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Dear You

August 26, 2010
By Graceless91 PLATINUM, Seekonk, Massachusetts
Graceless91 PLATINUM, Seekonk, Massachusetts
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"you can never fully love someone until you love yourself first"

Dear you,

I know you’ll never read this letter.
I know you probably don’t care.
But I’ll write it anyway wishing you were near. I miss you and your devilish grin. I miss the stubble on your chin. I miss your calloused hands and ears that redden with embarrassment. I miss the funny things you say and the sarcastic ones too. I miss your opinions on life and death and that whole miserable crew. I miss your fingers interlaced with mine, and all those crazy times we had. I miss sneaking kisses in the kitchen and wishing we never had to leave each others side. I miss you saying forever and always. I miss looking at your gray blue eyes and the way they stared into mine. I miss, I miss everything I guess you could say. I even miss the fights. And all the hurtful words. I miss the tears and pain because eventually it would all go away. I miss you saying sorry. I miss giving second chances. I miss you walking through the door and scaring me half to death. I miss your warm hands on my cold skin and how you made me feel whole. I just miss you. I miss my feet up on your dashboard and sitting by your side. I miss late night talks and emails all the time. I miss your mom and dad and your sisters too. I miss your gram, the one who made things better with her soup. Like I said before I just miss you.



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