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Marry Me

November 16, 2013
By wreckedRecords SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
wreckedRecords SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Schaey stuck his hand in his pocket, wrapping his fingers around the box there. His other hand was entwined with Kallus's own, the fabric of the shorter male's fingerless gloves warmed between their palms. He didn't realize he was smiling until he noticed Kallus staring. "What?"
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing." Schaey smirked a bit, grip tightening on his boyfriend's hand, receiving a slightly freckled blush. It was dark aside from the stars and the old lamp posts alongside the park trail.
"Okay, what are you planning?"
"What are you talking about, Kal?"
Kallus rolled his golden eyes and looked up at Schaey with a raised brow. "You took me out to a movie, then my favorite restaurant, and now are walking with me through my favorite place in the city. What. Are you. Planning?"
"I don't know what you're talking about." Schaey denied, making Kallus groan.
"Do you want something from me?"
"All I want is an answer." Schaey leaned down and pecked him on the nose, making him blink in confusion.
"An answer to what?" The taller ignored him with a smug grin, leading him down the path. "Hey! Don't ignore me!"
After a little more walking, the sound of running water reached their ears as they neared the park fountain. It was getting a bit colder, and a chilly breeze blew by, moving Kallus's hair out of his eyes. His cheeks were flushed from the crisp air, but he didn't seem to mind one bit, completely content for once. Schaey suddenly placed two hands over Kallus's eyes from behind him. "Schaey. What are you doing?"
"Seriously, what-"
"I said sh!" Schaey snickered, leading Kallus forward. Kal grumbled something under his breath, but stayed quiet for the most part, curious. When Schaey released him, his jaw dropped. He blinked a couple times to clear his vision and make sure he wasn't seeing things, and Schaey wrapped his arms around Kal's waist.
"Woah..." There were candles covering the perimeter of the fountain, and there were small ones floating in the water on paper boats. Thank you, Addaya. Suddenly, Kallus started to snicker. "Oh god, this is so cheesy..." He laughed quietly, holding Schaey's hands as the Gemini rested his chin on his partner's shoulder.
"You love it though." Schaey moved so that they were sitting on the edge of the fountain, Kallus on his lap and snuggled to his chest. "Hey. I love you."
Kallus smiled up at him, pulling his face down for a kiss. "I love you, too. Now, are you gonna tell me what all this is for?" His hand wrapped around the box.
"I told you. I want an answer."
"For Pete's sake, what am I supposed to-" He stopped as Schaey pulled out the box and held it in front of him. He quickly became flustered. "Schaey, what're you-"
"Oh my god-"
"Will you marry me?" Schaey flipped the box open with one hand, the silver band resting inside catching the candlelight.
"You- you can't be- I- Schaey-" Kallus stuttered, cheeks bursting with color. He silenced himself as Schaey pressed his nose to Kal's cheek, closing his eyes.
"Will you?"
"..." When Schaey looked at his boyfriend, he was surprised to see tears in his eyes. The Cancer nodded, smiling and then wrapping his arms tightly around Schaey. "Yes." He laughed into his shoulder. Schaey pulled him away before kissing him on the lips, hands resting on Kal's hips.
Schaey chuckled after a minute, taking Kallus's hand and pulling the ring out. "For a second, I thought you might say no."
"How could I?" He returned as the ring was slipped onto his finger, placing a soft kiss on Schaey's lips. "God, I love you so much..."
~Years ago...~
"Hey Kal."
"If you got asked to marry someone, how would you wanna be asked?"
"Dude, we're like, seventeen."
"I'm just curious."
"Well... I'd say no if he was on one knee."
"What? Why?"
"Because it's stupid. It's like he's begging. If he really wanted to marry me, he'd be confident enough to hold me and say so."
"... Pfffffft, that was so beyond cheesy."
"Shut up! You're the one who asked!"

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