June 10, 2011
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Favorite Quote:
If you live in a world that is only given two choice on how you live your life, as a character or a writer, I will choose to become a writer because I want to live my life the way I want it to be

Script on “Summer Vacation”
Scene 1
The phone rings echoed Emily’s room as she was in the shower getting ready to go to the university. Emily was ecstatic as it was the last day of school before the summer vacation starts. As she wrapped herself with her towel, she quickly answered the phone.
Emily; Hello. Who is this? This is Emily R. Roark speaking.
Rose; Hey there. This is Rose, your old high school friend. Do you even remember me Emily?
Emily; Of course. How could I forget my most beloved best friend. What’s on? What’s with this

sudden call?
Rose; The thing is, I want you to come to LA. I want to spend my summer vacation with you. Just for 4 days 3 nights is enough. I’ve contacted your dad and he gave me the green light.
Emily; That was fast. I will gladly join you for the summer. Tomorrow starts the summer vacation. I’ll be there in another couple of days. Where’s the place to meet?
Rose; Hooray! We’ll meet at Renaissance Hotel lobby. I’ll be there waiting for you around 2p.m. Then we’ll have lunch with some of my friends here. All of us will be staying at the hotel. Don’t worry about the expenses; I’ll take care of it. This is going to be my most memorable summer.
Emily; Really! Guess I’m a lucky girl after all. We have a lot of catching up to do. My year has no excitement without you. I cannot wait to meet your new friends. See you then.
Rose; You can definitely place your bet on that one. See you in a couple of days. Au revoir.
Emily; Au revoir.
After talking to the phone. Emily polished herself up to go on her journey to the Malibu University. The teacher only gave one assignment for the summer vacation. As I take the course of literature, professor asked us to create a short story on our experience on the summer vacation. As the bell rang, it marked the end of school.
Shayne; summer is around. Well maybe I’ll just go to the beach and start drinking “Sex on the Beach.” Maybe I’ll just do it literally with my hot boyfriends.
Emily; What a slut aren’t you? Don’t you have self respect, bimbo. I guess anyone who wants to go third stage with you must be crazy or you just pay him to do it.
Shayne; Shut up you! Darn it! I guess you’re a virgin, geek, ugly and lost a screw in your head. Look at yourself. You don’t even have a boy friend. What right you have to say that to me?
Then Shayne pushed me to the sink in the restroom making the water from tap splashes all over my clothes. Shayne left the restroom with her wicked evil laugh. B****!!!!!!!!!
I’ve arrived at LA. The view was astounding as waves hit the long stretch beach. I hitched a cab and asked him to take me to the Renaissance Hotel.
Emily; Hello there. Can you take to the Renaissance Hotel? Can you make it in a jiffy? Since I am in the nick of time on meeting some acquaintance there.
Cab driver; OK miss. Hold on tight back there. Here we go.
The cab driver drives the car so fast that I almost going to hold my breath until I reached my destination.
Cab driver; Hello miss. We’ve arrived. Total payment is $10.70.
Emily; Here you go, thanks for the fast ride, I owe you big time. Farewell.
As I entered the hotel lobby, it was magnificent. Then I heard my name being called out.
Rose; Emily! Emily! Over here! May Miss Emily R. Roark give her attention over here?
All of the people there stare at me. I was so angry and ashamed by Rose calling my name out loud.
Emily; Rose! How could you make me feel so darn embarrassed in front of all these people?
Rose; Don’t bother about it. Let me introduce you my friends and my handsome gentlemen boyfriend. This is Keith Anyon, my boyfriend and this is his friend Alex Ashton. By the way this girl friend here is Gina Jules. Sadly, she will only be here today and tomorrow.
Emily and other character exchange greetings. E.g. nice to meet you. Hope we’ll be good friends.
Emily; I see you have your year quite lucky as it flows the way you like it to be. That is just the opposite of mine. At Mali U, the girls are quite mean and all are like bitches to me.
Alex; Oh! Really! I used to have a girlfriend there. I left her practically the same reason as yours.
Emily; Oh ! Really! I hope you’ll find me quite different than them because I’m not a party girl character at all. I only party when Rose was with me, only if she asked too.
Rose; Enough with the chit-chat. We’ll continue later after check-in to our rooms.
We go to the counters and the concierge gave us our room key. Boys with boys and girls with girls.
Rose; What do you think of Alex? I was actually trying to hook you both up. You two look good together. What do you say about it?
My face blushed so red that I almost looked like a tomato.
Emily; Well he is hot, handsome and all. He is the perfect guy of my dream type. But will he even like me. As he said just now. He just broke with her girlfriend; I wonder what could have been the reason for that to happen?
After unpacking all of our clothes, we go and meet back at the hotel’s lobby. Just before we all do that, we change our clothes which are much fit for a walk and games.
Emily; Wow! Time sure flies fast. It’s already 4p.m. and we still haven’t done anything yet. What’s on our schedule Rose?
Rose; Nothing much. Our schedule for the night is packed. However, for the evening we go for a picnic with other at the beach. This evening is time for all of us to break the ice.
Emily; Oh! Really! By the way what room number the boys stayed in?
Rose; It is 2247. Ours is 2249. Their room is just next to us. Why?
Emily; I just wonder whether they already finish unpacking their stuff. I don’t want to be late again.
Rose; Let me go and check on them. (After 2 minutes). They are ready. Let’s go.
Emily; What about Gina? Is she going to join us?
Rose; Oh! Her! She’ll be waiting at the beach for all of us.
We walked in a group to the beach. Gina was already there preparing the cuisine for us to dine for the picnic.
Emily; That’s nice of you to prepare this picnic for all of us.
Gina; It is nothing. Sit down and help yourself. How is the food?
All compliments the dish. E.g. it was marvellous. It is the best simple dish I’ve ever tasted.
Emily; So Gina, how did you get to be friends with Rose?
Gina; It was during our freshman year. Rose at that time couldn’t stop sneezing. She asked me for tissue and I gave it to her. That is how we start knowing each other and become good friends,
Rose; Emily, you must think of it as joke or something. But it’s the truth you see!
Emily; Hey! Did I say I don’t believe it? (Giggles)
Keith; So Emily, how did you start being friends with Rose? Plus, how is she in her high school year?
Emily; You might just not going to believe it. We become friends because we have the same interest. At high school, there is practically no one else shares our interest. We are crazy about k-pop. It is Korean pop. We are crazy about their song and the dance moves. After school or during sleepover, we dance ourselves up. We become unseperatable since then.
Keith; Really! She never tells me that. She never dance k-pop dance for me. Is it a tough request if I ask you two to dance? I would like to see it.
Emily; It is a-okay for me. It all depends on Rose.
Rose; OMG! It’s embarrassing for me. I’ll do it if y’all promise not to laugh at me or Emily.
(Dance moves from b2st on “breath”)
All say wow! Cheers and all
Keith; No wonder you always rock the dance floor at the club.
Alex; Emily, do you have anybody special in your life?
Emily; (Blushed) Well….. I care about my parents, family and my best friend. As for boyfriend and all that stuff, I haven’t found the right one. Last time I date a guy I think was in high school. His name was Mike Blake. I’m single and available. So Keith, how did you start to date Rose? How did you get connected?
Keith; It was during our freshman year. My college have a friendly match with Rose’s university. She was the manager of the basketball club. She caught my attention then because she is one of a kind for me. I’ve dated girls before, but she gives me the vibes the most. I asked her whether want to be friends or not. We exchange our numbers and 3 weeks later we start to date each other.
Gina; I also want to asked you something Alex. How did you become friends with Keith?
Alex; Frankly, we were enemy at first. Both of us in the basketball team and both of our post is the point guard. So we battle a lot to get the post. However, later I found out I am a good dribbler and a good scorer of 3-points shot. So I became the fast forward and Keith is the point guard. We need to have great chemistry to win the games. Without realizing it, we become good teammates and good friends. Our teamwork is flawless during games.
Rose; Look! The sun is about to set. I guess let’s get back to our room and freshen ourselves up with a relaxing bath. Then, we have dinner at hotel and go to a club to party.
All; It’s a good plan. Let’s go.
We all walked back to the hotel. Our way back was beautifully coloured by the sunset view. We start to get a long pretty well now.
Keith; Let’s gather at the lobby on 8 p.m. and go to dinner together. Then we’ll go to the club on a limo. I’ll prepare it. Just stand and laid back for tonight activities.
Rose; OK! See you then. You guys better not be late. It is rude to let us girls to wait you know.
Alex; Don’t worry. We know the drill. But you girls sure are the one to speak on that about. You girls better not be late as well.
Emily; It’s a deal then. Whose team late will be paying the first drink. Deal?
All; (Cheer) It is a deal.

We girls take turn on taking the baths. In the rooms we all have friendly conversations.
Rose; How do I look? Is my make-up too thick?
Gina; No. It looks fine. What about mine?
Rose; It looks natural.
Emily; Well CK once said that, “We look best looking natural but it takes make-up to look natural”. Rose, can you help me? Can you pass me my toothbrush?
Rose; Here you go. Hurry up Emily. We have another 30 minutes to 8 p.m...
Another 5 minutes to 8 p.m.
Emily; OK! Let’s go. If not we’re going to pay the boys first drink.
Rose; Ajaaa. Move faster will you.
Emily; arasso, ahgashii.
We arrived at the lobby and the boys still not there. It was one minute more to the finishing time as they arrive.
Keith; I guess we take our own sweet time. But we still are not late. However, I’ll pay for the drink girls.
Gina; Hey there you guys. Hurry up and come over here. I’m starving here you know!
Alex; Well that is the first one.
We all sit down at the table and order ourselves some special delicacies there.
Alex; I would like to have a lamb risotto, a lemon crusade salad and tiramisu for dessert.
Keith; Nicely put there. I would like to order the same but change the lamb risotto into gravy chicken chop.
Gina; Guess you guys eating meat there. I would like to have lasagne and caramel pudding for dessert. I also would like a scoop of strawberry ice-cream on it.
Rose; As for me, I would love to eat Panini sandwich, a lettuce wrap cuisine and a blueberry cheesecake.
Waiter; What filling do you want in your lettuce wrap, miss? We have chicken, beef and vegetarian lettuce wrap.
Rose; Ok then. I would like the chicken filling, please.
Waiter; surely, miss.
Emily; Wow! You guys surely know European cuisine. I would like something that is Asian. Do you have any recommendation?
Waiter; Yes, I do. However there is not much of a choice to pick from. We have kebab wrap with pratha bread. We also have rice with curry and “kimchi”. There is also “lontong” and “Soto”. But our specialties are the dessert. We have tapioca with coconut milk, almond slices with rice that cooked in coconut milk and Sago Mountain with syrup.
Emily; I have make my decision. I’ll take kebab wrap with pratha, kimchi and Sago Mountain with syrup.
Waiter; Your food will be served soon. In a meanwhile, please enjoy our red wine and these strawberry dipped with chocolate. It is on the house. (The waiter walked away)
Keith; Sweet! Dear, why you don’t order your favourite dish, the caviar.
Rose; I just found out that caviar have fish egg in it. Since then, I have stop eating eat.
Alex; Really! Thanks for the new info, Rose.
Emily; I never know that you like caviar before Rose. How come?
Rose; It was after our high school year. My mum has some sort of dinner party and I must tag along. There was the first time I taste it and start to love it. But now, I feel that caviar is no longer my cup of tea.
Emily; Oh! Now I get it.
15 minutes later.
Waiter; Sorry for the wait. Please enjoy your meal. Would you like to tab the payment in your hotel’s expenses?
Rose; Please do so. Tab it on room 2247.
Waiter; thank you. I’ll do so.
We enjoy our meal and the taste was scrumptious. We taste one another dishes just to have a taste.
Keith; OK girls. Hop into the limo. I’ll take you to one of the hottest club in LA. I’ve booked a room there for us to karaoke. However, there is a game to it. I’ll tell you there.
Gina; I hope there is no a catch behind it.
Alex; I hope it is not what I’m thinking.
Emily; What exactly are you expecting Alex?
Alex; Guess we’ll just have to wait.
Emily; What a bummer. I thought you would tell me about it. Guess not. Still it doesn’t matter because I love to karaoke. It’s a hobby of my family.
The journey was probably took us 15 minutes. The traffic was not welcoming us.
Keith and Alex; We have arrived ladies. There is no other than the Cat’s Eye Club.
Emily; What is so great about this club?
Rose; the thing that is great about this club is that the people working there is wearing cosplay.
Emily; You mean like maid café in Japan, but only it’s for a club and the costume is not all maid but anime character?
Alex; Yes. But the characters from anime like Bleach and Naruto. Mostly that is a big hit here.
Emily; Now can you tell me what is the thing you’ve guessed about before?
Alex; My gut is telling me we are going to play some fencing here with the cosplayer. That is going to be our ticket in and out. I’m right, aren’t I Keith?
Keith; You’ve ruin the surprise. But yes, you are right.
As we enter the club, the door girl gives us some fake sword to fight the cosplayer. We draw our luck on whom we shall battle with.
Emily; Oh no! I get Ichigo. As followed in the anime, this is going to be a tough one. Is it?
Keith; Sorry, Emily. Their strength rank is the same as in the anime. Guess you going to have a good fight. You better win. If not you are going to be stuck outside.
Alex; I’m fighting Shaoran from tsubasa chronicles. Emily, guess we both have a tough enemy to beat up.
Emily; Hope you don’t lost. Even though I have never fenced before, but I sure love to watch samurai x. That is my wildcard.
Keith fights Chad. Gina will fight against Sakura. Rose will battle against Orihime.
Demonstrate the fight in acting. Let out sounds like ARGGH, YOSH, and IYAA. Here I come. Emily finish first, Alex second, Keith third, Rose fourth and Gina is last place.
Emily; Took you long enough. I was waiting like years for you all.
Alex; How did you managed to win without knowing basic fencing?
Emily; I did say that I’m a fan of Samurai X. Anyway it is like playing baseball only how you handle the bet is different.
Keith; You sure prove us guys wrong on our imagery of your character. We thought you are like feminine and like ladylike stuff. Since you like watching anime, Alex and I love the old classic Slam Dunk.
Emily; Everyone in the world love that anime. I personally like Skip Beat, Special A, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, and Samurai X for sure. I would like to consider myself otaku but I don’t draw manga. By the way that imagery is exactly what I am when I’m in school and places where most people know me.
Rose; Yeah, it is true. Emily have always love K-POP and anime. Her passion starts when she first watches Sailor Moon when she is 10 years old.
Gina; OK. Let’s go for a karaoke. Let’s go.
Keith; The game is not finished yet. Since Rose and Emily loved k-pop songs, I’ve asked the club manager to prepare some mv to sing along with.
Rose; That is sweet of you. (Kiss on the cheek)
Improvise as if you are really karaoke with each other. Drink and have snack. Then leave after having another fencing battle.
Alex; Emily, why you don’t you take any alcohol? Instead you only order the Virgin Mary.
Emily; I have this believe that I won’t take any heavy drink at a club. You can say it is a perspective way thinking of mine. By the way, same goes to you. Who drinks bloody Mary at night? It is an evening drink you know?
Alex; I just like it. It isn’t a problem.
Emily; yeah. It is fine. Can I ask you something?
Alex; What is it?
Emily; why did you break up with your girlfriend?
Alex; If I tell you, you must tell me yours too. Ok?
Emily; Ok!
Alex; My ex-girlfriend is kind of a b**** type. I never really like her. But she is the daughter of my father’s business partner. My relationship with her is just an arranged relationship. However, she takes it seriously. She takes me as her pet and as if she owns me. I hate that type of girl. So I break up with her. The break up was a huge blow for her. She still follows me around sometime. Too clingy I guess.
Emily; Talking about bitches. I have one at Malibu University. She is sometimes so mean. My break up happens because I don’t want to go third base with him. He broke up with me and dated another girl which is the captain of cheerleading team.
Alex; I think you might just be the one.
Emily; What? I didn’t hear you well just now.
Alex; It is nothing. We have arrived. See you at breakfast tomorrow.
Emily; Ok. I wonder what Rose has in stored for us to do tomorrow. See you tomorrow.
We meet up at the lobby and headed to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. It was 10 a.m. when we meet one another. (2nd day)
Keith; I would like a sandwich, foie grass salad and latte.
Emily; I want beans with sausages, a half boiled egg and coffee.
Rose; I want eggs and bacon, an egg tart and coffee as well.
Alex; I want the same as Emily just ordered but make it two half boiled egg.
We eat our breakfast.
Rose; Are you all done with your course? After this we will have a tennis match. It is double play. Let’s change into our sport’s wear and meet up here by 11.30 a.m. and Gina will be the referee. She’ll be here later.
Emily; I don’t bring any sports clothing with me. What to do?
Alex; Don’t worry. I’ll take you to the store. You two go back to the room first. I’ll take Emily shop for her sports-wear. Can we change the time to 12.30p.m., Rose?
Rose; Ok then. Meet back here at 12.30 p.m. then. I’ll inform Gina about the time changes.
Emily; Thank you Rose. You too Alex.
Alex; Don’t thanked me yet. We haven’t made a move yet. Bye you two.
Alex brought Emily to a fancy shop that sells sports-wear.
Shopkeeper; May I help you miss?
Emily; (Whisper). I want to buy a sport outfit from head to toe for tennis. My size is medium or 34. For shoes, the size is 6.
Shopkeeper; I will find you the things you want. (Awhile). Here you go. Would you like to try it in our changing room.
Emily; Sure.(Walk to the changing room)



Alex; Can you write down her size for me?
Shopkeeper; I can’t. I must protect the customer’s privacy.
Alex; You don’t have to worry. She is my girl friend. I want to give her a dress as present. Can you help me?
Shopkeeper; Wow! She is a lucky girl isn’t she. There you go. This is the size for her clothes and shoes.
Alex; Thanks.
Emily; (Walk out from the changing room). It fits me well. I’ll take it.
Shopkeeper; Yes, miss. Total payment is $116.70.
Emily; Cash it to this credit card.
Shopkeeper; Thank you for shopping here. Please do come again.
We walked back to hotel.
Alex; Are comfortable wearing stiletto?
Emily; What’s with this sudden question? I prefer to wear flat shoes than stiletto. Simple high heel is also fine to me.
Alex; So my imagery after knowing you yesterday proves to be right. Usually girls who love wearing stiletto are not my type of girls. It is like an invitation for other guys to hook the girls up.
Emily; Really! That’s not how I see it. Girls sometime wear stiletto as a way to boost their confident.
Alex; That is a new perspective.
We arrived at the hotel and entered each other rooms.
Rose; What happen? Is there anything special happen? For example like he asked you out or something like that.
Emily; What are you talking about? But he did asked something weird. He asked me whether I like wearing stiletto or not.
Rose; Not fun. I don’t understand as well. You have another 30 minutes to prepare yourself for the game. Hurry up. We need to come down 5 minutes earlier.
Emily gets ready and changed to her new sporty clothing. Then we go to the lobby and the other have already arrive there including Gina. We headed to the tennis court.
Keith; Let’s warm ourselves up. Jog around the court for 3 minutes and do the stretching ourselves.
Alex; Emily, you need to warm up a little extra because new shoes always make your feet hurt.
Emily; Ok!
Rose and Keith whisper; when did they get so friendly? Guess my plan worked.
Gina; Players ready. Split into two. First team is Rose and Keith while the second team is Alex and Emily. Take in your position. Roll the racket.
Rose and Keith; Head!
Emily and Alex; Tail!
Gina; Emily’s pair will serve the ball first.
Play tennis.
Gina; Change court.
On the 2nd set.
Alex; I’ll do the return shot.
Emily; you are too far you won’t get there in time. I’ll do it.
She hit the ball and wins the game.
Later on, the game ended. It was 4 p.m. then.
Rose; Well, we did miss our lunch right. Let’s go and eat something.
All; Sure. We are starving.
Rose; After that is free activity for all of us. But after dinner at 8 p.m., come to my room and we’ll have a true or dare game.
Gina; Sorry Rose. I won’t be able to participate any longer. I have say farewell now. See you when the summer vacation ended.
Rose; ok. Bye then.
On our way back from the tennis court to the hotel’s restaurant, something occurred.
Emily; Alex, after eating and taking bath to clean ourselves, can you show me around LA? At first, I want to ask Rose, but she seems like she got something planned with Keith. Can you?
Alex; sure. I can do that for you. Every service has the payment though. The payment is for you to do everything I want you to for a whole day tomorrow.
Emily; I’ll agree as long there won’t be anything bad or a trap that you’ll set me up with.
Alex; No need to worry. I won’t do any harm. Since you are my best friend girl friend’s best friend.
Emily; So you’re implying that if I’m not your best friend girl friend’s best friend, you’ll do something bad?
Alex; That’s not it. But if I somehow hurt you it will do some damage to my friendship.
Emily; the deal is on.
We all eat and freshen ourselves up. Then Alex showed me around LA.
Characters please improvise by yourself on the scene where Alex showed Emily around LA city in a cab.
Alex; This is Quinote Studio. Marilyn Monroe once shoots here. This is the theme park. This theme park, you can say that every day in the summer got a beach bash party. It faced the ocean and you can have a nice view of LA from the Ferris Wheel there. It is one of the things that a couple should do in a date.
Emily; Really! Can we go there?
Alex; Why?
Emily; Don’t get any wrong ideas there buddy. You said it got the best view of LA right. Shouldn’t we at least go there? I would like to see it.
Alex; Well oh well. Surely it is a must do task in a tour around the city. Mr. Parsh, can you take us to the amusement park?
Cab driver; Of course.( Awhile). We have arrived boy.
Alex; Thanks for the ride. How much is the fare?
Cab driver; It’s $18.30.
Alex; Here you go. You can keep the change.
Both Alex and Emily walked to the Ferris Wheel and get onboard.
Emily; Wow! The view is spectacular.
Alex; I did say it to you now. Why don’t we stop at the food stand and grab some food after we finish this ride.
Emily; Sounds good to me. Do they have corndog?
Alex; Have you ever been to an amusement park where there is no corndog food stand? It is this place best food recommendation.
Emily; Cool!
We get out from the Ferris Wheel and buy ourselves some corndogs. We walked along the jetty there.
Emily; Surely it would be nice if I have a beach house here. Don’t you?
Alex; Yes indeed. However Emily, your wish is something that I already have. Sure it is nice. But what is the point on having a cool beach house but no one to share it with. People only come when I throw a party or invited them for some sort of gathering.
Emily; Really! Well, can you take me there? To your beach house I mean.
Alex; Sure. I don’t see a problem. It is within a walking distance. Can you walk to there?
Emily; OK! Let’s go.
Alex; Here we are. Welcome to my crib.
Emily; Wow! Nice one. I’ll ask my dad for a beach house here for my next birthday gift then.
Alex; By the way, about the deal we make just now. You’ll be working for me here tomorrow. I’m going to throw a party tomorrow. You are going to help me with certain thing. Further info on what it is, I’ll tell you later.
Emily; It’s fine. I would like to help you with your party. Aren’t you going to invite Keith and Rose?
Alex; Of course. I’m going to break the news to them at tonight dinner.
Emily; Can you show me around your house? We start going back to the hotel at 7p.m., ok?
Alex; Ok! I’ll show you around my house.
Walk around the school ground.
Emily; You have such a nice place. However, it’s for us to go now.
Alex; Yup. If not we are going to be late and have no time to take our bathes now, aren’t we.
Walked back to the hotel, take our bathes, and go to the lobby and headed for dinner.
Order ourselves up and Alex tells about the party at his beach house tomorrow.
Alex; Guys, I would like to invite you all to my party tomorrow. Would you all like to come?
All; Gladly. We would love to come. When will the party starts?
Alex; It will begin at 3 p.m. until no limit.
All; Ok then.
All finished their dinner and headed to the girl’s room for true or dare game.
Rose; Ok! This will be the game rule. As you can see, there is a circle with 4 sections of different colours. Choose yourselves the colour section you want to sit on. Then we will use a bottle and spin the bottle to choose the person who will answer your question. However, if the top of the bottle point back at you on your turn to ask the question, you need to answer the question yourself. You may choose truth or dare. The dare will be decided by others. You need to tell the question first before spinning the bottle. Ok?
All; Ok!
Emily; The turns to play the game will be followed by our names alphabetically which conclude that Alex will be 1st, me 2nd, Keith 3rd and Rose 4th. Agree? We will play 4 round then.
All; Agree! Let’s begin.
Alex; My question will be, have you ever confess your love and what is their reaction?
Emily; Have you ever kiss a stranger?
Keith; Who would you date, name 3 celeb and 1 guy you know?
Rose; How would you end a relationship?
Alex; When did you first get your first kiss?
Emily; What is the silliest thing you ever do in front of public?
Keith; What rumour have people talked about you which ruin your image?
Rose; Did you get nervous when you go on your first date?
Alex; You’ll kiss the partner on what number of date?
Emily; If break up happens and it is your fault, what exactly is your fault?
Keith; What is your passion?
Rose; What part of human body makes you turn on?
Alex; What are the characteristics you would like in your partner?
Emily; Have anybody humiliated you? What is it?
Keith; In what way will you try to boost your popularity?
Rose; If you are kidnapped, what will you do? If the kidnapper asked you to strip yourself, will take your top or bottom off first?
Characters do as the game rule stated. The dare would be;
Do a funny dance
Laugh like a crazy person
Do a catwalk in high heel
Express 5 emotion in facial reaction
Drink a 0.5 litre of mineral water in one shot.
Rose; We won’t have any activities for tomorrow except to go to Alex’s party. It is free activities for everyone.
All; Ok!
After 4 rounds of true or dare game, all character went into their own rooms and go to sleep.
It is 8.30 a.m. when Emily’s door is being knock the hell out. Emily got up at open the door in her PJ.
Alex; Rise and shine. You are going to help me with the preparation of the party. Before that, we’ll go for a jog. Let’s meet up at the lobby at 9 a.m., Emily.
Emily; Ok!
Emily got herself doll up in her room wearing a t-shirt with a track suit and a pink jacket tied around her waist just in case if it is cold outside. She goes to the lobby to meet up with Alex.
Emily; Did you wait long?
Alex; No. I’ve prepared some sandwiches for us to snack along the way. Here is your towel and bottle. Let’s go.
Emily; Ok. Let’s go.
They jog until they reached Alex’s house and get inside.
Alex; go to this room and take a bath. I have already prepared set of clothing on the bed. Wear it and meet me back here.
Emily did as what she was told to do. After she finishes taking her bath, her old clothes were gone and there were jeans, a blouse with a small vest and a pair of white flat shoes on the bed. She wears it and goes to meet up with Alex.
Alex; Wow! It is a nice fit on you.
Emily; How did you know my size? Is this the reason you asked me whether I like to wear flat or stiletto yesterday?
Alex; Yes. I know your size from the shopkeeper at the shop yesterday. Actually, your job is to pretend that you are my girlfriend.
Emily; What! Why?
Alex; You know that before this I have told you about my clingy ex-girl friend, right. Well, she never actually stopped chasing me all around. I bet she will find out somehow about my party and come here to crash as she usually does. You will act as my girl friend and try to chase her away from me.
Emily; Uuu……………sounds fun. I’ll do it then. So until the party start, we will be trying to learn about each other then. However, can you at least show me a picture of the women I’m going up against.
Alex; Good then. You are absolutely right. As for the picture, here you go.
Emily; You got to be kidding me. Your ex-girl friend is Shayne. I would have never guessed. I don’t know I can pull it off or not because she and I are like enemies at Mali U. However, I would be delighted to do this as this is also some sort of revenge for me too.
Alex; I’m glad you said ok. I have prepared your outfit for this evening party. Let’s learn about each other.
Do some chattering among yourself. The script writer will give you some line example to say.

People start to arrive at Alex’s house. Most of it was his friends and his friend’s partner. Emily and Alex act as a couple and Alex start introducing Emily around as her new girl friend.
Alex; Hey dude. Thank you for coming. Please enjoy yourself. By the way this is my new girl friend. Isn’t she hot?
Friends; Nice catch dude. Where is she from?
Emily; I’ll answer it, Alex. I’m from Malibu. I’m still a sophomore student at Malibu University. Nice to meet you.
Suddenly a girl comes and hugs Alex. It was Shayne.
Shayne; Hey there loser. How come you are here?
Emily; Well, Shayne, Alex is my boy friend now you see. So, can you please get your hands off him.
Shayne; a=AHAHAHA. Alex darling, tell her that she is imagining things.
Alex; Perhaps I should tell you that. I have broke up with long time ago and you just never accept it. By the way, Emily is my girl friend. I don’t think you are invited, so buck off.
Shayne; Alex, how dare you? I’ll tell my dad. How could you put me in this valley of shame?
Emily; Oh really! You are such a kid aren’t you. You act so tough at the U and yet this is your true self. You’re a big whiner and daddy’s girl. Why don’t you try to face your own battle.
Shayne; Fine. It is between you and me. First I want you to kiss Alex with passion in front of this crowd as proof before we battle it out.
Emily; Fine!
Emily grabs Alex and put her hand around him. She kissed Alex and faced Shayne again.
Emily; Satisfied. What kind of battle you want? The bitchiness test?
All laughed so loud.
Shayne; HAHAHA. I don’t care what you’re saying. I’d like fencing. Agree?
Emily; You just don’t know who you are messing with. Either way, fencing it is.
Shayne; let’s go to Alex’s backyard and battle it out there. I’ll beat you, Emily. I’ve been taking fencing for 3 years now.
Emily; Well, I don’t. However I’ll win for sure.
Alex; Are you sure, Emily? She sure has skills you know.
Emily; Kiss me. The irritation from it surely will misguide her focus. You should support and believe in your girl friend more, you know.
Alex kissed Emily. Then the battle begins. The battle lasted for 15 minutes.
Emily; Brace yourself. You’ll face some embarrassing moment starting now.
Shayne; That should have been said towards you. (they fight)
Emily; I told you so. How come an amateur beat a 3 years student of fencing in fencing? Now, can you make your way out of this party. As Alex has just said, you are not invited.
Suddenly Shayne charged forward and try to do some cat fight with me. Thank god Emily like watching action movie. Emily throws Shayne off her balance and she fell down. Shayne stormed her way out of the party.
Friends; Wow! I think you should be careful with this one Alex. She is not the same as the usual type of girl. She is daring. I like her.
Alex; Hold it right there. She is my girl. Her differentness is the thing that makes me like her you know. She knows how to dance the k-pop song dance, watch anime a lot and learn stuff from anime and movies. She is one of a kind.
Friends; yup. I hope you have a lasting relationship with her. If not, we are next in line.
Alex; Very funny guys.
Emily; What are you guys talking about?
The guys; Nothing in particular. Let’s enjoy the party.
The party ended at 7 p.m. Emily and Alex go back to the hotel using jogging as the transportation.
Emily; You know Alex, the kiss was not a part of the deal. I did say no taking advantages.
Alex; I know. I’m sorry. I heard that you will fly back to Malibu tomorrow.
Emily; It’s fine. Yes, I’ll go back tomorrow. My flight is on 11 a.m.. I’ll be leaving for airport after breakfast then.
Alex; As for the record, I do enjoy the time we have spend together. Um…..aa..rraaar…..
Emily; What is it?
Alex; Nothing. Will we meet again tomorrow?
Emily; No. I must be at the airport two hours early. As for the traffic, I’ll depart from the hotel at 8 a.m. I don’t want to interrupt others beauty sleep. So tonight dinner is the last time we gather around together.
Alex; So it’s farewell then.
Emily; Don’t feel bad. I forgive you about the kiss and yes it is farewell.
They arrived at the hotel and eat their dinner and go to bed.
Emily has her breakfast and goes to the airport. She checks in her luggage and waited for the gates to open. Suddenly her name was being called out.
Alex; Emily! Emily! Wait up. I have something to tell you.
Emily watched Alex as he comes and nearer to her.
Alex; Before you go, I would like to ask you something.
Emily; What is it?
Alex; Um… Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Emily; Huh? What did you say?
Alex; Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Emily; Are you sure? Can we keep up a long distance relationship?
Alex; I’m sure. Will you?
Emily; Well, I sure want to since you are a good kisser.
Emily walked away from Alex and got into her flight without saying anything more.
When she arrived at Malibu and when the school starts, somehow she become so famous and Shayne……….you could say she somehow become a loser. The thing is, the little fight we have in LA was taped by someone at being published in every possible social network.
Then it is the fall season and we have a week break. Emily flies to LA to surprise Alex.
Emily; (in the balcony) Hey there neighbour. What a beautiful morning isn’t it?
Alex; Yes indeed. (startled) whoa…… is that you Emily?
Emily; Yes, I am. Seems my wish was fulfilled by my dad after all. So, my new boy friend, what would you like to do for the whole week off school?
Alex; Spending time with you.

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