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Sea Glass: Chapter 3

June 3, 2011
By emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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Chapter 3:
“Hail The Conquering Hero!”

On Friday we all headed to the airport. I put on some jeans and a t-shirt. Then I grabbed a sweatshirt remembering the lesson I learned the hard way when we sent Vanessa off to Greece. The airport can get cold!

We reached the airport thirty minutes later. We found Vanessa and she gave us each a hug, picking Amy up and twirling her around. We all laughed at that.

Then we all squeezed into the car, the moms in front and Vanessa, Peter, Amy, and I squeezed into the back. Amy ended up on Peter’s lap. We all laughed because we thought she would squirm and try to get to Vanessa or me but instead she settled in and quickly, and silently, fell asleep.

“Looks like she needs naps after all.” My mom said smiling. I nodded and Vanessa laughed with her hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t wake her up. It wouldn’t matter, Amy was a sound sleeper. Once she was asleep she was out.


We dropped Peter off on our way home and stopped so Vanessa could drop off her suitcase and her mom could get some rest. ‘You tire me out in a car ride.’ She told us. We all laughed then stopped suddenly when Amy squirmed. She opened her eyes for a second then drifted back to sleep. We all took a deep breath when we got home. My dad came out and took her upstairs and my mom started to make the pineapple upside-down cake so it was fresh.

Vanessa and I sat at the counter and watched her. The sky was now dreary and it was almost raining so it was warm in comfortable in the kitchen. We watched her make while possibly drooling with all the brown sugar smells. We decided to go to Livery’s tomorrow for lunch if it wasn’t raining too badly. We then decided if it was we could borrow my mom’s car and spend most of the day there. The perfect sanctuary.

Soon the cake was done. Vanessa and I stared at it until it was cool. Then the plates and forks came out. You can guess what happened next. My mom laughed at our “kids-in-a-candy-store” look. We just grinned and ate some more.

We decided to hang out and watched old movies like Newsies and Freaky Friday. They both were pretty funny but soon we watched Grown Ups and we were rolling around on the floor. It was awesome to have Vanessa back.


The next morning we drove over to Livery’s when it was pouring. We sat at the counter and drank coffee. Susan came over and talked and soon had to go wait on the flirt. Vanessa enjoyed that.

I guess I should describe the flirt.

He has brown hair that falls almost in his face. The main factor of why girls like him if you know what I mean. He has violet eyes that look very poetic. Double trouble. Susan is the perfect target except for one thing; she is one of the only single girls who can resist him. Vanessa’s another one. I, on the other hand, am not single. Sucks for him.

So this time when she was done getting his order, she was fuming. Then Vanessa went over there. I took a deep breath.

“Uh oh.” I said. Susan nodded. We both knew how ugly this could get.

She started giving him her angry “talk”. Then before she could punch him or cuss him out, Peter walked in the door, soaking wet. It surprised her long enough for the flirt to walk over to Susan. Susan just stare at him shocked. He began to talk. If I hadn’t seen his lips move I wouldn’t have believed it.

“Susan? You don’t recognize me, I know. But you see… I was in your fifth grade class. You were like my best friend. It’s me, Josh Turner.” Susan turned pale.


Fast forward about a minute or two.

“Oh my gosh.” I said. “I remember you.” He looked like he couldn’t quite place me.

“I’m Hailey. I used to help you and Susan with your homework.” Then he remembered me.

“Oh yeah. Sorry just brain freeze.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He turned back to Susan. She took a deep breath.

“I remember you.” His pained face relaxed.

Okay your wondering why she’s so shocked. Let me explain what happened. First though, I must tell you something, Susan had a long crush on Josh Turner.

Cue the movie announcer guy,

“And we will travel back to about five years ago from Livery’s diner and find out why Susan is so shocked…”


It was the next to last day of sixth grade for me, fifth for Susan and Josh. Anyone in his or her right mind could see that Josh liked Susan and I knew Susan felt the same way.

I was on my way to find Vanessa and Susan when I saw Susan and Josh by a tree; I don’t think anyone else could see them. I crept closer to hear what they were saying. Then Susan leaned in to kiss him. Josh began to lean to… Then stopped. He said,

“Suz, I’m sorry. I just, I’m moving. Next week actually. I have to go.” Then he left. Susan looked like she was going to cry. She resembled a bride left at the altar before she could be married.


Cue the announcer guy again,

“And now you know. Josh left right before Susan could kiss him. Now you know…”


So here we were, in Livery’s diner, with Susan’s long lost crush not so lost anymore, who was “the flirt”, by the way, and then I said,

“Vanessa,” I took a deep breath, “You sure brought the excitement back.”

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