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Seemingly Honest Eyes

July 28, 2012
By Annmarie11_12_13 ELITE, Paramus, New Jersey
Annmarie11_12_13 ELITE, Paramus, New Jersey
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I always hated the players. I could always tell who they were. It was the eyes that gave them away. The guys with the honest eyes would never have the heart to destroy someone the way a player does. But the eyes of a player, oh, those eyes have a glimmer of evil in them. There is no care, no love. There is nothing good in them, only lust. The only thing a player’s eyes might lock on would be a pretty aspect of a girl they wanted to take into bed with them. Horny teenagers, that’s all they were. Horny teenagers that couldn’t control even the slightest of urges.

I’m not perfect. I admit to checking out guys from afar, fantasizing just a bit. But I promised myself I would never let it get too far. I never made it so obvious as to raise suspicion of anyone around me. I swore I’d never hurt anyone like that. I was one of the people with honest eyes, and I wanted to keep it that way.

I found out a long time ago I was an exceptional liar. I never took great advantage of it, just used my ability every now and again to get out of the occasional trouble I got myself into. Sometimes I even just wanted to check if I still had the power to fool just about anyone with my seemingly honest and perfect eyes.

It was only when I was dangerously close to rock bottom when I decided to use my lying ability just like I saw all the players do. I wanted to attract one person, just so I could know I could. I wanted to know I was just a bit attractive, to just one person. I promised it would only be one time, and I wouldn’t let it get too far. Before now, I always knew when to cut and run before anything got too out of hand. It kept me and anyone else involved out of unnecessary trouble.

It was so harmless. Simple, meaningless flirting that never went past a slight touch of the arm every so often. I wasn’t like those horny teenagers. I was in control of myself and my actions, unlike my peers. Although we did have one thing in common. We all took pride in the fact that our simple attempts at flirting worked so well.

When I realized just what I was capable of doing to a person, I knew I couldn’t stop with just one. I had to try more people, see if I had the same effect on them as well. I was psyched to find out that I did. I still thought I managed to pull out before it got too far.

But I had forgotten that love works differently than any other emotion. I had forgotten that I while I could just cut and leave without a second thought, I still had a lasting effects on those that I had left behind. I didn’t think I would be followed when I just left their lives like nothing had ever happened. I thought that I hadn’t made as much of a dent as I really did. By the time I realized what I had done, the damage had been too great to undo. I had destroyed these people without even realizing it, and they would never be able to heal from that, not completely.

I was no better than any of those players I had formerly hated so much. They were just like me.
They figured out what they could do and they did it. Temptation was too great, for them, for me, and for all the other players of this world. I pity those who come in contact with us, tricked into trusting us by our seemingly honest eyes. While I might be the only one that is truly sorry, that isn’t good enough to fix everything.

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