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YOUR Shell Necklace

May 6, 2010
By JatiaE. BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
JatiaE. BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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We met because I moved to the Ocean shore. Where the creamy, brown sand slides cool between my toes and the warm breeze blows through my short, cropped hair. Where the salty, clear ocean water laps up against the earth and falls back into place with the colorful fishes. Where the beautiful sunset meets with the powerful ocean and they merge together like a peaceful and pretty painting. Almost like us, the Ocean shore is where we met.

We connected because of our lost. My grandma died in the house (I live in) that faces that ocean, the same ocean your sweet, little brother drowned in. The first time we met we cried together not on purpose but for the same purpose—we missed our best friends. You told me that even though my grandma and Todd were gone, the Ocean shore always brought them back to us.

So every Sunday we’d meet and cry and laugh at all the things that had happened with our loved ones. Soon though Sunday’s weren’t for crying, they were for finding sea shells, jumping into the water and making sand castles together. Sunday’s meant telling each other our dreams and secrets. Sunday’s meant time together.

Before long I loved you. As a friend, a boyfriend and more I loved you more than anyone could ever know including you. I realized how much when you gave me a shell necklace, the first shell we found together. But then you moved away. Your mother said that she couldn’t take the constant reminder of the lost of her baby boy.
The day you left was the saddest day of my young life-besides Grandma's death. You hugged me, kissed my forehead and whispered that we’d always have the Ocean shore. No matter where we were or who we were with.
“I’ll miss you.
“I’m going to miss you too.”
Every Sunday after you were gone I still went and cried or reminisced in my mind about our times together and the times we talked about our family. I went hoping that one day you’d be there. And you never were.
Eventually, I stopped going, my last visit was at age seventeen, I was leaving for college but it was a Saturday. Not our usual sacred one.
So I was crazy surprised when I saw you standing there- you’re back to me. “Hero!” I whispered and as if you’d heard me you turned around. I gasped at the sight of your short black hair and muscled body glistening, your face no longer that of a fourteen-year-old but of a man. I had to press my lips together to keep from screaming.
You opened your arms wide and I ran to you, my eyes watering and my face wet with tears of joy, love and friendship. I’d missed and longed for you and your easy friendship. Leaping into your arms I almost died of joy, right then and there. For the next four hours we talked and when it was time for me to go you pulled me close and kissed me. Right there on The Ocean Shore with your Shell Necklace still around my neck.

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