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July 23, 2013
By raeee GOLD, Walla Walla, Georgia
raeee GOLD, Walla Walla, Georgia
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"Would she hear me if I called her name? Would she hold me if she knew my shame? Would she even love me if I was to blame?" -Favourite poem ever♥

"Ik hou van je." he mumbled into the microphone, loud enough to where only I could hear it. My heart stopped as I stared at the face that was on my computer screen, the brown hair that was so mesmerizing, and the green eyes that seemed to make the rest of his features go into a blur.

I sat there, staring at the friend I had accommodated from the writing website that we had both been a part of. I knew what the words meant, and I didn't know if I had the same feelings in return. "You know you can't tell me that..." I half whispered, half hissed at him, continuing to stare into his smiling eyes. "Mainly because I have a boyfriend, and mainly because you know I can't love you more than a friend."

His face fell for a mere second, only to return to the same goofy grin he had had on it the entire time we had been on video call. "Ah, but Hallie, you know you love me deep down in your heart." he laughed, and winked at me.

I shook my head and grumbled some obscenities under my breath. His accent flooded my ears again as he started rambling on about how much he wished I wasn't with Seeley and wanted me all to himself. I felt the tears begin to well in my eyes, and he automatically stopped, cooing to me in more Dutch phrases.

"Mooi meisje niet huilen, ik hou van je..." he whispered over and over as the sobs racked my body. I shook my head quickly, trying to compose myself and yet, feeling as if I didn't close the call before Seeley got home, I'd regret the entire call myself.

"Pretty girl don't cry, I love you..." I whispered in return, letting him know that his Dutch lessons were paying off. "But your statement is entirely false." I stated. And with that I closed the call.

The familiar sound of the ringing came through my laptop screen, and I saw the wonderful face of the man I had been cheating with and shook my head again, hoping to God I would eventually be able to move forward with my life. For being in love with both Seeley and Vince was too much for my poor heart to handle.

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