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Love Is Blind

October 4, 2011
By savetheworld BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
savetheworld BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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It’s late at night, for some reason you can’t fall asleep, you just keep looking at the ceiling. Bored, you get out of bed deciding you should do something with your time. You go to your desk and turn on your computer, after several visits to different websites you give up on technology and opt for a classic, delicious, safe book. You go to your shelf and grab your favorite one, you take it to bed with you, you turn on your lamp and start reading.
You don’t know how, but when you are conscious again the sun is shining brightly through your window, you get off your bed and go in the shower to start a new day. You get to school to find the same old people from the same old days. You take a deep breath and try to stay positive. People walk by and say hi to you, they make small talk but all you hear are mumbles, so you just nod.
When you get to your first class you start wondering how everyone can act normally when everything is so wrong. How can they live with such prejudices? How can they live in such an unreal world? How can they believe everything is black or white? How can they live without knowing that we’re all humans, we’re all the same?
When the last bell rings, you rush out, you trot straight to the front door, you don’t stop by your locker even though you know you have to, you don’t stop and plan your semester project even though you know its due next week; you just want to see him, his face, his eyes, as soon as possible.
When you walk out of your school, you instantly see his car parked, it stands out from the other sophisticated and expensive cars on the parking lot; seeing you, he instantly gets off of it and goes around the car to open your door, he waits there until you reach him.
As you are walking towards him, each step with more enthusiasm, you can’t help to smile at his sight, his perfect arms waiting to wrap around you, his eyes shining as they’re looking at you.
When you reach him, you hug him and he lifts your chin to kiss you gently on the lips, you couldn’t be happier; you look into his eyes, you see love and you feel complete, then, as your eyes readjust, you see yourself reflected on his eyes, you see your blonde sparkling hair and the truest smile on your face. You feel the gazes of the people on your back, but you don’t care, you’re on his arms, the greatest place on earth, and he doesn’t care either.
He gets on his side of the car and drives you home, once there, he doesn’t get out of the car, he just takes your head between his hands and kisses your forehead, then taking his time, he kisses your nose, then he turns your head slowly to the right to kiss your cheek, he smiles at you, you blush, he then turns your head to the left and kisses your cheek, he looks deep into your eyes as you smile at him, and finally he kisses you on the lips, soft, longing and perfect. You savor each second, he lets go of your head and smiles satisfied.
You watch confused from your front door as he suddenly gets out of the car and hurries to you, as he is running towards you, you are thinking you don’t know what he is thinking, then you see his sparkling eyes and know what he is going to do. Before you even have a chance to take a breath, his lips are touching yours hungrily, he steps a little away, smiles and says he needed to do that, you laugh and say you needed it to.
He starts walking away and you stay by your front door, still tasting his kiss and admiring him as he walks further, you admire how his white shirt makes perfect contrast with his hair and skin, you admire how he walks lazily but perfectly, you admire the sun shining above him, making him look like an angel. You smile and walk inside.
Going up the stairs you think, why can’t everybody understand that there are no boundaries in love? Why can’t everybody understand that love does not care about our skin color, ethnicity or religion? Then as you reach your room, you are grateful that you are part of the few people who understands this.
Once again, it’s late at night and you can’t sleep, but this time, you know the reason, you can’t sleep because all you can think about are those beautiful hazel eyes that came into your life to make everything brighter and to prove to the world that love is blind.

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Savetheworld said...
on Oct. 15 2011 at 12:25 am
Thanks for your comment! It was inspired by a friend and her boyfriend and i really wish that too

Savetheworld said...
on Oct. 15 2011 at 12:22 am
Thanks for your comment! It was inspired by a friend and her boyfriend and i really wish that too

on Oct. 14 2011 at 11:39 pm
Christina... SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
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"Real love doesn't have an happy ending; it surpasses eternity."♥♥♥

"I'm in love with being in love."

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together becomes reality."

"I'm not lost, just undiscovered"

is this about you dating a black guy??? amazing story , trly beautiful... i wish more people felt like you