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December 14, 2012
By kindlegirl GOLD, Iberia, Missouri
kindlegirl GOLD, Iberia, Missouri
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Today was an ordinary day...well as ordinary as ordinary as my life could get. Living on the east side of Main, in a large school, just made for freak kids like me. In my life, I was use to people leaving, people being afraid to even touch me. The science lab caught on fire this morning, I don't think it was my fault. Abigale Richer's idea of fun was more than a field day.

Running down a hallway going as fast as I could, isn't what I would call great. The Castle was bigger when you didn't really need it to be, especially when I was carrying a fifty pound fire extinguisher, heading in the direction of blazing fire yelling the word's, "Run!"

Solis was use to this, especially when it came to me. Nine hundred and fifty-six student, and the one most likely to start, and stop a fire in one day was yours truly me, Kristen Mark. I don't want to to blow up the school, it was just an idea, one that was sent from me, to a friend. Wait I'm getting ahead of myself I haven't told you what Solis is, or what we do here.

Solis was made in 1762 to teach kids like me to control their power's. Our powers range from mind control, creating storms that could bring down even a country, or to have super strength. Now let me introduce you to the gang,(well the future gang.)The one's that will learn to get use to each other, the one's that will learn to understood the value of companionship. My friend Pandora Elleck's has my favorite power of all, she's the oldest of us all, since Solis has no age limit she could stay here forever and just keep learning, educating, or just to help out. I'm getting off subject, were was I-Oh. Pandora's power is controlling the shadow's. It's kind of like she can move it and well design it.

Her... well "Friend," Mallister Mckall is also older than most kids. His power's cool, but I don't think I would want it. It's kind of dangerous because he can control fire, and move the sun. He's nice, a little grumpy once in a while though. You might not understand the next friend, he's kind of different because he has no power. The school was kind of passed down to him through many, many family member's. His name is Timothy Grithon, and sometimes he can be your worst nightmare. I'm not saying he's not good to have around once in a while, but he takes the headmaster thing way to seriously.

My other friends name is Griffin Cast. Oh my God you would not believe how hot he can be when he's sitting right next to me, right now. But for now all I can tell you is that when he's seen with his shirt off. His power is super strength, my idea of his power is that there's know true way to control it. Mindis Cronan will probably be the most intriguing to you. Her idea of school is to be in know one's way, never to be in trouble, until we all made the worst decisions of our lives. Her power is growing flower's, and curing them when a disease has taken over there roots. It would be cool, but never get on her bad side, you'll regret it if your on grass, or dirt,(or anywhere anything can grow.) She really has know idea of how she fits in, but she kind of keeps us together. Like when were in fights with each other, she makes us say were sorry. But don't worry the fun's about to start, you'll get to here the story in a minute when I get done.

Wait till you here the next one, she's like the bomb, her power is moving people anywhere in the world. We all really worry about her sometimes. She can get really angry. Oh there was this one time when she got a bad grade on a test, and she got so mad that she sent the French class, powers 101, and control, and biology right next to the gates of hell. No not to the gates of Heaven, but to the gated of hell. Wait.. have I even told you her name, it's Alice Drought. And she can be the worst enemy if you wanted her to be. Okay the final friend is the complete closest, his name is Alek Crimm and his awesome power is being super-super smart. I love his power, even though his grade is like a hundred and twenty.

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Okay don't worry if your right now looking for a part two. ITs on the way you just have to wait. Please check out some of my other work and comment.

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