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How the Riddle boy got his name

November 8, 2010
By TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
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When Jane Blackwood started school something changed in Griffin Gold, who was the most attractive, hunky, muscular, mystifying boy in Halo High school.
He had dark blonde hair with blue eyes his muscles were a good size but not all bulky, he was tall had a straight back dressed well athletic he played basket ball. As you can see he was Mr. perfect every girls dream.
Every girl would try to get him to kiss them but he refused and walked off leaving every girl heartbroken.
“Griffin pleases just one smooch,” Jessica Allen pleaded.
“I said no please leave,” Griffin said trying to avoid the girl.
“Hump!” she said and stormed off.
As the boy hurried away trying to hide from more girls he ran into the most amazing girl he had ever seen.
She was blonde girl with shoulder length hair brown eyes that makes you want to melt into them almost mesmerizing; with her fairly tan skin she was like a goddess.
“Uh hello I’m sorry,” he said picking her books up which he had made her drop running into her.
“Oh uh thanks,” she said about to walk off. Griffin was not going to lose his chance.
“I haven’t seen you around here before are you new?”
“Yeah my dad just got a big promotion here he is the new president of Southern Farm Bank.” She smiled proud of her dad.
“Let me show you around then,” he said.
“No thanks I am just going to drama it was nice talking to you though,” she said and waved good bye.
“Bye,” he said.
Griffin thought to himself and then he had a plan. Then the bell rang and he raced to class.
“Afternoon class,” greeted the teacher
“I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween anyways onto important stuff, uh yes!” she shouted with excitement.
“We shall have a play yes about this pretty girl and this monster boy and the girl is a fairy! That can be our new student Jane!” she said.
Jane sunk into her seat and blushed, tightly hugging her books against her chest and ignoring the staring eyes.
The next day Griffin had made up an idea on how to get the new girl to kiss him and once that happens everything would be fine.
Jasmine Host came up to him and asked he said ‘if you figure out my riddle then yes’.
“Okay sounds easy,” she said.
“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” he asked.
She answered wrong he waved her away and soon enough he had a line going everyone wanting to try all failed.
“Mrs. Know I transferred classes I am no longer in the play or drama I am taking gym now I’m sorry,” she said.
“Oh it’s fine dear I shouldn’t have put you in the kind of position I’m sorry.”
“Thank you,” she said and turned around bumping into the boy she met yesterday.
“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” he asked.
“I have absolutely no idea,” she replied.
He swung her around and kissed her, holding her close feeling her warm soft skin hugging her and not wanting to let go.
When he began to lift away she murmured something.
“Don’t stop and he didn’t.
And this is how the Riddle Boy got his name

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