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Of Flight And Sight: Part 2

March 20, 2015
By PrancexxxAbandoned SILVER, Fullerton, California
PrancexxxAbandoned SILVER, Fullerton, California
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I pushed forward and weaved between students. A few girls screamed as I jumped onto the rail next to them. I skidded there for a few seconds, sparks flying. I jumped off and pushed off again, stitching through the students. A wall of people had formed, and the only way out was to jump a boy who was lying on the ground. I pushed forward and pushed against my board, the pressure bringing me and it up. I cleared the boy with a foot to spare, and many people awed. I kept going, not wanting any attention.
"Duuude!" A couple of skateboarder's cooed. I smirked and jumped again, flying over a girl's backpack. I landed and skidded to a halt. My sense's tingled, someone was right in front of me. But that's impossible, everyone is at least ten feet away.
Unless it's the kid.
If I was wrong, I would look stupid to extend my hand out to nothing. So I just moved around the spot. But the feeling followed me, like he was trailing behind. I turned to the left and skidded down some stairs. I listened for footsteps, anything to prove my suspicion. Clomp clomp clomp. Someone was following me. Was it that boy?
At this point, I just picked up my board and ran. This kid is creeping me out. I reached the cafeteria and sat down, panting.
"Hey, you Riley?" A voice echoed from nowhere.
"Yeah." I stated. I heard footsteps crunch beside me, and a boy stepped into my vision. The same one as before. Yet a lot more collected. His red hair was puffed up, the front fly-away. He had tan skinny jeans on and a pastel blue flannel. The sweat shirt underneath was easy to see, as his abs poked through. He had a pair of expensive Converse for shoes, and that was it. No backpack, no supplies, nothing. Just the lady-getting materials. Gross.
"Where's your pack?" I stood up and looked him in the eye. He laughed.
"In class! You think I'd wear it with those kid's around?" His voice was fuller than before, unlike the crying kid in the bush. He jabbed a finger at a crowd of girls. They wore shirts with this kids face on them, with 'I heart Matt!' on every inch. I guessed his name was Matthew from the cheering kids.
"That's my name, don't wear it out!"
"That doesn't work." I smirked and leaned on my hip.
"Are you sure?" He turned to the girls, who screamed his name. He said the line and at least three of them fainted.
"They're sick lover girls, of course it works on them."
"So it works?"
"N- Ugh, fine." I rolled my eyes. This kid still perplexed me. Matthew, the boy who could turn invisible and hide emotions with ease. I looked at his eyes to see if he could hide the pain from them, and all I saw was happiness.
"Aren't you supposed to show me around?" I gritted my teeth, not breaking eye contact.
"Ahh! Yes, here we go." He grabbed my arm and put his through it. I pulled away, knowing how many rumors would go around from his fan group if he did. He grabbed it yet again, and I gave up. I could tell he would be persistent until I gave in.
"I don't want to be the talk of the school, lover boy!" I hissed.
"Yet you ride your penny board like you own the place." He whispered.
"Nobody cares about skateboarders!"
"Unless they're girls."
"Stop!" I groaned. Why did he want me talked about! Someone would spill that I'm the girl who was hit at the intersection!
"Stop moping and let me start the tour!" He pushed forward and we were of. And I was becoming more known with each passing second.

The author's comments:

This part is shorter than the one before, but oh well. I hope you all enjoy it! Please leave a rating and a comment!

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