I'll Get You Back, I Promise (Part 2)

May 9, 2012
By BrickByBoringBrick64 SILVER, San Francisco, California
BrickByBoringBrick64 SILVER, San Francisco, California
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"You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
-Dr. Seuss

“You have to understand Miranda!” Eric pleaded.

He was holding onto my hands tightly and was looking me straight in the eyes. I wanted so badly to kiss him. To feel his soft lips against mine. To breath in his natural mint aroma. To just have his arms around my waist, I’d be safe forever. But I had to overcome the urges. Anyways, he obviously wanted someone else since I caught him lip locking with some bimbo-headed Barbie. Doing so, he declared himself as an ungrateful boyfriend and a cheater. I tugged my hands away from him and balled them up to keep from jumping into his arms. I took a deep breath - not wanting to say what I was about to - and said, “No, Eric. You have to understand. I trusted you. I thought you loved me as much as I loved you. We were something special. . . something extraordinary. But now, after you did this, it’s like we’re nothing. You hurt me, badly. You might not have meant it, but the damage was done. We’re over!”

I turned on my heels and sprinted down the hallways of Limchester High School, not even thinking about Eric’s reaction towards our break up. The thought of him standing there heart broken was excruciating. Those pleading eyes would’ve made me think twice about breaking up with him. So, I can’t turn back around to see him. The decision was final and I was committed to keep Eric out of my life. I would reject him if he showed up at my front door with a single red rose and a heart shaped box of chocolates saying sorry. I would reject him if he posted a banner across the school’s bulletin that read “Miranda, I truly love you and only you. Please take me back”. I’d even reject him if he broadcasted his apology over the intercom in the principal’s office. Maybe it was harsh, but have you ever had the guy you desirably loved cheat on you? Therefore, my commitment was as solid as a rock. But the question that tugged underneath my skin was: Was Eric already apart of my life?


This wasn’t happening to me. She couldn’t do this, or could she? Of course she could! God, what have I done?! Miranda was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Now, she’s running down the hall crying her eyes out. It’s all because of me. The monstrous thing I did. I mean, I didn’t want to do it. It was like an animal ransacked my whole body and made me do it. It wasn’t like I planned to cheat on my girlfriend. It just kinda happened. . . ? D*mnit! Why did that broad Cynthia have to hit on me anyways? I was just a regular guy going about my business and her comes the wicked witch. Man, this sucks. Miranda was the special part of my day. She was like the sun on a rainy day. Like the cotton candy to the carnival. Like the heartbeat to my heart. Miranda was the most important thing I’ve ever had to cherish. Without her, then it’s like I’m nothing to everyone.

Miranda will never forgive me. No matter what I do or say. I broke her promise to be a trustworthy boyfriend so she wouldn’t ever have to worry about me cheating. She must hate me. I know she hates me , because I hate me. I hate me for doing this to her. I hate me for wearing itchy underwear today. I hate me for just standing in the middle of the hallway looking like an idiot. Oh man, was that the bell? Great, now I hate me for being late to P.E. And now I had to face Mr. Hillicky who was the biggest lecturer I’ve ever met. He could lecture you about anything, having your shoes untied when running to Africa’s shortage of food. Let’s not forget facing my friends and telling them that Miranda dumped me. Their laughter at me - not with me, AT me - was gonna make me go completely red from embarrassment. But, hey, no big right? Yeah, right.


Why do I feel so. . . so. . . lifeless? Is it because, I just broke up with the boy of my dreams or is it because the stupid bell just rang? Ugh, I’m gonna have to face my friends, too. This is just perfect! Everything feels ruined and it’s all because of bobble head Cynthia! That snob just went ahead and kissed my love of my life without the decency of informing me. You know, how girls usually go up to you and tell you that your boyfriend will be hers sooner or later? Maybe that’s just in John Tucker Must Die but, hey, it’s reasonable. You just don’t go up to an already taken guy and kiss him!? How rude!

My mind is still on this thought as I walk to Algebra 3-4. My hand is dragging along the lockers making this noise that causes a usual drop out to look up from where they’re sitting. I make an ‘I’m really, really sorry about that. . . I have a clumsy hand’ expression and distract myself from the deathly glare by looking out the window towards the field. A bunch of sweaty guys messing with the too good, popular girls. Mr. Hillicky’s bald head reflecting sun rays. Eric lip locking with Cynthia. Some kids sitting on -

Oh God, please don’t tell me it’s true. I look back a few glances to discover that my hopes dissolved into pure dust. Eric is kissing Cynthia, again. It was only thirty minutes ago that I dumped him. Was he so desperate to just move on so fast? Was he relieved that I wasn’t his girlfriend anymore? Did he even. . . love me? Obviously not, since he’s openly making out with that snob!

The feelings I had just yesterday afternoon were back again. This time though, I could hear my heart blow into a billion pieces. Tears rushed to my eyes like they were waiting to be released for hours. As I neared closer to the window, I became more visible of my reflection. I looked like a bad hair day photo. What made it worst to see myself was the expression I had on. It wasn’t heartbroken or devastated. It was more like an ease. Yeah, I was finally at ease.


All my hard work of trying to dodge the wicked witch was no use. Cynthia finally caught up to me when I was telling my friends about the break up. The worst part? She overheard me so as soon as I spoke my last word, she pounced on me. It was like an innocent baby elk being preyed on by a hungry, mutated lion while dozens of kids watched in terror. I had no chance what so ever to run or hide. So what did I do? I stood there, like an idiot, looking at my friends who had moved slowly away to give Cynthia and me some time. I would have loved to drag the three of them back to where I stood and let them stand as a shield for me but, that wasn’t going to happen. Just like Cynthia getting a chance to date me. NOT going to happen.

“Hey, Eric! Haven’t seen your sexy self in awhile. Awhile is a little too long for me,” she said this in a low, seductive voice which kind of scared me more than I was already.

“Oh, is that right, Cynthia? Well, sorry. I’ve just been kinda busy with Miranda and all,” I couldn’t stop my voice from quivering when I said her name. Miranda. It was easier to say it in your head then out loud. At this very moment, I realized how much I hated not being with Miranda. This feeling washed over me that wasn’t really comfortable. Was it regret from cheating on Miranda or was it the way I know for a fact that Miranda hates my guts? Maybe it was Cynthia’s husky breathing that skimmed my invincible neck. that was making my spine shudder.

“Oh. Well, I heard you and her broke up or something like that. Is it true, babe?” Babe?! Oh yeah, right! I wouldn’t be your babe in a million life years. I’d stick my head in a filthy toilet before I would ever be called your ‘babe’.

“Umm. . . yeah? We’re kinda. . . taking a break? I guess, to you know, figure out some things.” I tried my best to move away from her. But I was in some kind of physical shock. Like those type of situations where you’re so scared that you can’t move any inch of your body? Yeah, I was in one of those dilemmas.

Before I even realized what the crazy girl was doing, I was too late. Her lips were curled back over her teeth and she did sort of a luring growl. My arms went to break apart what was about to happen. I guess she thought I was pulling her towards me because, she came quicker and I couldn’t ignore what happened next. Even though it was a great tragedy, I couldn’t stop it.

Cynthia’s lips were pressed against my vulnerable ones and her fingers entangled themselves into my hair. I could feel her sleek body against me and I felt vomit rising in my throat. My friends, like the idiots they are, chanted the kiss on which got Cynthia pumped up more than she already was. The jocks and popular girls whistled and shouted out things that were highly disgusting. As for me, I stood there. I was stuck in the moment like always. This wasn’t the best time of my life and I wanted to show people that. I would think my pain filled eyes would have given it away but, I guess not. In the midst of this catastrophe, I spotted Miranda looking out towards me from the school’s main hallway. I could see her eyes trickle with the last of her tears. I could hear my heart leaping out of my chest, leaving me heartless.

The author's comments:
This is part two!! :) I think i did okayy writing this but I need feedback! Soo please comment on what your feelings are about this story. Also, read some of my other stuff :D

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