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September 7, 2010
By jasso GOLD, Damascus, Other
jasso GOLD, Damascus, Other
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S & J
He’s called Seth her name is Jessie, a boy and a girl that’s how every story starts. He’s cute and hot, obsessed with the girl, she’s brunet with blue sea eyes. Holding hands they walk in the streets, catching every eye on the streets.
She loved him much, they would stay all night talking, walking, laughing, and of course kissing, then meet at school as a popular couple they did everything together and got successful in the end they were just a perfect couple that anyone has ever met.
By time best friends got jealous and disliked seeing them together, so a rumor was made about Seth that was spread fast around school. A couple of days everyone thought that the rumor is true!!Jessie never believed a word they’d say she even gave up all her friends to be with Seth…

With a week passed on a dozen rumor was made spread by devils of jealousy and best friends who simply just wanted their social death..
“I’m sorry Seth” she tried her best not to cry “but it won’t go on ….it just wont works out between us…unless..” she continued with sadness in her voice “unless what Jessie?” his voice called back “nothing Seth just goodbye. Just.. goodbye.” she said it and hung up her cell phone then burst into painful tears.
He walked on the road that night ..for the first time in two years ,he felt alone..as a down fall, trying not to cry for his loss, he walked on the road not knowing where to go just walking to were his eyes looked to.
She sat there on her chair, stiff as a rock, crying her soul out, trying to stop, to be strong for she wasn’t alone in the room, her friends were there, celebrating her step towards their plan off her social death..Yes, they have talked her into that, they’ve talked her into breaking apart…

Seth by now was in front of the small river that leads to the grand lake, he stood and stared then talked with eyes full of tears .
“it’s full moon she loved it a lot “he spoke as the cold breeze played with his dark black hair
“she said once that it looks delicious” he sat on the grass “she said that my skin is just like the moon’s skin..white as snow!!” he smiled hard , he wondered that night was it a prank was it a joke ,or a nightmare at least but no it was not it was true , everything was….
He couldn’t forget her for a second she became his dreams and day dreams his air and sun, the oxygen that he breathes .Seth’s grades went low, he couldn’t focus on anything but Jessie...Jessie..and Jessie.
Jessie was left alone, no friends ,no one to talk to, guys tried dating her but she simply refused she had put her best fake smiles, but she still sobbed about her loss every night.
She would panic if she didn’t see Seth’s sight at least once a day, just to make sure that he’s still alive, still resisting the hard knife she stabbed into his hart.

Scarlet, Seth’s younger sister couldn’t take it anymore, she couldn’t bare see her only brother turn to a stupid ghost, talking about her, the one Jessie, even in his sleep, she tried making him omelets on breakfast knowing that he liked them a lot but all he could do is look at them and give a weak smile then say:”she loved them the eggs she said they would look stylish with some red..”
He then went up to his room continuing to dream about her about Jessie about the beautiful her. Scarlet was left in the kitchen, she was shocked for her lower jaw simply fell down..
” he is sick” she thought “and I’m sick of him being sick” but what could she possibly do? Go to the pharmacy and ask for some help? But no..she is smart and clever she doesn’t need the wizard’s potion nor a witch’s spell, she could do it alone..
She couldn’t get it ! what was that special in his girlfriend ,so what she brunet ,so what she popular ….if Scarlet would only now ..if she only could figure out the secret ..the thing that made Seth fall in her that much

Next day first thing after school she dragged Jessie’s hand after convincing her long how important her situation was though she never said where they went or why…
She dragged her to the big meadow where Jessie and Seth sat often..as they approached the thick old rock wall where Seth sat he had tied his eyes with a rather dark cloth and sat there just breathing out loud to the birds.
As Jessie and Scarlet approached Seth with no words his sister began to talk “what’s up Seth?”he took along deep breath and said in a poetry sense:
Thinking about Jessie
We used to come here ever long
She collected flowers
And I’d watch
I remember her silk brown hair
Her laughs every now and then
Her sea blue eyes wondering every where
Her theory that said:
Guys only get cuter by eating more flowers
Then she would say:
“lilies or red roses?”
I remember her sweet voice
The rhythm of her steps
Every English word she said
She was often cold…
I would hold her close..
Close enough smelling her perfume
That smell she ’have got
But now…
It’s only in dreams…
You know
I don’t want to see a soul
Only her…
That’s the only thing that I have
To tie my eyes up
Seth’s breaths were full of pain , Jessie could perfectly feel his torture .
Scarlet wasn’t here, she left them all alone, she have heard her brother recently too much, so she just left hoping her plan would somehow work
Jessie couldn’t take it anymore, her tears made a small spring on her cheeks, she climbed the small wall and looked at Seth, facing him was not that easy for her, his white pure skin became pale he certainly have lost a lot of weight, he looked so painfully depressed, wanting her back again..
she got closer to him on her knees, as she could feel her heartbeats grow louder every inch. Suddenly Seth spoke again:
“Scarlet,…I can feel her ..her breath..I can tell that she was chewing her mint gum..her heartbeat..you think I’m dying cause that would be a relief
she didn’t speak she just got closer, as her thighs touched his.
She put her hand on his face and whispered sobbing :
Seth am sorry, I still love you forever together…..
she kissed him on the lips.
It was their favorite time, sunset, at last they stayed a perfect couple….. as they should have.

Love….it’s the most unstable word I have ever heard .but please DO NOT GET BLIND WITH LOVE


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Lonleydandy said...
on Nov. 7 2010 at 2:31 pm
I like the story. The only thing that I would work on is your English [just a little bit]. For a native English speaker, some of your sentences don't flow, and your verb tenses change. Other than that, it was a good story :D

Martha said...
on Sep. 15 2010 at 10:43 am
This is a good story it really! I like "love stories & books".

on Sep. 13 2010 at 4:54 pm
VanessaTaylor, Alexander, Arkansas
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omigoodgumdrops, this is AWESOME. but if you would read mine, that would be awesome, i loved yours, but no ones read mine at all. i commented on urs will u do tha same for mine???