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Summer Full Of Lemonade: Chapter 1

November 13, 2010
By emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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We would have been content spending most of the summer sitting on the porch rail sipping lemonade with my flip flops falling off. After a while he remembered that old annoying tune. But instead of making me mad it made me laugh as if all of those almost ten year old memories were carried on it’s back.

When I could not laugh any longer I began to finger that old key necklace he had given me as a Christmas present so long ago to replace the one I had lost. Even though he had given it to me so long ago I still felt like it was this years Christmas gift. Ah, the memories.

But of course when my mom came out a few minutes later to refill our glasses she said:

“Why don’t you guys go swimming? I’m pretty sure that the rope is still up by the river. Go shoo, shoo. I want you both out of the house once you finish you lemonade.”

“Fine.” We grumbled and drank our lemonade as slowly as possible.

“Let’s go.” I said as I took my last sip of lemonade.

“Okay, to the river.”


It was about quarter of a mile to the river. We ran all the way.

“Were here.” I said panting.

“Yep. I beat you.” He replied smiling.

“No way I beat you.” I said smiling back.

“Keep dreaming.”

“If anyone is dreaming it’s you.”

“Ya right.”

“Let’s just swim.” I finally said.

“Okay.” He ran to the rope.

“Man. I must admit you beat me at that.” I groaned.

“Ha ha.” So of course, I pushed him in.

When he surfaced he was laughing. By mistake I had sat too close to the water so he grabbed my hand and pulled me in. It hurt because he forgot that if he pulled me in I would hit him. So of course I fell on top of him. If it hadn’t hurt I would have laughed. Well I did, but it still hurt, a lot.

“Ow.” He said when we surfaced from the collision.

“Don’t say it’s my fault. Your the one who pulled me in.”

“Fine. But I already did. In my mind.”

“Your incorrigble.”

“Yes I am.” I laughed. Then I noticed how close we were standing to each other.

“Um... I bet I can beat you to the rock.”

“Ya right, and you say I’m cocky.”

“Well you are”

“Okay. I’ll try to beat you.”

“Okay.” We headed off. I beat him by a second.

“I beat you.” I said proudly. He frowned.

“I guess.” He mumbled. I laughed.

“What did I win?”

“I don’t know.” He said still mumbling.

“You know.”

“You win, a...”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Uh... You win a... Why do I have to say it? You know what you won.”

“I like hearing you say it.”

“You win a...”

“Just tell me what I won. Stop saying:You win a...”

“Okay. But...”


“Okay.” He took a deep breath. “You win a free question.”

“What kind of free question?”

“You get to ask me any question you want. I have to answer truthfully. You usually ask what girl I currently like.” He mumbled.

“Thank you. Come and sit down while I think of a question.”

“Fine.” How long will he keep mumbling?

We sat down on the rock.

“You know, you can always make me do something. Like a dare or something.”

“No thanks.” I said smiling.
“Fine what do want to know?”
“I want to know... Mhmm...”
“Just tell me! I hate it when you do that!”
“Okay. You have five days for this one. Who do you like? I don’t want to have some quick answer I want you to think about it.”

“Okay. I’ll think about it."

"Good." I said. I looked across the river. "It still looks the same doesn't it?"

"Ya I guess it does.” He smiled and side glanced at me.


“Nothing.” He still smiled though.

“Fine then. If you won’t tell me I’m going swimming.”

“Okay.” When I took a quick glance back I saw he was still smiling at me. How annoying.


When we got back it seemed hotter than before.

“We might as well get some lemonade.” I said laughing.

“Sounds good.” He replied laughing to.

My mother was just as amused.

“This summer is definitely turning out to be a summer full of lemonade.” She said laughing when we asked. “Your blood will become yellow and sugary. Oh dear. You kids want more than I can give.”

“Were not kids mom.” I said diligantly. Which was ruined by my laughing while saying it.

“I know, I know. Thinking your so big cause you just turned fifteen don’t you?”

“Only a little more than usual.”

“Exactly. Besides if our blood turns sweet no vampires will come and eat us will they?” He said.

“Now Mr. Smarty Pants is right.” My mom said. “Why don’t you guys go up to the turret.”

“This summer is a constant excuse after excuse to get us out of your hair.”

“That’s right now shoo, shoo.” Se said with a wave of her hand.

I should tell you something about our house and it’s current residents. I, Jean Caparelli, are fifteen. My friend that I have known for eleven years is also fifteen. His name is (you’ve probably been wondering this) His name is Liam Thomas and he’s visiting for the summer. While I have dirty blond hair and blue eyes (some of my friends thought they were the color of jeans like my name) , he has dark slightly curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. He only comes down in the summer so most of my friends don’t know him. If they did they would flirt, a lot. But to me, he’s just Liam. I hope to him I’m just Jean. At least I hope. There’s no good in hind sighting.

When we got to the turret door Liam smiled.

“I call dibs on the window seat tonight.”

“My house.” I countered.

“Guests choice.”

“I’ve known you long enough for you to be a part of the house as we are. So no guest treatment.”

“Fine.” He frowned. “I’ll let you have it. Next summer I get it. Okay?”

“Okay if I remember.”

“If you don’t I will.”

“Good enough for me.” I knew he probably wouldn’t remember but I’ll give him what he wanted.

We headed in. The turret consisted of windows that went all the way around with only one window seat big enough for one person to really be able to streatch out. There is a cabinet with a foldout bed inside. Then there is a comfy, soft, brown leather armchair. I was so tired I just plopped myself in the chair as Liam brought down the foldout bed and I just fell asleep...

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