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I Can Only Have One..

November 11, 2011
By SocialPariah GOLD, Laurel, Maryland
SocialPariah GOLD, Laurel, Maryland
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‘James, honey what did you just say to me?’ Wanda arched her newly waxed eyebrows and pointed her icy blue eyes towards me. My Adams apple felt stuck in my throat and I felt the saliva in my mouth begin to go dry. She’d asked me a simple question. ‘It’s eleven at night, what took you so long to get home?’ And I quickly and absentmindedly replied with a ‘That’s none of your business.’ It was too late and the words had already spilled out my mouth. Wanda’s facial expression was fierce and…scary. I was afraid of my own wife. We stared at each other a few moments longer and then I tried my best to slip in a charming apology.

‘Baby I was out on errands. I had to take a couple of my work suits to the laundry mat…that’s all.’ I could see her relax a little, but I could tell she was still tense. Her black curls were clinging to her moist face, and she had her hands placed on her hips to support the weight of her growing belly. ‘Well, dinner’s in the oven and I’m tired. Goodnight.’ And she slowly shuffled her way to the steps. I rushed over and tried to assist her on her way up the stairs, but she gently pushed me away. “I can do it on my own.” She demanded in a soft but stubborn voice. And I watched worriedly, as she struggled but managed to get to the second floor.

A plague of guilt rolled over me as I slumped down on the sofa and thought about what I had really been doing this evening...

Her name was Melissa, and she was gorgeous. Her face radiated with beauty, and attached to her perfectly round head, long extravagant golden curls. They flowed all the way down her perfect back and ended at her tiny waist. The day we first met was the best day of my life. We went to lunch together and told each other stories of our lives. And she would crack hilarious jokes that made me laugh hysterically. At first, I felt terrible that I was even interacting with this woman, when I had a faithful wife waiting for me at home. But overtime I realized I loved Melissa, I loved everything about her. Her body, her personality, and the way she would speak with such confidence. I loved how she would give herself away to me every night without hesitating. She trusted me, and she loved me too. She spoke of how she dreamed of us raising a family together and I would end up dreaming too.

But Wanda loved me with all her heart. I knew she did, and I loved her too. That’s why I married her, because she was the love of my life. But sometimes love grows old and the sparks of our love never heated the way they did before. But whenever I stared at Wanda, that same sparkle still rested in her eyes. She still loved me, unconditionally. And when she told me she was pregnant, my heart sank. She was so happy and joyful. But inside I knew that soon her joy would fade, and the sparkle in her blue eyes would turn into tears…

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