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The Note

November 19, 2011
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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Micheal arrived to class on Monday morning,his eyes dull with tiredness. "Take a seat Micheal," instructed Mrs.Franklin.He grumbled as he shuffled to get to his desk.One of the guys he past tried to trip him.He saw it fast enough to avoid it sending a teasing smirk at the teen.

Once he got to his desk he noticed something unusual.There lye a small sugar cookie.He looked around wondering if it was for him or who might have put it there.He sat cautiously at his desk. "I wonder who put that cookie on your desk!" his best friend Tommy whispered excitedly.Micheal looked at him with squinted eyes. "OK,the joke's up," he said suspiciously.Tommy looked at him with wide unblinking eyes. "It wasn't me,I swear!" he said looking wildly at him.

Micheal looked around the room for anybody else staring at him.He caught no one else's gaze.With hesitation Micheal took a bite out of the soft cookie.He couldn't help but mumble about how delicious it was.Tommy glared at him,jealousy and annoyance burning inside him. "Hey cut that out!," he whispered angrily.Micheal finished the cookie in a few swift swift bites. "Quit what?" he teased licking his lips. Once class was over the two entered the hallway.

"Not cool man," Tommy said with a sigh." Sorry," Micheal said apologetically.Tommy patted his shoulder. "Just stop being a jerk OK?" he said teasingly.Micheal chuckled as he threw his stuff into his locker.Locking his locker once again he headed out to the courtyard. "Hurry up Tommy!" he called behind him heading for the parent pick-up. "Coming!" came the reply as Tommy raced toward him.A blue Motorola pulled up beside them. "Hurry up!We have to get home before Spot chews up all the furniture!" Micheal's mother yelled.The two boys jumped into the back seat laughing as she began to drive them home.

"So how were your days?" she asked. "Well,Micheal found a-" Tommy was cut off by Micheal. "It was great!" Micheal said quickly ending the conversation.They arrived at Tommy's house. "Thanks Mrs.G!" he called. "Your welcome!" she called out the window.The rest of the night was silent.Nothing unusual happened.

The next few days at school he found another cookie on his desk.Yet Thursday was different,instead of a normal sugar cookie he found a heart shaped cookie covered in red sprinkles.Beside it lay a note. As he chewed on the cookie he read it.
-Dear Micheal,
I know that you have been wondering about those cookies.Well,they were for you.I sent them to you,all of them were home made.I really like you.And you may not know who wrote you this but I am one of your friends who has been crushing on you.Well I guess I am asking do you love me?Or do you just want to be my friend?And if you do then don't be afraid to take me by the hand.I guess this is how love goes.Check yes or no.


Micheal's jaw dropped as he finished reading it.He was shocked and confused.How would he know what girl it was?He decided to write back.Tommy stared in confusion. "What are you doing?" he asked as he watched him. "Oh,um nothing,"Micheal stuttered.He quickly finished the letter.

He left it on his desk hoping she would find it tomorrow.It read:
-Dear Anonymous,

I want to see you in person before I can check yes or no.I won't judge you for your looks but I will judge you on the size of your heart.I want you to be a good friend.



The next morning Micheal and Tommy walked into the hallway together. "So what did that note say?" Tommy prompted looking excited. "Nothing at all," Micheal grumbled in annoyance.They entered class late.Luckily Mrs.Franklin hadn't noticed their arrival.As Micheal approached his desk he spotted her. "Hi Micheal!" she said excitedly. "Lilly?Are you the one who wrote the notes?" he said in surprise.Lilly's eyes dimmed with sadness. "Yes," she whispered apologetically. "You're beautiful!" he gasped.Lilly's bright blue eyes began to tear up as she looked away.

"What's wrong?" Micheal asked. "You're lying to me," she whimpered. "No I'm not!I meant it!" he said hugging her.She looked at him and whispered," Check yes or no," Micheal pulled away far enough to see her peach colored face and her dirty blonde hair that covered her right eye.He held her hand and pushed the bangs out of her eyes. "Yes," he replied kissing her cheek. Tommy gasped and shouted," Lilly and Micheal are dating!"

The author's comments:
I wanted to make a cute love story!

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