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December 14, 2010
By LiviRose93 SILVER, Fort Plain, New York
LiviRose93 SILVER, Fort Plain, New York
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"Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can always feel it." ~ A Walk to Remember

Pale gray, blue eyes draw attention to her natural beautied face. Her eyes are bold with the force of the sun framed by astonishing rays of her long, glossy lashes; glistening in the reflection of the window by her desk. Chemistry was never Claire’s favorite class, but she always enjoyed the thrill of the bell. This wasn’t the usual bell that meant it was time to drag yourself out of your seat and sludge to the next class. This bell meant relief to Claire and many others; this was the final dismissal bell.

Too bad there was still twenty-three minutes left of class. She was going to try and catch up with the rest of the students but what’s the point? She hasn’t been paying attention since the first week. I guess this will just be another day in doing the usual. Claire glances out the half shaded window while twisting her chestnut hair into spirals around her chewed up pencil (Nervous habit). As she turns her head, something catches her eye. Is it real, or is she just hallucinating? Could this be? Landon Parker, in a tense but peaceful gaze beaming her way. “I must be hallucinating, no one would ever give so much to care enough to day dream about me. I mean me, really? Claire Loraine, the young and the hopeless,” she thinks to herself as she goes back to gazing out the window.

“Ahh, finally,” she grunts with relief. With the bell silencing its ring Claire gathers her things in a rush to leave the room of the people that she feels the least comfortable around. Classmates. Such judge mental creatures. Just as she was about to take her first step towards the door, a volcano erupts. Claire’s face burst out red and her books do the same from her arms. With yet again another sigh Claire repeats not so under her breathe this time, “ Yep, young and extremely hopeless,” as she bends down to fix her things.

Right about when Claire had finished re-tying her faded high tops someone had knelt down beside her. Due to embarrassment, Claire burst out, “I’m fine. I can handle this on my oww…” Claire gasps in realizing who was about to help her. It was Landon. He looks at her with a faintly confused smile but still continues to help. With speed, Claire races out of the lab in a hurry to escape what just happened. Little did she know, “prince charming” was following after her.
Secret: Claire is one to hide from her inner embarrassment.

Secret: Claire is beginning to have some interest in Landon.

With swift foot steps along the cracked, cement side walks, Landon followed Claire quietly to her new destination; the park.
Landons long, dark hair is sharply parted to one side. I guess these days in school they’d call that the “emo look.” Although, his eyes are what makes Claire’s mind tick. Bringing light to his hard structured face, are piercing green burst of radiance. Looking into them is as if your laying in the dew of sweet smelling meadow. Standing tall, Landon still paces behind Claire watching her hair flow back as she struts. Thick curls tangle against her back as she ponders closer to the park.

Leaving Landon several feet behind Claire takes a seat on a bench over looking the water at the park. In minor hope to relax the tension of what just happened at school, Claire pulls out her notebook and begins to sketch. Arriving several minutes later, Landon makes his way down the cobble stone path to where Claire is seated. Flustering her with his breath taking smile Landon asks, “ May I join you?”

Still in shock Claire hesitantly responds, “ Uhh, yeah sure. I.. I was just leaving anyways.”

“Ohh no! See I didn’t mean to scare you earlier. Uh..” Landon gets frustrated with himself. He once tries again, “ Will you please stay with me or would you maybe like to go get some coffee?”

Claire just standing up says, “But I, umm..”

“Come on, it’ll be on me,” Landon manages to get out with a smile.

Giving up Claire shrugs off, “ Why not.”

Landon helps her with her things as they begin to wonder off out of the park and down the street to the Book Nook. While opening the door for Claire, Landon asks, “Soo, would this be your first time here?”
Still looking down Claire answers to the floor, “ Uhh no, well not since the new renovations.

Together they sit across from each other in a red upholstered booth. “Well,” Landon responds, “See that stage up there.. Tonight that’s where Generation Black will be playing for the public. Its sort of my band, I was hoping that you’d give an effort to come see me play tonight.”

Warming her hands with the cappuccino that was earlier placed in front of her, Claire willingly says, “Sure, it’ll be nice to get out of the house for a while.”

“Great!” Landon expresses with a touch of enthusiasm. With Claire’s coffee untouched Landon chuckles and says, “ You know, if you didn’t like coffee you could have told me, honestly I don’t like it that much either.”

Claire paints on a slight smile and responds, “Ohh sorry, but really I must get going.” Grabbing her patch covered bag Claire takes a few steps towards the door. But before she could leave Landon gently grasped her hand into his and said, “ See you tonight.” Claire opened the door leaving with a smile.

Thoughts speed through Claire’s mind in a race for the prize of first analysis. Soon enough one wins. Claire begins to think to herself, “I, tonight, was invited by Landon Parker himself to go see his band play. And.. The way he took my hand. I swear the room was spinning. Ohh, no! Should I have said something back!?” Claire sighs and slowly starts to wonder what people would wear to such a thing. I guess it’ll be the usual for her, long-sleeves paired with stretch- skinny jeans to fit around her curve-full body; although she tries to hide it. To Claire it seems to be that long-sleeves have taken over her life, or maybe it was the razor. But either way, whatever she wore tonight, Landon had to notice.

Secret: Claire is a self harmer.
Secret: Claire was flattered by Landons gentle remark of grasping her hand.
Secret: Claire doesn’t really like coffee.

For what seems like a million years passes by and Claire faces her enemy. “The door is right there Claire, just… open it,” she thinks nervously to herself. With minor confidence Claire pushes her freshly straightened hair out of the way and takes one solid step closer to the door. Although now that I think about it, it wasn’t such a solid step at all. A pair of borrowed stilettos complicated her walking. I guess she was really trying something new tonight. With Claire’s grandmothers ring glistening in the moon light she turns the knob not knowing what to expect.

The once soothing melodies seem to stop as Landon’s voice begins to flow through the speakers within the Book Nook. “Hey there your here! Well guys this next ones for the beautiful girl just coming in… ’kay lets hit it.” Barely capable to take a breath Claire takes a seat in the back of the rows of tables. Suddenly notes begin to storm from the acoustic guitar gripped in Landon’s hands. With the lullaby like words coming from his mouth begin to shower new feelings inside Claire. Soon enough Claire looks up slightly less embarrassed and with delight they’re eyes met from across the room. At that moment and no other, there was placed an understanding of this night. He was willing to take her for who she is, and those lyrics didn’t just vocally form in his mouth, they started at his heart.

The once strumming beat came to an end as Landon placed down his guitar and began making his way forcefully through the crowd. Claire’s heart began to race as he made his way closer. Thoughts of, will he like my new look, was he just joking when he said the song was for me and many others. Time stopped ticking as Landon pulled up a stool to the table where Claire was seated. Breaking the annoying awkward silence Landon comes in with, “I’m glad you could make it, and.. Wow, you look so different, but don’t get me wrong. Well I mean you still look lovely as always.”

Not knowing what to think with a respectful tone Claire responds, “ Ohh, thank you, just thought the usual was..”

“The usual is all I need, that’s what I like about you. Just remember you’ll never have to try for me. Think about it this way… those eyes will always shine in my heart no matter if they’re covered in make up or bare,” Landon interrupts.

With the drop of her jaw Claire awes in relief, “I’m sorry, my gosh..” her face begins to blush.

As Landon puts his finger gently against her lips and lovingly holds her hand with the other he whispers, “Shhh, no sorry’s needed.”

Two hours pass and Claire lays cozy in her bed although tonight there’s more than just sugar plums dancing over her head. Actually this night she wonders about how tomorrow will go. Before she left the Book Nook Landon asked if he could take her to his favorite place the next day and of course after the wonders he told her tonight she said yes. But what would happen. Little does Landon know, tomorrow isn’t just going to be any day together, Claire will be spending her seventeenth birthday with yours truly. Small hands pull up the wool blanket to her chin as her eyes finally fall into a desperate sleep.

Secret: Claire’s biggest enemy is her insecurity.

Secret: Claire finds relief in the fact that Landon will except her the way she is.

Secret: Landon doesn’t know tomorrow is Claire’s birthday.

Once again it was eighth period Chemistry and the bell still hasn’t rung. Although, this class didn’t seem so boring today; or at least what was soon to come up wasn’t going to be. The clocks had been running funky lately so no one knew when to expect the bell. But with the ending of that thought, the sound of the bell spread through out the school and so did the students flying out the door. Un like always Claire took her time packing her things hoping Landon would be the first to approach. Lucky enough for Claire as she zipped her bag there he was, “Are you ready? Its not too far of a walk, I promise,” Landon says while sporting a friendly smile.

Claire casually responds, “Sure, sounds great,” also with a smile. “And you know this really will be great… It’ll be my birthday spent with you.”

Finally by the time they reach Landon’s spot the sun is close to setting. There they sit on a grassy hill over looking The Charlotte Bay; Landon’s arms perfectly places around Claire keeping the cool Autumn breeze off her shoulders. Taking in the beauty they stay comfortable in each others warmth but once again Landon soon breaks the silence, “Ahh, the usual is back,” Landon smiles, “This is what I love about you.”

Claire smiles and turns to kiss Landon plushy on the cheek. She says smiling, “Guess what, no more secrets.”

The author's comments:
Well we had a project for my English class and this is some what personal but mainly fiction, enjoy!

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