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Letters From G

September 24, 2011
By DirectingGabs GOLD, Texas, Texas
DirectingGabs GOLD, Texas, Texas
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\"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.\"

There's something that I want, but can't have. Because it'someone else's. I guess, that's the funny thing about life. Just to humor themselves, the Stars, take things away from us just to watch us squirm, to yearn, to lust. But no further action passes us besides imagination of what COULD happen.
And I feel stupid. You left me to another land. And then the inevitable happened... you returned. I was ecstatic. Then, you were mine, nothing could compete to my feeling of contentedness. But, like every story book, ours ended and I lost you like paper in the wind- gone, out of reach. The thing was, I didn't want to let you go, but I had to. Like an instinct. You didn't understand and I didn't expect you too. Some things just can't be written down in sulking words.
Now, here I am, confessing this to you. And hoping and praying that you don't feel deceived by me.
You don't. You understand and seem happy. But... There's something in your eyes, your hiding something.
Then you release thoughts.
And it crushed me, like fallen leaves on pavement. Like I could actually hear the flinching of my own heart as it fell to our feet.
Your seeing her. Since Friday you said.
Shouldn't I be happy? Shouldn't I be glad that your finally moving on? You aren't stuck on the past like I am?
But, jealousy is a green monster. And it's hard to let it go. Sometimes it can't be released like paper in the wind.
So I conclude this letter with hope of the best for you.
Forever love,

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