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kEmmAs and MyyhEARt

April 10, 2010
By Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"Accept what you can't change. Change what you can't accept."

It started as a chat room for the suicidal and turned into a feeling they couldn't describe.

<Online 2>
kEmmAs: they cant understand how you feel, because they are never in your situation.
MyyhEARt: It's because they are at the top and you can't do anything about it.
kEmmAs: The asault you with your words, their fists.
MyyhEARt: They like to feel in control.
kEmmAs: What happened to you?
MyyhEARt: I'm always the new girl, because my dad's job takes him everywhere. So they would corner me and tell me I didn't belong and made fun of accent.
kEmmAs: I never strayed off the safe path, but they would find me and make fun of me because I'm scrawny.
MyyhEARt: What's your name?
kEmmAs: Jaylen. What's yours?
MyyhEARt: Mellisa.
kEmmAs: Would you stay with me? I mean be my friend? We could IM, I'll give you my screen name.
MyyhEARt: Okay.
MyyhEARt: I'll IM you tomorrow. Bye.
kEmmAs: Bye.
<0 online>

<sui Im chat>
MyyhEARt: Hello?
kEmmAs: Hi.
MyyhEARt: are you okay?
kEmmAs: never.
MyyhEARt: Tell me about it?
kEmmAs: they cornered me after school and were yelling at me and calling me gay and a fag. Then one throw a rock at me and they started beating me up.
kEmmAs: I'm talking to you from the hospital.
MyyhEARt: they have no right and did you tell anybody what happened?
kEmmAs: they threanted to kill me, I can't say anything.
<MyyhEARt is offline>

<sui IM chat>
MyyhEART: I'm sorry.
kEmmAs: no your not.
MyyhEARt: they had no right to do that to you, they have no right to do that to anyone of us.
kEmmAs: no they dont
kEmmAs: what's your full name?
MyyhEARt: Mellisa Shaw, yours?
kEmmAs: Jaylen Stewart
MyyhEARt: will you be on tomorrow?
kEmmAs: Yes
<MyyhEARt is offline>

<sui IM chat>
kEmmAs: how are you
MyyhEARt: terrible
kEmmAs: Tell me about it?
MyyhEARt: They tripped me in class, in the cafeteria and hallway, and kicked me and nobody will do anything about it. Then they threaten to slaughter me like a pig.
kEmmAs: your always hitting dead ends, you try and get away from them and theres always more of them.
MyyhEARt: you can't escape them.
<MyyhEARt is now offline>

sui Email: new message:
To: MyyhEARt
From: kEmmAs
Subject: <no subject>
hey Mellisa you haven't been on in more then a month, are you okay?

Never received a reply

sui Email: new message:
To: MyyhEARt
From: kEmmAs
Subject: <no subject>
Mellisa, I'm really worried that if I don't get it out now while I have the courage that I'll never get it out.
Mellisa, I think I love you and I'd like to meet.

Never received a reply

sui Email: new message:
To: MyyhEARt
From: kEmmAs
Subject: <no subject>
Did I scare you off, I'm so sorry if you didn't like me like that please just talk to me!

Never received a reply

sui search: MyyhEARt

<no results>

sui Email: new message:
To: MyyhEARt
From: kEmmAs
Subject: <no subject>
Why aren't you talking to me its been a year!! You said you would stay with me.

Never received a reply

sui Search: Mellisa Shaw
<1 Result>

"Two days ago the bones of a fifteen yeard old girl was found, the time of death was placed at almost a year ago. She was later identified as Mellisa Shaw. She was beaten multiple times and was stabbed. The unsubs were arrested today at noon, they were classmates of hers who decided it would be fun to give her a beating. The beating went too far and she went unconcious, and they panicked. They dumped her in a clearing and when she woke, one of them stabbed her."

"911, whats your emergency?"
"I want to be found, where and how I am. None can help me-"
"Sir please stay calm what is the emergency?"
"I can't live with the abuse and my love is gone."
"Sir I am sending a unit to your location"
"It's too late now."

Jaylen Stewart was found dead today. He shot himself after he called the police. A note was left apologzing to his parents and to a mysterious Mellisa for what he had to do. Stewart left a website up on his computer with an unsent email:

sui Email: new message:
To: MyyhEARt
From: kEmmAs
Subject: <no subject>
Mellisa I am sorry for what they did to you and I would hunt them down if I could. I want you to know if you can read this from where you are, my heart is yours and yours alone and I can't live on knowing that it can't belong anywhere. I love you Mellisa and I am leaving this life for a better one, please forgive me.

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