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Love at First Breath

August 5, 2014
By FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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I had no reason to live and I knew it. I was wandering the streets alone, lonely, lifeless. I felt like a walking zombie, wandering where ever my feet took me. Horns screamed, dogs barked, people chatted, and life went on, forward, while I went backwards. I lost my family, my house, my belongings, my life. I was going backwards with no way, no hope of going forwards again. My eyes blurred as tears fell from my eyes once more. Looking around I noticed a large truck coming towards the intersection I was standing at. I waited, and waited then I walked out. The flash of the green light showed on the traffic lights, horns blared but nothing could stop this. I was somehow relieved knowing that this was it for me. I was nothing after all. I needed to find an escape route from this life. This hopelessness. I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable, my life to end. As my body slammed into the truck, I felt bones break, blood drip from my body, the air getting knocked out of my body, and everything was ending. I knew it. I hoped it. I wished it. My eyes started to droop as I heard screams come from around me. I looked up at the dark sky, the moon blinking and smiling down at me, waiting for the darkness to embrace me to make me one of its children in the sky. I looked around me to see many faces I did not know crowding around me in uniform. I felt someone lift my bloody head off of the ground and place it in their lap, caressing my hair. I looked at the person with the little strength I had. I saw dark hair that shone from the moons light, tanned skin and blue eyes that shone with unshed tears. I gasped for air as I felt my lungs start to collapse. I coughed up the blood that filled my throat, making me incapable of breathing. I felt needles peirce my skin and a mask cover my face as fresh air got pumped into my lungs. Someone grabbed the boy and told him to leave but he refused, shaking his head as tears fell from his beautiful eyes.
“Please step away from the woman,” The blonde haired man in police uniform told him and he lifted my head then moved out from underneath it, putting my head gently on the ground again.
He stroked my hair then my face once more then followed the policeman away. Tears fell from my face as I tried to reach out for him, the boy. My world started to go black.

I screamed as someone injected me with needles and prodded me with surgical tools, cutting my body open.

“We have to work fast or she won’t live,” Someone said.
“Scalpel!” Someone yelled and I screamed and cried.

“Broken bones, need to reset her radius, ulna, femur, tibia, fractured 3 rib cage bones on left side, 5 on right side, collapsed kidney, punctured lung.”

I looked for the boy to find him, his head in his hands, crying then he looked up. I reached my broken arm to him, my fingers stretched out with blood dripping out of the surgical incision from my elbow to my wrist. Tears fell from his eyes and I screamed as clothes were ripped from my body, leaving me in my underwear. The boy looked around him then ran to me. The police yelled and ran towards him.

“She needs me!” He yelled to the policemen as he dropped to his knees near my head,” Please,” He brushed his hand against my face and I smiled as much as I could,” She needs me.”

“Leave him,” The policeman looked at one of the surgeon and he nodded.

“Stay out of the way boy,” The surgeon said then went back to helping me.

The boy lifted my head once more then placed it on his lap. He bent his face down so his dark hair made a curtain around mine and his face. Water dropped from his eyes onto my face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I should have saved you, I should have helped you. Please don’t die, I need you. Please, I love you.” He whispered then kissed my blood covered forehead.

“I won’t die, now. That. I’ve. Got. A reason. To live,” I gasped then I closed my eyes before my body started to spasm.

“She’s going in heart failure, defiberator now,” One of the surgeons ran to the ambulance van then ran back.

“One two three,” Someone touched the machine into my chest and put it on my heart then zapped it.

I gasped in air once more then whimpered.

“Don’t die on me,” The boy cupped my face in his slender, warm hands,” Don’t die!”

I felt the surgeon start to stitch up my body.

“She is stable; let’s get her to the hospital.”

The boys lifted me slightly then placed me into the ambulance car onto the bed. I grabbed his hand as he sat down next to me.

“Stay with me?” I breathed as I was injected with sedatives.
He smiled sadly,” Of course,” I smiled back them my world went black.

I started to shift as I started to slowly wake up but pain seem to follow me as I moved. I froaned then opened my eyes to feel a hand holding mine loosely. I blinked my eyes a few times to clear my vision of the nights sleep blur. I turned to see the boy hunched over in a chair next to my hospital bed, his hand holding mine delicately, his head laying next to our joined hands.

“That has got to be a very uncomfortable position,” I murmured then sat up only to let out a small yelp from the pain.

Laying back down, I looked around the small room that separated me from the other patients by just a thin, white curtain. I heard no one snore loudly but breathing was audible. I looked back at the boy and smiled.

“You are beautiful,” I whispered to him then gripped his hand slightly then noticed the cast that was on my arm that was not holding the boys and my left leg. I cursed under my breath then shook my head. I’m an idiot, I thought to myself then I looked back at the boy. I let go of his hand then slid my hand out from underneath his then ran my fingers through his soft black hair. I smiled then watched as he stirred from his slumber. Raising his head, he looked at me then at the window behind my bed.

“It’s still night time, go get some more sleep,” He insisted and I nodded.

“I can’t get comfortable. It hurts too much,” I whispered to him and he smiled,” And that is not a nice place for you to sleep either.”

“It’s a good place to sleep if it means I’m closer to you,” He blushed slightly underneath the bright moon and I smiled slightly then tried my hardest to shuffle over without hurting my body.

I moved over until I was as close to the edge of the bed as I possibly could be without toppling out of it. I patted the place next to me then moved so I was on my side, cringing in pain as I did so.

“Come here.” I ordered but he shook his head.

“I will hurt you,” He whinged and I sighed.

“I’m already in a lot of pain as it is, and you’re hurting me even more now. Sleep with me please?”

He looked at me then stood up,” My name is Scott by the way.”

“I’m Lily,” I smiled as he sat on the bed then laid down, his face only inches away from mine.
He pulled up the covers on both of us,” I already knew your name… Better?”

I snuggled closer to him, wincing in the process, and then put my face into his chest while wrapping my unharmed arm around him as much as I possibly could.

“Better,” I yawned then looked up into his face,” Thank you,” I smiled.

“For what?” He asked with confusion plastered on his face.

“For caring for me, if you weren’t around, who knows what would’ve happened to me.”

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