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The Summer That Changed Everything (pt.9) The End of The Summer

May 29, 2011
By Tayrodactyl PLATINUM, Palmyra, Indiana
Tayrodactyl PLATINUM, Palmyra, Indiana
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After all of the light had faded from the sky Ben told me he had to go.
“I have to go do something, but I’ll see you right after.” He said.
“Aright.” I replied, though I wasn’t happy that he was going to leave me.

He walked away into the crowd of people. I sighed and went looking for my cousin. She was sitting in the grass and my grandma was sitting in a lawn chair next to her. Kerry looked up at me and then immediately away. I knew she was mad that I had ditched her. She used to do the same thing to me though, so I don’t know why it was such a big deal. I have to say that Kerry, even though she was mad at me, looked great. How had I not noticed that she had lost so much weight?
“I’m sorry Kerry. You know how it is… you run off with guys all the time.” I whispered as I sat next to her.

She didn’t say anything. She just sat staring at the stage as Andy’s band set up. I wasn’t even paying attention to them. I wanted her to forgive me so we could finish the last few days of my summer as the best friends we are.
“Please Kerry! I only have a few days left! I just want to spend it with you and Ben, and Jackson if you want him to tag along.” I half whispered, half yelled.

She turned to me and saw that I was really sorry I had ditched her. She thought about it for a whole second before she gave me a hug.
“Gotcha! I so got you!” She laughed.
“Oh ha ha. Very funny.” I rolled my eyes.
“Now, shut up so I can stare at the hot roadies setting up for the next band.” She said.

I sighed and laid down on the grass. It was a warm, beautiful, perfect night. I didn’t think it could possibly get any better. That is, until I heard the most wonderful voice on the planet introducing the band.
“Hey everyone, we are the Toxic Butterflies. Jake Herman is on drums, Andy Reighly is on bass, and I’m Ben Alverez and I will be playing guitar as well as singing for you tonight.” Ben said.

I sat up quickly. He looked right at me and smiled. My Ben was in Andy’s band. How was this boy so tangled up in my life?
“This first song is for a girl that I absolutely adore. In fact she’s here in the audience now. This one’s for you Taylor.” He smiled.

The music started and I felt Kerry’s eyes on me. I stood and joined the growing crowd of people standing close to the stage. Kerry followed me and as the music went on everyone was drawn to the stage. The song was incredible, and it was for me. Me. One line caught my attention in particular, “I think it could be love.”

Before the song was over someone jumped on stage. Here it is. If you thought that my story didn’t have enough conflict then here it is. Damien jumped on stage and grabbed the microphone from Ben. The music stopped, people stopped jumping, and everything was silent.
“Taylor! This is the jerk you dumped me for? He’s a total loser! He’s not even as cute as me!” Damien shouted into the mic.

There were lots of boos at the last statement. I became enraged. Damien had never seen this side of me, and I was about to shove it in his face.
“You’re kidding me right? He doesn’t talk about me behind my back! He talks to me instead of trying to get in my pants! Hell, he wrote me a song! You wouldn’t even write me a letter when I went back home!” I yelled.

I felt the eyes of everyone in the crowd on me. The beauty of the night was now scarred by Damien. Every happy moment I had ever had since meeting him had been scarred.
“Hey a**hole, why don’t you leave her alone. She has had enough of you. Your not what she wants anymore. Now stop f***ing up our show and get off stage.” Ben ordered, grabbing the mic.

The crowd cheered and Damien was “escorted” off stage by security. Ben winked at me and they started the song right from where they left off. Before I knew what was going on some big guys in the crowd were lifting me up and setting me up on stage. This couldn’t be real. This wasn’t happening, but it was. I was standing on stage with the one guy I had ever been in love with… The song was almost over and as he uttered the last phrase, “And now I think it’s love…” He put up the mic., hugged me, then without warning kissed me. It finally happened. The kiss I had been waiting for. It sent chills down my spine, made me dizzy, and it answered the questions that had been swirling around my head.

There was cheering again, and some awing. He pulled away and smiled. I knew he felt the same as I did. He whispered in my ear, “I love you. I’ll see you after the show.”
“If my grandma doesn’t kill me. I love you too.” I whispered back.

I got off stage and found Kerry, awestruck, in the crowd. She was about to go on about how cute we were, but the next song cut her off. Thank god. I didn’t want to hear her gush. I was already going to have to explain how I knew Ben, how I knew Damien, and why I had kissed someone in front of the entire town.

The author's comments:
The end of the summer! There will be ONE FINAL CHAPTER called: Life After The Summer.
It will explain a few things and hopefully you will enjoy it.

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