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When Shadows Lay Darkest

August 30, 2015
By Crystallite BRONZE, Santa Elena, Other
Crystallite BRONZE, Santa Elena, Other
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         The dim light coming off the single candle on the table flickered like fireflies. The slight shadows casted on the walls were dancing as if though there were intoxicated. The house was consumed by silence with the exception of branches scratching the windows ever so often as the chaotic winds rustled them. As soothing as the rain can be, it managed to make Alissa feel uneasy about everything. The lightning lit up the night sky like fireworks while the thunder echoed like gun shots through the clouds scaring away the stars. After a couple tries to light a piece of wood in the fire place, there was a spark. Within seconds the room lit up. Alister was glad that his perseverance payed off. Alissa was just relieved that she was out of utter darkness. The fire from the fire placed warmed up the dusty room which was beginning to feel like a freezer. Regardless of this, Alissa still felt the need to cuddle against Alister.  She wasn’t cuddling against him just for warmth, but rather to feel a sense of security. Alister didn’t mind it at all. He enjoyed being close to her.
         The wind and thunder grew louder and more chaotic as the hours went by.  The fierce storm outside was still no match for the storm that was brewing in their love life. They found out the hard way how hard being in love really is. It is not like what you’d expect it to be after seeing a few Disney movies. It doesn’t start off by suddenly running into your prince after signing a heartfelt song about love. A prince doesn’t come to rescue you from your hardship, only to take you to a far away land to live happily ever after. It’s not like that at all. Sometimes you’re not even looking for a prince to come and rescue you from your troubles. This is not a fairytale. This is life, and in life you try to rescue yourself. Everything won’t always be perfect. That’s what Alissa was doing. In the midst of all of this, she happened to meet Alister. One thing led to another and they ended up madly in love, only to later find out that their love might not be the kind that lasts forever.
The storm grew stronger and stronger while Alissa just kept burying herself into Alister. She buried herself deep into her sanctuary where she felt secure and protected. There wasn’t much to fear at this point except for fear itself. The fear of not knowing what is going to happen next; not knowing what’s actually going on. They had gotten through what seemed like the hardest part of the night which was to get off the road and find shelter somewhere that is safer than an old car.
         Alister kept caressing her head and face while his thoughts were running wild in his mind. It was only supposed to be one straight trip half way across town to take her back home safely. They weren’t supposed to end up stranded in an old house. He kept telling himself this while running his hand through her hair. There was a part of him that didn’t really mind though. They had just had a fight earlier that day, and he didn’t think he would be allowed this close to her already.  There were instances where he wondered if he was just allowed close to her because of the situation. He didn’t mind it either way. He kept looking down at her and smiling to himself without her noticing. The light from the old fireplace reflected off of her face illuminating it. Her bright eyes were his personal stars this night; guiding him in the right direction which was her heart. Her pale pink lips looked as soft and smooth as ever. He just wanted to press down on them with his cold lips.
         In the middle of admiring her features they made eye contact.  She said nothing but smiled and looked away like a school girl making eye contact with her crush for the first time. Even though she said nothing, his heart still softened and ached at the same time because of how much he loved her. That’s the thing about love, he thought to himself. It’s not just butterflies. It also has the heart aching pain that is caused by your body telling you not to lose what you have. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want, especially if it is for your relationship to work out for the better.
         The old abandoned house in which they sought shelter was so dreary and grim. The strong wind kept opening and slamming the partially broken windows at the back of the house like a mad man trying to break in. The creaky floor boards were a bit annoying. They couldn’t take a step without feeling like a ghost in a horror movie trying to scare some poor souls away.  It’s not like the floor boards was that much of an issue, they weren’t planning on moving around too much anyway.
         They both sat there near the fireplace on the cold dusty floor cuddling and listening to the wind howl like a lone wolf searching for its pack. The rain was beating on the rusty Zink roof of the house like sand on a pot. This reminded Alissa of how many times they ran around under the rain like children having the time of their lives. Alister would pick her up from the waist and spin with her under the rain only to stop after getting dizzy. She felt a little sad reminiscing on the past, knowing that there’s a slight chance that they might not get to run around under the rain anymore. In the back of her mind she was wondering if she should throw away what they have over a simple fight; a fight that was both of their faults. They both felt like they were drifting away from each other over the past couple months. They weren’t sure why. Alister would argue that it didn’t seem like she still loved him. When they kissed it didn’t really feel the same way like it did in the beginning to him. Whenever he brought it up Alissa blamed her behaviour on the fact that she felt like he didn’t make time for her. According to her he wasn’t putting enough effort into showing that he wanted to be with her.
         The rain seemed like it was never going to end. When Alister checked his phone he noticed that it was already 2 am. They had gotten over the idea that they wouldn’t have to spend the night here. It wasn’t a place you’d want to spend the night on Halloween, let alone your valentine’s day. They huddled up together near the fire place trying to get as comfortable as possible. The roads were too slippery and wet to drive to somewhere better. Who in their right minds would want to take such a perilous journey?
         Alister was getting ready to close his eyes and call it a night when he noticed a tear streaming down Alissa’s face. His heart sank. He didn’t have to ask what was wrong. He knew from the bottom of his heart what was wrong. All he could think to do was to hold her close and assure her that his love for her is pure and genuine. She did the same and somehow it felt as if though they went back to the time when they first realised they had fallen in love.  They locked eyes and their lips intertwined putting an end to the stormy night in their hearts in hopes of awakening to peace and serenity.

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First story I've written in a long time.

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