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How'd This Happen?

August 29, 2011
By StormyLove SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
StormyLove SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
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Cissy was asking her best friend Trix random questions when she was spending the night at Trix's house.
"Do you think it is possible to love someone and forget their name? And if so, then how?"
Trix thought about her answer for a moment, and then gave her answer, "Yes, it is possible, because when they win your heart by treating you nicely, telling you sweet words even when you can't see each other, you can still imagine being in their arms at night or on a date with them and enjoy the moment while it lasts… though we all know that I am just so gullible about everything." she smiled a half smile.
"So this has happened to you before?"
"Yes… it has." said Trix, "But then one day… it all fell apart because well, he never told me his name though he said he did… he never did... or atleast I don't remember if he ever did." She had tears in her eyes but she held them in.
"Is this why you have been so distant lately?"
"Yeah, because I loved him… a lot… oh Cissy I never told you because I didn't want you to laugh at me' and tell me' that it was all a joke like every one else does because of all the things I don't mean to say that come out wrong, or the things that I do that don't look right, I mean look at me! I'm a walking, talking mess!" her tears started streaming then. "John would have never loved me for that probably."
"Trix! Never say that you fool! I love all of you quirks, and he would have… wait… you said John! His name is John isn't it? Well either was he would have loved you for…"
"Ohmygosh I remembered his name!"
"Yes, ignore what the helpful friend has to say."
They both laughed at Cissy for they would always be inseparable as friends.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Now, Trix and Cissy where alone in the house while Trix's patents where out on a date night, and no one knew that they where home alone, or was supposed to come over. Trix's parents would have used the spare key if they lost the main key, or they would call them. "I got it!" Trix yelled. This was a trick she learned a while back to make people think that you are not alone in the house. And when she opened the door she was surprised.
"You remembered…"
"John you came!"
"I couldn't say away lovey."

The author's comments:
I had been interviewing my friend, and she was telling me her story, similar to what happens in this. Now they are engaged and this is how I recreated their story, and they loved it.

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