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A real life Romeo and Juliet

April 7, 2013
By Anna5 BRONZE, Boone, Iowa
Anna5 BRONZE, Boone, Iowa
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Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far from here there lived a young maiden, her name was Againya. She was raised in a fine school focused on making young people Grow up to be proper polite and politically correct, however this school could not contain her wild spirit. people said she was like a fire, beautiful, wild, gentle, but dangerous and free-spirited. No one was very fond of her, they thought her strange, or inhuman in some way. But she was sad and lonely. Across the valley there was another kingdom, a bigger kingdom. In the this kingdom there lived a young man named Dominiscis, he was different from his peers. He went out of his way to show respect and kindness but he was also lonely, and left out. One day Againya moved to another kingdom, it was the same one who Dominiscis lived in. For over a year they'll lived in the same kingdom without knowing each other existed. Then by accident they met. Their two worlds collided in an strange coincidence. They were forced to sit next to each other on a bus ride. shr could have sworn there was magic in the air. for though the two had never met before they talked and joked. againya couldn't help but notice how handsome he was, and his voice was entrancing she couldn't help but hang on his every word. and though they had known each other for less than five minutes they got to know each other and became very close. When they returned from the bus ride Againya spoke to her friends of the handsome and kind man she had been sitting next to. But she warned them never to tell Dominiscis that she had spoken of him in such a way. But her friends knew she loved him more than anything on earth and took matters into their own hands. During their noon meal they asked him if he would date Againya he said yes. Though most couples Bickered and fought their way through a couple of weeks and then fell apart, Againya and Dominiscis didn't fight, or bicker. They were in paradise for a year but Againya was cursed, and when she found her love then she would aqire many suitors. The curse came true and the number of suitors grew with the days that passed. then the unthinkable happened, Againya's parents forbid her from ever seeing Dominiscis again. She cried for days on end seeming to go deep deep into the dark hole of depression. And Dominiscis though he did not cry felt hollow inside, empty. They both loved each other with their whole hearts, and knew they were meant to be together. Their hearts ached and they longed to see each other. When they finally saw each other again it was brief, their was no long embrace followed by words of regret. It was silence painful, terrible science. They looked into each others eyes and a painful truth passed between them. They knew that they would never be allowed to be together. Againya's friends begged her to listen to her heart, to follow her own path but she could not. She was taught to be obedient from a young age and so she was. To this day you might see Againya laughing sadly with her friends dreaming of what she could have had. Or Dominiscis hanging his head and fighting back the tears searching for a chance to get his one true love back

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