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May 31, 2015
By GracieMay SILVER, Brownsville, Oregon
GracieMay SILVER, Brownsville, Oregon
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I walked into the bookstore, the smell of old people and coffee filling my nose. All I needed was the last book to the Percy Jackson series, but oh, no, I got something worse; her. I saw her mess of curly brown hair before her bright blue eyes caught mine.  I almost screamed, dropping my wallet in the process. But I held my ground, hiding in the corner. I hid there, mustering the courage to just grab the book and run. Finally I sucked in my breath, darted over to the shelf, grabbed the book and started walking to the checkout line. But sadly my triumph was short lived.
“Wren, is that you?” She squealed, jumping up and down like I was Ken coming home from a beach trip. That made me scared; I was not going to be her Ken.
“Jane!” I yelled, totally faking my enthusiasm.
“I haven’t seen you since high school!” I swear I cringed so hard that my face was stuck.
“Yeah, well nice to see you, I need to check out,” I hauled my book under my arm and walked towards the checkout line, wanting to bolt right then and there. Screw the book, I could get it later.
“Wren how about dinner? For old times’ sake.” I now wanted to throw the book at her. She cheated on me in high school with the high school jock. There was no way that I was eating dinner with her.
“No, thanks,” I shrugged, practically shoving the book at the cashier.
“But-Wren!” She whined, pouting, her lip bulging way outside her face.
“He can’t go with you, cause he already asked me a week ago, sorry.” I turned to look at the cashier; I hadn’t given her a second thought. I looked at her more clearly and was completely in awe. She had long, blonde hair with coffee brown eyes. Her lips were full and her face was round. She wore glasses and hardly any makeup; she was absolutely gorgeous.
“Yeah, sorry Jane I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” The cashier gave me a wink. I looked at her name tag, hoping to remember her but I didn’t. Her name was Primrose. Jane gave the cashier a dirty look and stalked out. After her heels had clicked out onto the pavement I sagged against the counter.
“Ex-girlfriend?” She asked a smile playing on her lips.
“Yup, cheated on me with the high school jock.” She snorted, which made me laugh. So there we stood laughing about my ex-girlfriend in a dinky bookshop.
“So, Primrose can I actually take you on a date?”
“As long as it’s not McDonald's I’m all for it,” She gave me a wink and I shook my head.
“Don’t worry I was thinking of a nicer place.”
“Oh, so you’re rich now huh?” I rolled my eyes, I was anything but rich.
“A girl who saves a complete strangers butt deserves to go on a good date.” She blushed and looked down.
“It was nothing; my shift ends at six so how about you pick me up at seven?”
“Sounds great, do you want me to pick you up at the book shop?”
“Sure, you could be a creepy stocker so let’s start at the book shop.”
I gave her a cheeky grin “Well see you at seven, then.” I gave her a wink and walked into a stack of books. She covered her mouth to hide her laugh while I blushed with embarrassment, what an epic fail. I walked out of the bookshop, (thankfully without bumping into anything) and onto the street. I felt like dancing on the lamp post, Primrose was like the perfect book character come alive and I swore that I was going to get her to marry me, even if it’s the last thing I would do.

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