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Knives & Roses episode 2

October 22, 2011
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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She ducked and the pocket knife caught her forehead.Violet gasped in pain as the blood dripped down her face." I said get away from me!"she said sharply.Darrin grabbed her again." And I said no," he snickered.She tried to pull away once again but his grip was tight." You're hurting me!Let go!" she pleaded.

As the two were fighting a girl saw them and noticed the blood coming from violet's cut." Hey!" she screamed at Darrin." Leave her alone!" Darrin turned to see her running at him." Look violet,there's your hero." Violet felt no relief in seeing the young girl.She looked back into Darrin's eyes and saw a hint of anger.He let her go and challenged the girl." You really think you can help her?" he sneered.The look in the stranger's eye was the look of determination.

She had finally made it toward them.Violet watched in shock as the girl looked into his eyes with such fierceness it sent a shiver down her spine." I am pretty sure I can!" the girl huffed as she kicked him between his legs.He fell to the floor with a big groan." Let's get out of here!" the girl urged as she grabbed Violet's arm.Darrin stood up and shook his head before he noticed the two girls running." Oh no you don't!" he called after them, he began to chase after them." What's your name?" Violet breathed as they kept running." April," she panted as she looked at her.

Suddenly Violet tripped and fell to the floor with a thud.April gasped in horror as Darrin was approaching." Come on!Get up!Hurry!" April freaked.It was to late.Darrin was there beside Violet,he kicked her to the floor again and then turned to April." You're gonna pay!" He yelled furiously as he aimed a blow at her arm,the blade from the pocket knife sliced her.She yelped in pain.

He aimed again but this time Violet was on her feet and grabbed his arm." Leave her alone!Just go back home!" she hissed in his ear." You know I won't leave unless you come with me,so just do this girl a favor and get in the car." he growled.

Without warning April slugged him in the face." I won't let her!" she said boldly.April saw her best friend Jessica running toward them." What's going on!" she demanded as she saw her friend's arm bleeding.

"This psychotic person was after this girl," April said motioning for Violet to come over." Oh my god!" Jessica exclaimed seeing the blood on Violet." Not another one," Darrin groaned getting to his feet again.His eyes sparkled with ferociousness.He slammed into April knocking her to the ground and then did the same to Jessica.As the two girls were picking them selves up off the ground he picked up Violet and threw her over his shoulder."Let me go!"she squirmed but he didn't release her.Instead he began to run for the car.The two girls ran after him in an attempt to stop him but it was too late!He had reached his car and had thrown Violet in.She struggled to get free but she was too weak from the blood loss.Her vision blurred as he slammed the car door." You're too late,go home!" he demanded.Jessica rushed at him and tackle him." You good for nothing-" before she could finish she heard yelling from across the street.It was Seth!How did he know to come here?He lived all the way on the other side of the town!

Seth rushed toward Darrin's car to retreave Violet." It's locked!" April told him as he tried to open the car door.He looked through the window at Violet,her condition was worse then he had expected.He tapped hard on the glass." Violet!" he called."Unlock the car!" Violet forced her eyes open." Seth?" she moaned.She used the last bit of strength she had to unlock the car.

Meanwhile Darrin had been beating Jessica.Her cheek was swollen and bruised.That was when Seth's brothers showed up." Hey!You shouldn't hit girls!" one of them teased.Darrin turned in shock." Who are you?!" "I'm Chris and I am not going to let you hit Jessica like that!" He said as he rushed at Darrin pinning him to the wall.Darrin glared at him in hatred as he kicked him off." None of you are stronger than me!" Darrin chuckled as Seth carried Violet over to his car." Drop her!" Darrin screamed and rushed over but as he was half way there a motorcycle rushed by and stopped right in front of him...

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