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Red Eyes, Black Eyes.

December 1, 2014
By BeautyWhispers PLATINUM, Nevada City, California
BeautyWhispers PLATINUM, Nevada City, California
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Violet Rose has always been the more social popular type of girl, the one who has party's on the weekends and invites her whole high school. But all of that's about to change on the night her parents are away on some business trip..,
First there's the crazy police, and then her friend starts acting strange, and her parents don't return from their business trip. What's next?
Violet has had enough of crazy, and she wants answers. But how? Where?
Strange things have been happening to her, visions, glowing eyes, voices in her head, and her family... Unanswered questions that need to be answered, but how?
Can Violet Rose find her family, get her friend back, and keep dodging all the crazy questions? Or will she be forced to face the fact that something isn't right, that she could quite possibly be different than everybody else?
And what happens when Felix arrives out of the blue and seems to know exactly what she is going through and might just have answers to some of her unanswered questions. Is Violet Rose falling for the kind of person she rebels against? An outsider, a loner...and possibly a dangerous threat to not only her but everyone around her.

           Find out in, Dark R. E. B. E. L. by, Beauty Whispers

Chapter 1: Red Eyes, Black Eyes.

Dark R. E. B. E. L.



Chapter One: Red Eyes, Black Eyes.


My life turned upside down, turned around, and then rolled down a hill. I had been standing on my two feet perfectly fine until that tragic day. I would always remember that day, it haunts me both awake and asleep. I was to foolish and to much like the rest of them to see it coming. I wish I had because I would have been able to save a lot more lives that night.
Although the wind howled outside and the dark grey clouds hovered above threatening to spill over, we still had fun and partied. I had invited my entire high school class over to my house for a weekend party, not realizing at all what was to come next. I smiled Sam and Kelly and Jade as they came in with there guitars and drums. There faces lit up when they saw all the chips and salsa, lemonade and root beer. I laughed as everyone started to play with the instruments and start chatting away about nothing in particular. The music was cranked up and we were all singing along to Wide Awake. Then Jade, put on one of the Beetles albums and we all laughed as he started doing air guitar.
My parents were away for the weekend on a business trip and the only adults were about three miles away and my car was at the shop. So I had no way to get to safety when they arrived. It all started with a pleasant some what loud knock then when no one answered in five seconds the knocking got louder. I rushed over to the door muttering under my breath, couldn't they wait for at least a second before pounding on the door like a gorilla?
I opened the door about to say something about there rude manners when I saw who it was. The Police.
I stood there frozen to my place, what were they doing here out in the middle of know ware? I wondered. Two Police stood there with there uniforms and badges gleaming in the light. One  looked about thirty and the other maybe early twenties. I forced a smile and asked, " How may I help you? ". The older Policeman peered around me at the party room and the blaring music now playing some Madonna song. " Are your parents home young lady? " he asked me still looking at the dancing kids with root beer, behind me. I hesitated but decided to go with the truth. And that was my big mistake.
I shook my head and said, " No. There not here, but they know about the party. " I finished in a rush. I was expecting the Police to pry for more answers or maybe even call my parents to make sure I wasn't lying, which I was indeed lying. But they merely looked at me and grinned at the same time. It was kinda creepy but I ignored my first feeling of insecurity and smiled back. The younger Police stepped forward this time, and I noticed his brown hair had a red ti it to it.
     " May we come in? " He asked but he didn't wait for a answer, as he brushed past me almost in a rush along with the second. I blinked and then shrugged and closed the door behind me. If it weren't the Police I would have never let them in, but since it was the Police I ignored all signs of anger and annoyance towards them. After all they were supposed to help the defenseless not hurt them. Shows how much I really know...
Everyone stopped dancing and people stopped eating mid chew, when the Police stepped into view. They paused and both grinned their creepy simultaneous grin and raised up a hand and waved. " We just came to join the party! " The younger Policeman said waving a hand around him at all the people. A few minutes later all was back to normal except for a few anxious glances towards the visitors and some nasty looks and sneers. I heard someone whisper, " I bet they don't have any ware else to go on a Saturday night. " and some snickers and muttered agreements.
The Policemen didn't seem to notice any of this as they looked about them, it was almost as if they were... No I was imagining things. I tried to enjoy myself with the two Police's eyes boring into my back as I danced. After awhile I was staring to get annoyed and slightly irritated. Just because they had guns and shiny badges didn't mean they got to poke around in everyone's business and come to people's party's uninvited.
Finally I mustered up the courage to walk over to them, and that was when it happened. I was walking over with a plastered grin to my face and was just about to tap the older Policeman on the shoulder when he turned around. I screamed.
His eyes glowed bright red, was that even possible? Was I going crazy? I just be, I thought frantically. This isn't real. Nope not real. I shut my eyes tight only to snap them back open as I heard a loud " BOOM! ". Everyone dancing, singing, eating, and talking. Stopped dead and looked around in confusion and fear. Sam, Kelly, and Jade, my three best friends, ducked under the kitchen table fear glistening in there eyes. I looked around. Trying to figure out ware the noise had come from and what it was. It came again twice in a row and my eyes shot to right in front of me and froze in place. Both of the Policemen held long tube like things in there hands, not guns, or rifles. They were red matching there still glowing eyes. I backed away my hands had started to shake violently.
What was going on? Why did I have a feeling I was in terrible danger?
Both Policeman turned toward me. I saw that only one had glowing red eyes, the other had midnight black. My body shook uncontrollably as they stared at me, and grinned a devils grin. Then they took a step toward me, and another and another. I tried to step back farther but I was only inches from the door. They cornered me and the one with red eyes grabbed my shirt collar and lifted me up off the ground and growled, " Your Dead. " 


More? Just comment for the next chapter! Thank you to all who take the time to read this, I really appreciate it. :)

Chapter Notes:

So what do you think happens next? Is it just a dream? Or.... 

Please comment! It's what keeps me writing and posting new chapters, thank you! 

Chapter 2: What Happened? Chapter Two:

" Shhh, don't wake her up! Jade get the ice pack! " The muttering and murmuring of voices in the distance, awoke me. I sat up and groaned and a piercing pain stabbed through me and I cried out. Kelly and Sam grabbed me before my head could hit the hard stone tile floor and gently lowered me back down onto the floor. My head throbbed with pain, and my ankle felt like it had been bent backwards and twisted. " It's ok, Violet, everything will be ok. " Kelly murmured softly.
Kelly was a tall red head, and had these big emerald eyes and always wore cherry red lip stick and tight hot pink jeans. Sam was short for his age and had curly brown hair and beady dark brown eyes. Jade was tall and stalky, and plays basketball and hockey as well as tennis and loves video games and action movies. He has long black hair and dull green eyes, and always where's red sneakers and his " Giants " hat.
Sam was leaning over me, his beady brown eyes wide and worried.
" Violet, you just hit your head. Everything's under control and there's absolutely nothing to worry about so just breath. I'll go get you..." - " Sam! ".
Kelly snapped, " Just leave her alone! She needs to rest, so stop babbling and go find something useful to do! " Kelly brushed her red hair out of her face and looked down at me with the same worried look as Sam had.
" Violet do you remember anything? Anything at all? " she asked hesitantly. I shook my head because my mouth felt like it had been glued together, so I couldn't speak. My mind flashed backward. A party, food, dancing... Then all went blotchy and gooey and I couldn't remember anything. I remember glowing eyes, red, black, shouting voices, and
Kelly swallowed hard and looked me straight in the eyes and said. " There was two policemen, and they pushed you down and slammed your head into the wall. They were scary, Vic. I didn't know what to do...and...and " Kelly's voice shook and she turned away to hide her tears I new were streaming down her powdered cheeks.
My mind raced as I back tracked through everything I could remember...
What had happened? Chapter Notes: I hope you enjoyed this next chapter, sorry it's so short but I will do longer ones eventually. It would help me if you commented on my work and told me what you think I should do or what your expecting. Anything to let me know someone is reading it. :)

The author's comments:

I hope you enjoy this and decide to keep reading, and I deeply appreciate all those who do take the time to read this and comment. Thank You! 

Also just know that this is just the begging and that it will get better...hopefully. This is kind of a romance/action/ drama/mystery type book. Including supernaturals of almost all kinds, and romance and exciting action, or so I hope. Thanks again and please please comment. ;)enjoy!


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BeautyWhispers PLATINUM, Nevada City, California
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Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be Me. :) - By BeautyWhispers

Thank you, that really helped. ;)

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Your plot and description is really good but you could use some work on your grammar. For example, "too" not "to". And "Their" not "There" other than that its good!