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Wolf in Sheepskin

March 30, 2011
By Bliss_of_Darkness BRONZE, Milladore, Wisconsin
Bliss_of_Darkness BRONZE, Milladore, Wisconsin
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You are shameless.

Your heart, nor your conscience, is affected by your actions. You shroud yourself in sheepskin before revealing yourself to the world. However, at night, the sheepskin is removed and the wolf appears.

Praying on the weak is your skill. Overzealous teenage girls hoping for their soul mate is what you devour. You pull them in with your watery jade eyes and your handsome face. A tragic soul is your mask, but the Lucifer is who you are. You have mastered this game of Cat and Mouse. Women who dare catch your eye are soon pulled under your wing. Then you toss them away once you have what you want.

I was your goal at one point. Another girl’s name to put onto your endless list of names. Your friends’ nearly died from laughter as you fooled me.

It is wrong that I wished for love? Am I the one to blame, for I just wanted someone to run to? I know deep down it is not my fault, but my broken heart is looking for a reason. It does not wish to blame you, no matter what my mind says.

The pain you have caused me goes hidden. Everyday I manage to place on a mask of smiles and giggles. Nevertheless, the mask only hides my broken heart. My broken heart scrambles to put itself back together. It can never be placed back together correctly with my atrocious stitching. The thread is too weak and sloppy to hold my fragile heart together.

I can only watch as you prance around with other girls. Some know what is coming however others do not. Some are unaware of the wolf that hides in sheepskin. They are not aware that those jade eyes are usually filled with lust and maliciousness.

You know every trick in the book. You know how to trick the bookworm, as well as the outcast. There are thousands of tricks in your mind. Why worry over a trivial thing such as homework? After all, why worry when you have girls at your feet that are willing to please you?

A fool you are, in all honesty.

Nonetheless, I was a fool for believing you. You, tempter of Eden, pulled me in with your charms. I did not mind the lustful eyes beyond the sheepskin. My naïve heart craved any love it was given. My mind, which is much wiser, tried to warn my heart. My heart tragically pushed my mind’s opinion away. Love was what is desired, not an opinion.

I am the fool, however, so are you. You believe that every female will fall for you. Whether they are from different spectrums of the universe, you shall win their hearts. Then you will throw it to the ground before stomping on it. This soon after you will spit on it and leave it where it is. The heartbroken girl will have to pick up the sharp pieces and stitch her heart back together. She cannot stop, no matter how bad the pieces cut into her skin.

You are wrong.

One day, she will not fall for you. She will keep her head high and her heart safe. For she can see the lustful eyes and sheepskin. She will see the demon that you hide.

Then, she will walk away. She will show you how resilient she truly is. She will not believe your lies whatsoever.

Player, you may be winning now, but Karma will come for you one day. Soon, you will know the feeling of a broken heart. You will have to sloppily stitch your heart together in an effort to keep it whole. You will spend nights in tears, and days hidden with a mask.

Until that day, I will watch you. I will watch you feed off the weak and the helpless. I will watch until one of them realizes who you are and breaks your heart.

I will wait until your sheepskin is torn off to reveal the wolf you truly are.

The author's comments:
A girl tells the tale of a wolf hidden in sheepskin.

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