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Through the years

October 7, 2013
By Shayy_Scene GOLD, Cadiz, Ohio
Shayy_Scene GOLD, Cadiz, Ohio
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“I love you,” the little green eyed girl said. “I love you, Nathan.” She was 5 years old. It was the end of the last day of pre-school. Her long, wavy brown hair was up in a tight bun. Her beautiful mother was by her side. Her handsome blonde haired brother was holding her hand. She was at a wedding. Not a real one. It was a wedding between a pretty girl she went to school with and her best friend Nathan. It was just pretend; the teacher was the preacher. But it broke her heart anyway. Nathan was hers. Her family and Nathans were close. Her older brother, Blake, and his, Ryan, were also best friends. Nathan should be hers. Yes they were only 5 but that doesn’t mean he didn’t mean the world to her. She just never told anyone. The problem was that Nathan was already showing signs of how amazing he’d look. And her? Shay was awkward. Her entire family had looks, but not her. She was just ugly. So ugly that Nathan was the only one nice to her. Oh well, they were only 5. They probably wouldn’t even talk in a couple years.
“Baby! Please don’t leave. I’ll do anything for you,” the black haired boy cried. “I’m sorry sweetie it’s just not working out.” The burgundy haired beauty flipped her spiky hair, green eyes sparkling with enjoyment. The boy ran out crying leaving the girl to her aloneness. The smile faded quickly from those perfect lips. Shay was all grown up. She grew out of her ugly phase around 12. By the time she was 13, no one could believe that ugly little girl had grown up into this stunning teen. Suddenly, everyone stopped hating her. Now, at 14, she trusted no one. No one minus Nathan that is. He was the only one who had stood by her all those years. He, mister popularity, had protected her from every relentless bully. He was still her best friend, her only true friend, and only a friend. He was still unknowingly the only one she wanted. And everyone agreed they’d make a great couple. She was gorgeous and him? Six foot, 160 pounds, flawless skin, perfect straight dirty blonde hair, chiseled chin, and stunning aqua blue eyes. And he had a way of making you want to smile when you felt like crying. He was a nice, honestly good person who cared about everyone. In other words, he was every girls dream guy. People would talk about them getting together. When they were alone he’d laugh about how silly those people were. “I mean can’t they see you’re like my sister?” he’d say shaking his head. She’d nod along, smiling, holding back the tears while screaming inside. It was because of her feelings for him that none of her relationships lasted. That along with the fact that no guy liked her for anything but her looks. She was getting tired of this. Shay looked at her wrist. The scars had faded but you could still see them against the paleness. It was the only part of her body that refused to tan. She closed her eyes and leaned he head back. She wanted to cut so bad. She was so depressed. But she had promised her brother Blake she wouldn’t. And she was going to keep that promise. She would be strong even when she felt like nothing at all. She started smiling thinking of her brother. Just last month he had married Nathan’s pink haired sister, Bethany. They made a cute couple. She had naturally white hair and his, while blonde before, was now raven black. He was still just as handsome even with all his tattoos. Though he was a bit of a freak. That just made Shay love him more. It made him understand her, love her, despite everything. Without him and Nathan in her life, she wouldn’t have the strength to go on.
“What?” Shay knew she looked stupid with her mouth hanging open. She couldn’t help it. Was this a joke or was she really hearing this. Let’s backup. She had gotten tired of all the attention. So, to counter her beauty, she went goth like her brother had. Her hair was half purple, half black. She had a nose ring. She wore mostly black. She liked it. She had even convinced Nathan to get snake bites. He looked so cute. Now, she was still talked to, she wasn’t bullied, but she wasn’t OVERLY popular anymore. Her life had gotten better. Even the scars were gone. And now she was sitting here and all she could think to say was what. “You heard me,” Nathan said. “I don’t understand,” Shay said crying. Was this really happening? “What isn’t there to understand,” Nathan said looking up, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore.” “But why?!!” He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. “I’ve been hearing things and I had to find out if they were true. So I read your diary.” Shay fell to her knees crying freely. “So you see why we can’t be friends anymore right?” he asked. “No, we can still be,,,” she broke off heart-broken. Next thing she knew Nathan had lifted her up into his arms. Before she could gasp in surprise, he pressed his lips firmly against hers. Her mind shut off as she threw her arms around his neck, crushing him to her. She wasn’t thinking of anything, she was just acting. Nathan broke away from her to whisper, “I love you, Shay, with all my heart.” And then he started kissing her again. At that moment nothing else mattered to her. He had said he loved her. If she had died in that moment, she could have died happily.
Shay was laying in Nathans arms. They had been dating for 3 months and they had been the best months of her life. She looked up at Nathan to make sure he was paying attention to the tv, and then she started to silently cry because she knew they were about to end. She dried her eyes a moment later and moved away from Nathan. “Can I talk to you for a second?” she asked in a low voice. He turned off the tv and turned to look directly at her. “Sure babygirl,” he said smiling, giving her his full attention. God he was perfect. She looked away. She couldn’t do this while looking at him. “If me and you ever broke up do you think we’d still be friends?” He stopped smiling. “I don’t know. Tell you what, lets just not ever breakup.” He kissed her head and moved to enwrap her in his arms again. She avoided them. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked worry evident in his voice. She took a deep breath and said, “It’s not working out.” All that was heard for the next minute was silent. She peaked at him through her long red bangs. He was staring at her. For a second he looked emotionless, then she noticed his blue highlights popping out because of how pale he had gotten. A tear was sliding down his cheek. She hadn’t seen him cry since they were 6. “Nathan,” she dared whisper. She didn’t see his lips move but heard the whisper, “Why?” Shay was determined to hide the truth. “Honestly, I just don’t feel anything for you. I’m sorry.” “You don’t mean that,” his voice cracked. “Sadly, I do. I Do Not Love You,” she replied convincingly. He made a choking sound and ran from the room. Shay waited until she heard his car pull out before letting the chaos she felt inside come out. She couldn’t breath. “OH god, Nathan how could you believe that?” The rest of that night was a blur. She didn’t want to feel anything anymore. In the morning she ran to her brothers house searching for the comfort only he could give. She hurried inside. Vision blurred, she burst into speech. “Blake, Nathan believed every lie I forced myself to say. This just doesn’t feel right. I..” She stopped feeling arms hug her tight. She cried into his chest. “I know I did what was best but this hurts so bad.” “Why was it for the best?” Her eyes flew open but she didn’t look up. That wasn’t her brothers voice though she did know it well. She pulled away viciously. “I, I,” she stuttered, looking for a way out of this. Nathan grabbed her arm and pulled her to the couch where her brother and sister in law sat. “Just tell him, Shay,” her brothers deep voice begged riddled with pain at hers. “Ya, whatever it is, just tell me,” Nathan seconded. “I can’t,” she screeched. “Shay, I’m in love you! You can tell me anything and ANYTHING is better than this.” Confused, she was unable to stand anymore and started to fall to the floor. Nathan caught her and kissed her passionately. “No matter what it is I will stand by you.” Shay shakily balanced on her feet. “Could you guys leave?” she asked Blake and Bethany. They left them alone. She looked at Nathan and took her shirt off. She cringed at his sharp intake of breath. “What happened?” Shay looked down at her body. The skin on the entire left side of her torso was scarred and shredded. Her perfect beautiful body was ruined. “Two weeks ago, when you were on that trip and I had got in that car crash. This is what happened. I’ve just been scared to tell you. I’m not pretty anymore. I figured if I broke up with you, it wouldn’t hurt so much as you leaving me.” “Why would I leave you?” he asked confused. “Because I’m ugly now! Are you blind?” she screamed harshly. Nathan fell to his knees and kissed the entire mangled area of her body. “You will never be ugly to me. I love you no matter what. This is nothing.” Shay didn’t even dare to believe her ears. “You really don’t care about it?” “Not in the slightest,” he replied.
Shay’s auburn hair was tightly in a bun again. “I love you, Nathan,” she said again.
“I love you to,” he returned. Shay faintly heard the priest say I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride. But she forgot even that as she felt the kiss on her lips that sealed them as husband and wife. She didn’t hear the clapping. She didn’t hear the comments on how beautiful her white dress was. All she felt was the hugs of her brother and mother. And all she felt was love for her Nathan. Who loved her just as much back and was just as happy to call her his.

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