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Never Alone

November 3, 2010
By believeinmexoxo GOLD, Brewster, New York
believeinmexoxo GOLD, Brewster, New York
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The tears pricked at the corner of Emma eyelids, as she stood in the doorway with the beginning stages of a broken heart and the smile that had escaped from her thin lips while she watched the horror in front of her. “H-H-How could you do this to me?” Emma yelped, glancing as her best friend hovered over her boyfriend in disgust
Peyton quickly turned around with widened eyes, locking her eyes with Emma’s red puffy ones. She swiftly made her way off of Jake’s sweaty body, reaching out to grab Emma’s hand. “This is not what it looks like, Em,” she explained, waiting for Emma to take her hand.
“Then what does it look like, huh Peyton? Because the last time I check this wasn’t your mom’s house!” Emma hissed through her tears, sliding down the doorframe as she curled herself up into a tight ball.
Peyton opened her mouth to say something, but just let the awkward silence build up more, as she stared at the floor where a tear had landed off of her cheek. She grabbed her clothes, walking into Jake’s bathroom and closed the door with a loud bang that shook the whole room. “I just wish you could believe that I had no idea you guys were back together again,” Peyton muttered to herself, over the loud screeching noise of the fan.
Jake sat down beside Emma, beginning to wrap his arms around her and beg for some sort of apology because it always seemed to work. “Baby, please just listen to me, she came onto me and seduced me, not the other way around. We should just try and be a better couple like before,” he whispered, stroking Emma’s hair.
She shook her head from one way to another, slapping Jake’s hand away from touching her anywhere. “No, I’m done with you Jake, for good. I’ve dealt with this s*** for far too long and I’m so d*** sick of it. I’m not some sort of toy you can mess around with and then move onto the next. And I know Peyton far too well to believe she would do something like that, but you know, some people can change,” Emma shouted, twisting the doorknob as she quickly left letting the door cause a thud noise behind her.
“Whatever, she’ll be back,” he mumbled to himself, glancing at the closed bedroom door.
Peyton slightly opened the door, peaking for any sign of Emma’s broken hearted smile. Her eyes wandered to Jake, who was giving her a seductive smile along with a wink, as she rolled her eyes in frustration. “Where did she go?” Peyton asked, ignoring the one that had torn hers and Emma’s friendship apart.
“Who really gives a s***?” he inquired, wrapping his arms around Peyton’s lower back as he began to make his way lower and lower.
Peyton removed Jake’s hands from around her small waist, leaving a long scratch around his index finger. “First of all, I give a s*** about Emma considering she is/was my best friend and then you have the nerve to come and tell me that you two are done for good, you lying son of a b****,” she screeched, slapping him hard against his cheek, “that’s for everything you put Emma through including me break her heart with you.”
“F***ing b****,” Jake shouted, holding his cheek as he tried to grab Peyton’s arm forcefully.
“Do you want it to happen again?” she growled, raising her hand up again, “Because I’m not afraid of you and I will do it.”
Jake got ahold of her arm, beginning to twist it forcefully with a smirk alongside his lips. “No, baby, I don’t. You can either go run along and help that Emma b**** cope or you can stay with me, and you know,” he whispered with a seductive smile, followed by his signature wink.
She scoffed, giving him a long cold stare of broken trust and the hurt he is now making her go through. Her endless brown beauties began to turn a deep red, looking as though they’d been bloodshot, as she let her emotions get the best of her and show her one sign of weakness. “You’re a poor excuse for a man! Stay away from me and, especially, Emma, or God so help me I will kill you,” Peyton cried, slapping Jake’s cheek once again as she left bellowing down the staircase with heavy, broken steps.
The rain had started to fall harder as she walked out of the place she had once shared with her best friend. She hoisted herself up into her car, as she slammed the door to avoid any raindrops from entering inside. After starting the car, she slowly reached into her purse to grab something while she rolled down the window. With a flick of her wrist and the fresh new tears approaching, she threw the item out of the window, causing it to land on the pavement with the rain quickly soaking it up and making it a faded memory. “Thanks for wasting 10 years of my life,” Emma muttered, driving away, leaving the picture of her and her best friend out in the cold.
She was going way above the speed limit, which was set at forty-five. The windshield wipers sloshed away the rain that was scattered along the front window that lay in front of Peyton as she struggled to keep her eyes on the road, due to her constant falling tears. The car came to a halt at a red light while she shuffled through her purse, looking for a clean tissue. The next thing she knew, Peyton was collided with the car in front of her, suffocating from the airbag while the steering wheel went off endlessly.
He quickly jumped out of his car, making his way toward the destruction his drunken brother had caused. Pushing past people that had surrounded the accident, he finally made it to the mysterious car that was just in front of him minutes before. The whole car was totaled, windows were shattered, the doors were horribly dented, the trunk had managed to be pinned right on the back seats of the car, and in front, the car had managed to hit the bumper of the other car as well. He opened the door with no problem at all, grabbing the stranger that was trapped inside of the car, who had either little or no chance of surviving.
Emma sat quietly in her car, bobbing her head to the music that filled the whole car with more happiness than she had felt that day. The traffic was hectic, due to the weather and the fact that rush hour was just around the corner. She let her eyes wander around to the other cars that had surrounded her, until something caught her. Flashing lights hovered over a hug accident that could have been for the back-up of traffic. The rain quickly spread to the inside of her car, as she rolled down her window to get a better view. Her eyes went wide and she could feel the cold air, entering inside of her, while her mouth hung open. She gallivanted off to see the horror that lay in front of her, not bothering to close the window.
The stranger made his way over to Emma with blood covering his hands. “Sorry miss, but I’m gonna have to ask you to go back to your car and wait until this is over,” he explained, shrugging his shoulders with a half-hearted smile.
Emma shook her head in disbelief, letting the pools of tears flood her crystal blue eyes, as they softly mixed in with the rain. “No, please, you don’t understand, that’s my best friend and I need to be with her and tell her how much I need her in my life,” she explained, collapsing onto the hard pavement with mascara running down the rim of her eyelids.
He jumped over the ‘CAUTION’ signs and made his way over to the heart broken girl lying on the pavement. Slipping off his jacket he placed it around her shoulders and picked her up, bridal style, as he made his way back over the signs and placed Emma down next to Peyton. “If anybody asks, tell them you’re her sister,” he whispered, tightening the grip the jacket had on around her shoulders, “I’m Aiden, by the way.”
“Thank you so much, Aiden,” Emma murmured, reaching out to stroke Peyton’s hair.
“Don’t mention it,” Aiden replied, gazing upon Emma as she played with the hair of her best friend’s lifeless body.
The rain continued to fall in torrents, as they took Peyton away from her along with the new tears coming on, once again. She dropped to the ground and brought her knees up to her chest, gripping them tightly, so she could feel her heartbeat against them. Two arms wrapped Emma’s waist from behind, pulling her closer toward them as she turned her head around and met eyes with Aiden with a small smile plastered among his lips. Slowly, Emma placed her head in Aiden’s chest with his hands wrapped securely around her, listening to the beat of his heart accelerate.

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