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Letters to a Lost Cause

August 2, 2011
By KelcyLynn GOLD, Columbus, Georgia
KelcyLynn GOLD, Columbus, Georgia
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Dear Lost Cause,

The sun was just rising as we both sat on the rocks by the cool summer water. You were telling me all about the plans of your future. I found it funny that what you want and what I want cross paths so many times. From the first day we met I knew that you were an extraordinary person. The way you speak to me or even the way you move around me captivates my heart.

You knew that wouldn’t last though, right? It ended as quickly as it had started. Did you plan it like that; come in and sweep me off my feet onto your white horses and then once we were on the road you pushed me off to look over my wounds, wondering why. Why did you go? Why did it have to end? I guess that I am just another one that you can say that fell in love with you and you broke her heart.

How many girls have you played in your hand like you did me? Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m speaking of. How many other girls have you acted as you cared for them, pulled them real close; made them feel as you were their one and only but then you leave.

I find it funny that you don’t care for me anymore or the time that we had spent together. You don’t care that I went against my friends because I believed in you. They were right about you. All you are and ever will be is a heartbreaking jerk.
Heartbroken Girl

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