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Beatrice is a small town girl. She is quiet and if she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book there must be something wrong. Her smile is mangled with wires and brackets and the rubber bands she just says she wears. Her hair rarely falls into her face, held back by a pony tail, and her glasses seem too thick to be legally allowed. The icy wind blows on her face. She can taste the moisture in the air as her breathing quickens. Trees dance as she wonders by. Her car broke down two miles back but it is her first day at work and she can’t be late. She knows a first impression can make it or break it, especially in this town. The pavement switches to concrete as she walks from park to pine street, a couple of the only roads in the town. The old-looking buildings creek in the wind, but there is no place like home. As she walks she notices the smiles from Jerry in the post office and Henry at the general store. A few cars pass by but the cold weather has seemed to keep most people inside. Suddenly she hears the screech of past due brakes.

“Beatrice, are you alright? I saw your car a ways back, do you need a ride somewhere?”

Living in a small town she is used to knowing everyone. But his voice is unlike anything she has ever heard, as smooth as butter. She could recognize that sweet deep voice on any street in the world and knew it belonged to Timmy Waldon, her crush since third grade. Glancing up to try and answer his question, she was in heaven. His mid-length blond hair, defined jaw, muscular arms, and breath taking eyes sent chills up her spine. In her awe she tripped over a ridge in the concrete and fell flat on her face. Mortified she tried to spring right back up overwhelmed with embarrassment, to say the least. Suddenly she feels his soft warm grasp on her shoulder and was on top of the world. Lost in his eyes she struggles to get the words “Thank you” out without stumbling.
He asks again, “So, do you need a ride somewhere?”

She shakes off her pain and embarrassment and coming back to reality, looks up at him, “Well if it isn’t any trouble I was just trying to get to Tubby’s down the street, it is my first day.”

Tubby’s is the local food mart. People can come in to get any grocery as long as the can cook it. Beatrice was amazed she got a job as a cashier right off the bat. Timmy assured her it was a breeze since he was going there to pick up a few things anyway. She smoothly stepped down into Timmy’s car, slid across the slippery leather seat, and became overwhelmed with the smell of cinnamon from the freshener. Trying to play it cool, she said it smelled like sex in there and closed the door. Her stomach was filled with butterflies the entire drive to Tubby’s, but she had never talked to Timmy so much and she was giddy over the experience.

Once they arrived at the store he rushed around to help her out of the car and open the door for her. Before they parted he looked her in the eyes and asked,

“Beatrice, would you like to meet up with me later for some ice cream? I’m sure you are off sometime and will need a ride to your car or to the auto shop. Maybe I could pick you up and we could take a detour to the ice cream shop?”

She was overwhelmed; the man of her dreams was asking her on a date, “Of course, I’d love to.” She said without further hesitation.

They walked in to Tubby’s together, and met back up at six for ice cream.

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