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A Letter To Prince Charming

March 27, 2011
By amondal SILVER, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
amondal SILVER, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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Dear Prince Charming,

I know you’re out there. Somewhere in this crazy, messed up world, I know you’re there. I can feel it in my pounding heart, or in my dreams, where we ride into the sunset, or maybe have a picnic by the pond. The blood-red hearts I draw on pieces of paper, I know, are being dedicated to someone special. I wonder every night, endlessly, what fate has in store for me, and when we shall meet.

I do not know who you are or what you look like. What your favorite books are, or your favorite movies. I don’t know if you’re a junk-a-holic, like me, or if you prefer salads topped with Italian dressing. I wonder if you eat Big Macs, or would choose a simple chicken sandwich. I do not know what your favorite color is. Maybe it’s purple, like me? Or red, a symbol of love? Perhaps, I do know you. Maybe I see you everyday, walking the halls of school. Are you the boy who asked me to the dance last week? Or maybe the boy I kissed in the first grade, to just see what was so special about a mere kiss?

I know one thing. I already love you. My heart belongs to you. Sometimes I want to meet you, but then quickly change my mind, for I am not the woman I want to be yet. I’m still young, and quite immature, and have a lot to learn. I have a long journey ahead of me, but I know one day we will be destined to meet. I am not the girl you are expecting right now, and you are not the man I have in mind yet.

Every love has a story. I wonder what ours will be. Will we be in a Romeo & Juliet situation? Or maybe our parents were long family friends. One thing I do know, nothing can keep us apart, because love is stronger than any obstacle.

For now, I am just a girl, getting ready for a cliché high school dance. I am in my ball gown, and feel beautiful. I am waiting for a Cinderella moment. We will sweep across the ballroom floor, hand in hand, roaming aimlessly in circles. We will go out into the courtyard, and you will kiss me, gently, by the fountain, and two swans will make love, creating a heart, right by our side. I am waiting for an Ariel moment. I shall be silent, and you will try guessing my name. A dozen tiny creatures will sing ‘Kiss the Girl’.

For now, I am content. All those ‘moments’ will happen one day. Just not today. Our stars will cross one day, and that is where our story shall begin. A true love story. Not a fantasy, but a miracle, something wonderful.

Your Princess

The author's comments:
Some feelings I wrote in my journal....maybe crazy, but hey, it's me.

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sunnybunny said...
on Jul. 11 2015 at 1:04 am
Beautifully captured!

sunnybunny said...
on Jul. 11 2015 at 1:00 am
beautifully captured!