to his shoulders. His large black eyes stared at me greedily.
'Ah there you are my young one.' His voice sounded rusty and worn. 'Why do you not smell of human blood?' he asked, confused. 'You have not yet killed anyone?'
I just stared at this man, horrified. 'You're my sire.' I breathed. His smile widened.
'Yes, that I am. Simon is my name. But you may call me master. But for now you will come with me.' He jerked his hand, and I felt all those tethers pull me towards him. His eyes glowed menacingly.
'NO!' I cried. But I couldn't break the tethers that drew me inexorably to that man.
'Oh yes, and then we will go and bond. You'll love killing humans, letting their sweet life's blood run down you're throat as you drain them dry.' His eyes flashed and I felt my fangs extend. He could do it, control me, he could make me kill. I reached into my purse and drew out a pen. I would stab it into my neck, and puncture my jugular. I would not hurt anyone. Before Simon could make me kill anyone.
But before I could do anything a hand jot out and stopped me. I looked behind my shoulder to see Aldridge's fierce face.
'Kylie' he growled, anxiety thick in his voice and a frantic fear clouded his eyes. His arm wrapped around my waist, bringing me into his chest. I could feel his chest rise and fall heavily. 'Don't ever do that to me again.' He hissed. His arms were tight around me. But then his eyes shifted to Simon.
'That's him, you're sire.' It wasn't a question. I nodded,
'He was controlling me, I couldn't let him make me kill anyone. So I had to do something.' I explained shakily.
'I understand.' He patted my head. But then turned to Siom.
'You have turned a human without their consent, then left said fledgling on their own, with the goal of murdering humans. You have broken our laws and you will pay for it.' Aldridge released me and stalked over to Simon. The man stiffened then smiled.
'So you're the one that set my fledgling straight. I had plans for her. And not all of them had to do with humans.' He smiled lecherously at me. I shivered. Aldridge froze for an instant. A hiss escaped his lips and then suddenly he was behind Simon. Simon had time to react Aldridge had snapped his neck. Simon fell to the sidewalk with a dull thud. He started to hiss and writhe on the ground. Aldridge then took out a matchbook. He lit one of the matches and dropped it on the vampire. He went up in flames immediately. I heard him start to scream. Inhuman screeches of pure pain.
Aldridge appeared next to me, he covered my ears and held me to his chest. He quickly brought me away from the burning vampire. When we were far enough away he removed his hands.
'Are you alright?' he asked carefully. I nodded shakily. 'I'm sorry you had to see that. To hear that.' He cringed.
'Thank you.' I whispered, clinging to him. His arms wrapped around me.
'Thank God I made it in time.' His voice was hoarse. 'I can't lose you little Kylie. I can't. I've lived for so long, so damn long, and I always just drifted. Waiting. Waiting for something. Waiting for you. How do you expect me to get through even another day, let alone an eternity, without you?'
'You won't have to.' I promised him, 'I'm right here. I won't leave.'
'You're not going to be leaving my side for the next century.' He replied completely serious.
'Are you going to use handcuffs? Cause then we can have some fun.' I smiled mischievously at him. He grinned back at me, resting his head against mine.
'That's it, I love you.' He whispered. Tears pricked my eyes. Aldridge brushed them away with his thumbs.
'I love you too.' I whispered.
'Do you think you can give life as a vampire a shot?' he asked.
'As long as I'm with you? I think I can bare that.' I smiled at him. And I knew being a vampire would actually be quite enjoyable.

The author's comments:
I love vampires.

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