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Of Flight And Sight: Part 4

April 7, 2015
By PrancexxxAbandoned SILVER, Fullerton, California
PrancexxxAbandoned SILVER, Fullerton, California
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We ran into the classroom and sat down, and other students followed suit. He sat down at a desk near the front of the room.
"Come sit here, Riley!" He waved to me, wanting me to sit next to him. No, that alone would put me up a few notches on the social list. I stuck out my tongue and walked to the back of the classroom and sat down. This is where I've always sat when seats aren't assigned.
"Young lady, we have assigned seats in this classroom." A man had put his hand on my shoulder. I glanced at him, a tall british man with curly black hair.
"Sorry sir, I'll move." I stood up and walked away from the back.
"Excellent, now," he was interrupted by the bell ringing. A few students giggled. "Now, students, this is Miss Riley Gates, our new student." He gestured to me, and I scowled. Just more publicity.
"Don't be upset, dear. Nobody is going to find out who you are." I turned to him. How did he know? Kids were whispering with each other, confused on what he meant. He winked at me and pointed to a seat next to, ugh, Matthew. I walked over and plopped down. Oh, this would be a long period.
"Now, remember to do your homework, pages 21 through 27. Just read through the pages, and that'll be it for today." Mr. Holmes stated. I stood up, happy that the period was over. With Matthew's constant nagging and the points and whispers everywhere, there was nothing better than getting out.
"Miss Gates, may I speak with you?" Mr. Holmes stated. I clenched up, worried of what was to come next.
"Yes sir." I walked over to his desk. Did he really know who I was? Would I have to move after one day?
"Miss Gates, I know you are worried about people finding out about your ability, but hiding only makes it worse." I looked around. Thank god no one else was in the room.
"How did you know?"
"Well, it's quite simple, really. A piece of feather is sticking out of your neck, and one of you nails has a slight claw-like look to it, so I assumed you were either tarred or part animal. Then, when you walked in, your left foot hovered mid are for point three milliseconds longer than normal people. And with a few other facts, I concluded you were the girl from the papers."
I sat there, shocked. He got all that from a few tiny details? I'd have to be more careful.
"I... ah... how?"
He chuckled. "Maybe I'll tell you another day, but for now, your secret is safe. Now hurry, you'll be late to your next class."
I looked at the clock. Two and a half minutes to get to my class.
"Thank you sir!" I ran out, both confused and worried of how easy it was to see who I was.
I turned a corner and skid around a few students. They jeered, but that's easy to ignore. I had to hurry to choir! I ran out of the building and headed towards my class.

The author's comments:

It's short, but that's how classes are. I'll be finishing the next part soon.

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