Never Say Forever

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Never Say Forever
Alexandria Perez had nothing but love to fill her insides. Wonderful friends, a loyal family and an amazing boyfriend named Josh. Her boyfriend meant the world to her and in her perspective if he wasn’t in her world, why was she even living? To her, promises never broke, love filled both of them and they were forever. At sixteen years old, she wasn’t aware of the possibility of nothing lasting forever. However, as she sits in her room a year later, thinking about all the old times they shared, she will always regret believing Josh when he said, “forever.”
May 24, 2011. “Alexandria Perez will you go out with me?” Josh asked at the end of the eighth grade formal dance. Alexandria and Josh were going to be freshman in high school; it was time to stop playing with emotions. “Y-yes,” Alexandria stuttered. She was beaming with happiness as he leaned in to kiss her. Alexandria could feel the warmth rise up into her cheeks, she was blushing. “This is just the start of forever,” Josh whispered in her ear. Alexandria’s stomach fluttered with butterflies. “Attention students, we hope you had a wonderful time. Please have a safe summer, and have a great time in high school,” the principle said through the microphone; it was time for both of them to go home. “Well, here’s my ride. Text me?” Alexandria asked uncertainly. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen now that it was the start of summer vacation and she wouldn’t be seeing Josh every day. “I’ll come by and see you tomorrow. I don’t know how I will survive not seeing your beautiful face every day,” Josh said with a smirk. He leaned in for a kiss, and Alexandria’s burning cheeks urged her to lean forward and kiss him back. “See you tomorrow,” Josh said as he turned to walk away. “See you tomorrow,” Alexandria whispered, holding her lips to shield his kiss from fading away.
December 24, 2011. “Merry Christmas!” Alexandria’s family cheered as her and Josh walked through the door. Their seven month anniversary fell on Christmas Eve, and they didn’t want to spend that day apart. Their relationship has been going strong for two freshman in high school. However, Josh and Alexandria have been fighting a lot, even though they always get resolved. What good is a relationship when you have one too many fights? Alexandria has learned to push their problems under the rug, especially for nights like this. After an amazing meal, it was time to open presents. “Here you go baby,” Josh said with a smile. Alexandria took her time opening it. When she was done, she came to a long, slender box. Inside it held a gold necklace with a heart at the bottom of it. Tears fell down from her face as she looked up at Josh. “You’ve had the key to my heart ever since middle school. Now you have my whole heart. I love you,” Josh said. Alexandria couldn’t find the words in her throat. “I love you too,” she managed to croak out. That night was the first time Josh has admitted his love for Alexandria, and she will always remember that.
February 14, 2012. “Babe chill, why are you making such a big deal about this?” Josh exclaimed. “Really? Because it’s Valentine’s Day and you gave me nothing but gave that stupid girl a bear!” Alexandria yelled. “She’s my bestfriend and she was feeling sad, I wanted to make her feel better,” Josh said flatly. “And I am your girlfriend; don’t you think I am way more important?” Alexandria asked. “Not when you get mad over nothing,” Josh yelled while walking away. Alexandria was left standing in an empty hallway, with Josh’s words echoing in her head. Another argument, another day, Alexandria thought to herself. Why can’t I just chill out for once? She didn’t know the answer to her simple question; she didn’t think anybody did.
Later that day, Josh still hasn’t talked to Alexandria. Finally, she sees him in the hallway and decides to confront him. “Why have you been ignoring me?” Alexandria asked. Josh tried to avoid her eyes, but Alexandria’s gaze burned holes right through his skull. “I haven’t seen you,” He said flatly. Alexandria was about to apologize when Josh spoke with a sudden urgency in his voice. “Better get to class, Alex. I don’t want to make you late, you might get mad at me even more,” Josh said. He walked away, once again leaving Alexandria alone in an empty hallway. I’ll let him come to me, and then we won’t talk about it anymore. I love him too much to fight, Alexandria thought to herself. Another day, another argument swept under the rug.
April 24, 2012. “Happy eleven months, baby,” Alexandria said excitedly. “Where are we going tonight?” “Oh, I haven’t even thought about going anywhere. Why don’t we just stay at home? We can just spend the time together,” Josh said. Alexandria’s smile twisted into a frown, she wanted this night to be special. “This night is important, Josh. We can’t just stay at home. That’s boring!” Alexandria pouted. Josh rolled his eyes knowing another argument was brewing. Alexandria and Josh have been arguing almost every day for the past three months. Alexandria has just been sweeping every argument under the rug. After an awkward silence Alexandria finally said, “Just forget about it. I can see this isn’t important to you as it is to me.” Alexandria walked away, this time leaving Josh alone in an empty hallway.
May 24, 2012. Alexandria got to school that morning without looking up from the ground; she could feel today was not going to be one of her best. She got to her locker and started to open the lock when she feels a warm presence behind her. “Oh hey,” she says as she turns to see Josh standing behind her. They stare at each other for years until Josh suddenly says, “What’s your problem?” Alexandria is ready to burst. Why is he asking me such a stupid question? Just shut up! Alexandria thought to herself. Why don’t you go ask Rosa? Rosa is Josh’s best friend, but she is a little too friendly with Josh. “Just go away,” Alexandria says flatly. Josh’s eyes go wide, he is speechless. Alexandria whirls around, “why don’t you ask your little friend, Rosa? Why don’t you go hang out with her? You obviously enjoy her company over mine,” she says loudly. People start to turn and look. “At least she would make a better girlfriend than you,” Josh says rudely and stomps away in the other direction. “Happy one year,” Alexandria screams after him. Another day, another argument, she thinks to herself.
July 3, 2012. Argument, after argument, after argument. Does is ever end? Alexandria says to herself. Alexandria hasn’t talked to Josh in a couple of days, for he was talking to Rosa instead of her. Deep down, she knows it’s stupid to be mad, but at that exact moment she was the victim and he was the culprit. Beep beep. Alexandria has received a text from Josh. Meet me @ the park, we need 2 talk, Alexandria read to herself. She took a deep breath, put on her shoes and was on her way. On the walk there she was sweating pools of sweat and fear, what does he need to talk about? She asked herself. When she reached the park, her eyes found Josh sitting on a bench next to a big tree. He looked up and smiled, “come sit,” he said. He began, “I love you Alexandria. But for the past several months, we have done nothing but argue. I can’t deal with the stress of knowing the smallest thing will make you mad.” Alexandria cut in, “I feel the same way. I’m sorry I get mad all of the time, I just want everything to be perfect.” “Nothing is ever going to be perfect, that’s not how life works. I think we need a break; time to figure all of this out,” Josh explained. “Y-you said we were forever,” Alexandria stuttered. Josh hung his head, a sign of frustration. He was tapping his foot, a sign of nervousness. He looked up, “I love you, but I need time. I just don’t want to be in a relationship anymore,” Josh said flatly. Alexandria didn’t know what to think. She was busy blaming all of this on Josh in her head. If it wasn’t for that stupid girl. If it wasn’t for his constant flirting. If it wasn’t for his promises he didn’t keep. If it wasn’t for him saying forever. If it wasn’t for him! Alexandria thought to herself. She stood up, and turned towards Josh. “Thank you for being honest with me. I agree with your decision. Let me know when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you.” Alexandria walked away and did not look back. She was too busy hating Josh for making her think their love was forever.
October 30, 2013. It has been a year of being out of a relationship for Alexandria and Josh. After several arguments of who’s at fault for their problems, they came to the conclusion that it was both of them. As she sits in her room a year later, Alexandria realizes that she shouldn’t have caused so many problems. She should have been grateful for what she had, and should have talked about problems instead of trying to forget them. She should have been optimistic, not pessimistic. She should have had a heart full of love, not hate. She should have cherished Josh, and their love. So Alexandria sits in her room one year later, best friends with Josh and hoping that someday they will have the love they once had for each other. However, she knows that if they do once again date, they will never say forever.

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