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November 6, 2012
By leevite0126 GOLD, Spring Hill, Tennessee
leevite0126 GOLD, Spring Hill, Tennessee
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The snow falls gently to the ground. A soft wind whistles through the trees. Silence has overtaken the outdoors, no cars are honking, no snow plows blowing, no dogs barking. All that can be heard is the fire crackling in the fireplace as I sit in the windowseat. I bring my warm cappuccinco mug to my lips, gaze outside, and wonder if you think about me. Does my smile invade your thoughts like yours does to mine? Does my laughter ring in your ears? Do you imagine what I'm doing right now? My fingers tighten the blanket around my shoulders, if only your arms were around me instead. I watch as the wind briefly drifts the snow across the road. If you were here, would we play in the snow together? Would we have sled races? A snowman building competition? After our energy was spent and our cheeks rosy, would we come inside for hot chocolate by the fireplace? I sigh, letting my thoughts wander even further. Are all my thoughts in vain? Are you so busy that I haven't crossed your mind once? Am I perpetually in the cursed friendzone? Or is there hope? In some distant time, will things change? I'll wait if I have to---Suddenly, a knock at the door interrupts my wonderings. I rise, setting my blanket and mug on the oak coffee table. Curiously I open the door, wondering who could be here at this hour. My face immediately grows warm with pleasure. It's you. You're here. I gasp as I notice what's behind you. My tree is wrapped in Christmas lights, glowing like a beacon in the night. Tinsel reflects the light, causing the snow to dance and sparkle. Written in the snow were the words I've been longing, wishing for: Will you go out with me? I turn back to you; you're looking at me with such hopefulness all I can do is throw my arms around you. I smile to myself, you thought of me.


The snow falls even harder as I load the boxes into the trunk of my car. I double check to make sure I have everything before I shut the lid. This has to be perfect. I hear the timer in the kitchen announcing the coffee is ready. I dash back into the house, not wanting to waste time. As I'm pouring it into my thermos, I notice how badly my hands are shaking. Calm down, just breathe. She'll like this, right? I can picture her smiling as she says yes...Oh God, her smile...The image gives me enough courage to drive over to her place. It's getting darker by the moment. Brilliant, the lights will show up wonderfully. Nighttime was a good idea..right? Oh crap, should I have done it in the morning? Maybe gotten breakfast, and then ask her? Write the words in bacon? And what if she's in bed already? I don't want to embarass her if she's in pajamas. Or what if she's not even home? God, I'm such an idiot for not planning this better. I should just turn around. Just then, her smile pops back in my head. Her laugh. No, I can't miss out on this girl. I pull into her driveway, praying she's home. I open the trunk, cringing as it squeaks. It's so deadly quiet out here, I hope she didn't hear that. I take a minute to decide on the perfect tree, then carefully string the lights and tinsel, using my extension cord to power it up. I pick up a fallen branch, and use it as a makeshift pencil to write the words in the snow. My anticipation is growing by the second. What if she says no? How will I come back from this? How could I bear the God-awful "just friends" speech? Oh well, too late now. I climb the stairs to her front porch, and knock on the door. Here it is. The moment of truth. The door swings open. Her eyes light up. She looks at me, past me, and back at me again. I can't seem to form the words to speak. Does she like it? I tried to make it perfect...Before I realize what she's doing, her arms are wrapped around me. I hold her tightly back. Softly, but confidently, she whispers, "Yes."

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it's always interesting to see a situation like this from both points of view...feel free to leave comments!

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