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The Feeling of Sun

January 29, 2014
By inthecorner919 BRONZE, OAK HILL, Virginia
inthecorner919 BRONZE, OAK HILL, Virginia
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Have you ever felt like you’re just a mere shadow living against the walls? Day by day time goes by without any change, no good and no evil nothing. Then one day the sun shines bright and out from the rays a golden boy appears, a boy with humor and good looks. His clear sky blue eyes gaze upon you even though you’re a shadow. He slowly walks towards you and pulls you out from the shadows and into the light. Warmth fills your body at his touch, people are staring at you and he says: “you don't belong in the shadows, you belong to me." He hugs you tightly against his body and your breath quickens as you hear his heartbeat. He smells like fresh mangos in the morning fog. He slowly pulls your head upward and plants a kiss on your forehead. You close your eyes as his kisses trail downwards and at last he kisses your mouth. Despite yourself you groan inwardly and deepen the kiss. He stops and smiles saying "Will you be my golden girl?" Wanting to live in the light you say yes and kiss him one more time.
It's been 3 months since you met the golden boy everyday is great and full of expectations. It has taken time and effort but you have gotten used to the glares of jealous females and guys checking you out wishing they were your golden boy. Today was the 3rd month anniversary and he called you saying to meet him at a fountain in Hellstone Park. You agreed and walked there in your red fire dress feeling as the name implies. As you approach the fountain you realize he isn't alone but with a silverlight lady. He calls you over kisses your hand and says he no longer loves you. At that moment he and the lady laugh as you stand there stunned beyond belief. The lady shoves you into the fountain and they both walk away. Your heart feels like it was slowly being ripped out as you land in the water and it splashes onto your face. Your vision blurs slightly and you swear the water is not water at all; it is blood. The warmth has left your body leaving you cold and hollow. You realize you can't breathe underwater but your legs and arms refuse to move and feel like lead pulling you down. You scream but no one will hear you.
Your screams dying down as your strings of life were cut, all that filled the air was silence as the darkness engulfed you. Your shadowy brothers have reclaimed you as their own and you live in the darkness forever.

The author's comments:
This story was sent to me by a friend. This story makes her look like a really sad child but that assumption is wrong. I just wanted to put that out there. I edited it though. I get something for that right? *sigh* these kind of stories make me really paranoid about love. It is a scary thing.

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