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The Fight for the Girl

March 22, 2010
By TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
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“What in the world are you doing Tyler?” He turns around and glances at the person who called to him. “Oh, hi Stacy. I’m making a lemonade stand to make some money for a local charity.” She looks at him and smiles, “Awww, that’s soooo sweet!! Can I get in?” As he is continuing to build the lemonade stand he says, “Yeah, you can sell the lemonade while I go make it. I also need a break after spending 2 hours trying to make it ‘Out of the ordinary’ that’s hard work.” Stacy glances at him and a great idea pops in her head. She gets her cell phone out and begins to dial. Tyler looks at her puzzled. “What are you doing?” She turns around and puts her finger over her mouth to shush him. “I’m calling Jason to help us and get him to get his friends over here also.” Tyler looks at her and then goes back to working on the stand. “Ok, thanks Jason. See you in a few minutes!” ‘Click’ She hangs up the phone and walks over to the steadily working Tyler. “Jason is coming over with 3 of his friends. Is that ok?” Tyler nods while still working on the lemonade stand. Tyler gets done with it just as Jason walks up with some boys from school. From what Tyler noticed it was his usual “popular” gang. Cody Lemony, Gage Sangus, and Brian Rangers, they were the guys that got all the girls and since Jason hung out with them he could get ANY girl in the school he wanted, but he wanted Stacy. Stacy though wanted someone else and wouldn’t tell her friends who. So all they could do was guess. Tyler always imagined it was Blake Rodriguez, she has said he was cute before. After he finished thinking about that he snapped back into consciousness and out of his day dream world. Jason helps Tyler up off the ground where he was sitting and says, “So boss, what do you want us to do?” Tyler rolls his eyes up to think what they could do. “Jason you help Stacy sell the lemonade, Gage you and Cody go make the lemonade, and Brian, help me clean up the excess wood that wasn’t used to make the stand.” Everyone nods in understanding and goes to do their job. “So Stacy, do you want to go to a movie Friday night?” Stacy glares over at Jason and says in an angry tone, “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a MILLION times, I don’t want to go out with you. Now just help me get people to buy Tyler’s lemonade for the charity function.” Jason begins to act like he’s sobbing but on the inside he’s thinking, ‘She’ll come to me sooner or later.’ Tyler rolls his eyes and pulls Jason aside. “Jason! Can you flirt with Stacy later? I need her to do her job for me. If you guys do well I will pay everyone!” Jason looks at Tyler and says, “Deal, no more flirting till we sell lemonade. You will pay us if you get a decent profit though right?” Tyler looks at him in anger. “What do I have to pay you to be a good friend to me? Yes I will pay you IF we get some money in, but also I am donating the money to charity so I have to get a pretty big profit in order to pay you guys. So stay focused for a while ok?” Jason bows his head and says, “Ok, fine… Ill leave her alone until we make at least 100 dollars ok?” Tyler says, “Fair enough.” Tyler and Jason walk back to their posts and in 2 hours of selling Stacy sold 200 dollars worth of lemonade! Tyler comes up to Stacy and says, “OH MY GOSH!! THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!” He gets out 20 dollars for each person and gives Stacy a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, this is really going to help the orphans at the orphanage. You guys want to come with me to give it to them?” Everyone looks around and agrees to go, except Jason. Jason has a look as if flames are about to come out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He is jealous of Tyler. He gets all of Stacy’s attention when Jason wants it. He goes over to Tyler and says, “You know I like her, why did you give her a kiss on the cheek?” Tyler looks as if he’s about to bust out in laughter. “What’s so funny Tyler?!?!” He looks at Jason and responds with, “I don’t like her. You can have her. You know that I like someone else. Please don’t go all jealous on me.” Jason rolls his eyes up to think. ‘Oh yeah,” he thought ‘Tyler likes Victoria Lynn.’ They both go back over there and get in the car. Tyler drives to the local orphanage and walks inside. Everyone else slowly follows. “Hello, I’m here to make a donation of 100 dollars to this organization.” The person at the counter took the money and wrote out a receipt for Tyler. He turns around and walks out the door and the person yells, “Thank you sir, your donation is appreciated!” Tyler turns around and smiles then walks back out of the door. Jason said, “Well? Did you give it to them?” Tyler pulls out the receipt and shows him. “Yes I gave it to them.” Stacy grabs Tyler and hugs him. “You are so nice!! What would this world do without you?!?!” Jason again gets mad and pulls her off of him. Tyler looks really confused. Jason punches Tyler in the lip. “I TOLD YOU STACY’S MINE!!” Tyler gets up dizzy and walks to his car to leave. Stacy runs to him and asks him, “Are you ok?” Tyler looks up with bone coming out of his forehead and says, “NO, I have to go to the hospital because of the freaking stalker over there. He broke my nose.” Stacy turns around and looks at Jason with tears in her eyes. “I’ve turned you down for dates for 2 years now. Jason we went down that road. I don’t want to go there again!! STOP SMOTHERING ME!! I like Tyler, and you have hurt him now! Do you see what you have done? He probably has to have surgery to fix what you have done out of jealousy. Was this worth breaking your best friends nose? Think about that and let me know what you come up with. I have to take him to the hospital.” She opens the passenger door and lets Tyler get in. She then climbs in and starts the car to drive off. Jason runs up to the car and knocks on the window. She rolls down the window and says, “What is it Jason? I have to get him to the hospital fast. He’s losing a lot of blood.” He bows his head down and says, “I’m sorry Stacy, I just still like you a lot. I knew that you liked Tyler and I used that to my advantage, because he doesn’t like you back.” Stacy looked over at the profusely bleeding Tyler and says, “We’ll talk about this later. I have to go.” She drives out of the orphanage parking lot and drives to the hospital. Six hours later she comes home to her parents and Tyler’s parents. “What are we going to do about this? I can’t afford these hospital bills.” Her father bows his head down and says, “Why don’t you sue Jason’s parents for the hospital bills?” They thought about this for a few moments and then responded, “Well they have been friends with our family so long I couldn’t do it without feeling bad for them. It wasn’t their fault they cant 100 percent control their son. So no… I will just get a loan and work a second job to pay it off.” The stand up and say good bye then walk out the door to go home. Stacy runs upstairs and calls Jason and tells him what was going on. Jason gets quiet and says, “Oh my gosh, are you serious?” Stacy got silent for a moment and say, “Yes, they might sue your parents for the money to pay the hospital bills. They said they weren’t going to do that when they were here, but they still might if it gets too tight on money.” Jason leans back against the wall and closes his eyes, “My parents are going to kill me. I can’t afford to get into trouble! I am on the football team. I don’t want to be kicked off. I’m playing at the homecoming game.” Stacy sighs and says, “I will help you… I don’t want you to get into trouble just as much as you don’t. So I will do a fundraiser to help their family with the finances. So are you going be ok?” He picks up his cell phone and texts her his answer. “I guess.” Jason then hung up the phone. Stacy calls Tyler and asks him, “How is your nose feeling Tyler?” He begins to talk and she can’t understand him. “Tyler? Are you ok? You don’t sound like yourself… Is there anything I can do?” Tyler puts down the phone. Stacy hears a “RRRRIP” She screams, “TYLER?!?!” He picks the phone back up and says, “My nose is doing better, but taking off the nose cast hurt really bad.” Stacy says, “Hold on. Ill be over there in a few minutes.” Tyler tried to say something but Stacy had already hung up the phone and began to sneak out the window. Tyler sets the phone down and lies on his bed to wait for Stacy to get there. Stacy knocks on his window and he opens it up. “What are you doing here? Won’t your parents freak if they found out you were here?” Stacy nodded and said, “Yeah, but you need me right now. I want to be here for you. This was kind of my fault.” Tyler helps her through the window and hugs her. “Don’t feel bad about what happened. I wouldn’t change anything if I could. I understand where he’s coming from.” When he was hugging her he began to feel something that he hadn’t felt about her before. ‘I think I like her now. Uh oh, Jason is going to kill me if I ask her out.’ “Are you ok Tyler? You look kind of pale.” She sits him down on the bed and says, “Relax, I am going to run home and get you bottled water.” She jumps out of the window and sprints back to her house. Tyler lying on the bed thinking and debating back and forth between asking her out or not sighs, ‘What am I going to do? If I ask her out I will lose my friendship with Jason, but if I don’t then I lose out on a really great girl.’ He rubs his forhead and thinks. ‘I’m going to do it. I’m going to kiss her and ask her out.’ Stacy climbs back through the window and Tyler begins to get back up to help her. “NO! You lay down. I can get in by myself.” Tyler smile and still helps her in the house. She trips and lands in his arms on the bed. “Ummm… I’m sorry.” Stacy said blushing. Tyler looks at her and smiles, “Its ok.” He leans in to kiss her and she leans in to kiss him. All of a sudden though his parents barge into his room and find her in his lap. “WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!?!” His parents scream. Tyler and Stacy both jump up and say, “We aren’t doing anything! We swear!” His parents look at them and say, “Leave this door open, we want to be able to see what you two are doing, got it?” Stacy and Tyler nod. “Ok, we will… we aren’t doing anything bad. I just felt that it was my fault that Tyler got punched in the face so I wanted to make him feel better.” His parents looked at her and asked, “How would it be your fault?” Stacy bows her head in shame and says, “Well Jason likes me, A LOT, and well I give Tyler more attention than I do Jason since he and I went out and I’m not real close friends with him. He got jealous because I let Tyler give me a kiss on the cheek for getting a lot of money for a local charity.” They looked really confused and said, “It’s not your fault Stacy, don’t blame yourself. You can’t control what other people do. Don’t worry about it.” They walk out of the room and he looks at her and blushes. “I’m sorry, I think that was a little my fault.” She shakes her head and strokes through his hair. “It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself.” She and Tyler smile and then he grabs her into another hug. “Do you like me?” Stacy said with a smile. Tyler blushes and says, “Maybe, Why? Do you like me?” She blushes and says, “Yes, Ill actually admit it.” Tyler grins and says, “Well then.” As he leans in to kiss her. She blushes when his lips press against hers. He pulls away and says, “Is it too soon? Should I stop?” She shakes her head and says, “No its fine. I always get this way with my boyfriends, but I like you more.” He then puts his arm around her and pulls her into another kiss. He sits down on the bed after that and begins to talk, “We can’t tell Jason about this just yet. He would kill me. I’ve said for the longest time that I didn’t like you and I was lying. I have liked you from the very beginning. How long have you liked me?” She smiles and lowers her head, “For a long time,” She mumbles “Ever since I broke up with Jason. That’s why he’s been so jealous of you. He knows you are the one I like.” Tyler thinks for a minute and says, “He’s been acting like that for years and I never thought anything about it. I just thought he was acting a little strange at first but then I got used to it.” She sits down and says, “I’m sorry I even told him who I was leaving him for.” Tyler’s eyes widen and he asks, “You left him for me? That was two years ago though!!” She nods her head and says, “Yeah, I’ve liked you for that long. I just was waiting for you to make the move.” Tyler smacks himself in the head and mumbles, “Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!” Stacy grabs his hand and says, “Stop it, you didn’t know. I wasn’t acting like I liked you. I was hoping I didn’t have to do that.” Tyler shakes his head in shame and says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. I am such an idiot.” She turns around and looks at the time. ’12:00’ “OH CRAP! My parents are going to kill me!!” She darts out the window and goes home. Tyler flops on the bed and reminisces the kiss they had and then falls asleep for school the next day. The next morning he wakes up refreshed and jumps up to go to school. He runs to the bus stop to see Stacy sitting there as beautiful as ever. He shirt billowing in the breeze, her tight pants that accented her curves and her hair, straight and blonde billowing down to her shoulders as if it were a blanket. She turns around and a smile comes across her face then runs to Tyler, “HEY! How are you feeling?” He hugs her and says, “I’m feeling fine. How are you? Did you get into trouble last night?” She giggles and says, “Nope, my parents went to sleep before I left to go to your house. So I was ok, even though I didn’t know that.” Tyler laughed and then he hears the bus come around the corner and picks up his stuff. “Man, I can’t wait for pictures today. I think I’m going to look pretty good.” Stacy laughs and says, “Well I’m glad you think you will but I think I will look horrible.” Tyler grabs her hand and pulls her up the steps to the bus when she said that and they sat together. “You will look beautiful. I promise.” She lushes and whispers, “So are we officially going out? Or do you want to formally ask me?” Tyler thinks for a second and says, “I want to formally ask you but remember? I don’t want to tell Jason. So not right now. We are just going out behind the scenes.” She nodded and pointed out that they were at the school. He gathers his backpack and his laptop and gets off the bus to go to the commons. “Well, you want breakfast Stacy?” She nods, “Sure, I could go for a bite to eat.” Tyler gets up and says in a cheerful voice, “I’ll be back with your food in a minute ok?” She nods and says, “Thanks, I owe you one.” He laughs and says, “Nah, this one is on me.” Jason walks up and again asks her out. Tyler did his best not to look angry and walks away to get her breakfast. Stacy rolls her eyes and says, “If you ask me out one more time I won’t even be your friend anymore.” Jason bows his head disappointed and says, “Fine, but why?” Stacy looks around and then says, “I promised not to tell. So you can’t know yet.” At that very moment Tyler walks back up and Jason walks off giving Tyler a dirty look. Jason decides to hide behind a pole to watch what went on. ‘I’ll catch what they are doing. I will.’ Tyler and Stacy begin to hold hands under the table and Jason looking directly at then his ears began to turn red after seeing what they were doing, “So that’s it! She’s going out with him!” Jason storms over there and says, “So you are going out with him huh? Why didn’t you tell me?” Tyler stands up and says, “Maybe it wasn’t any of your business Jason.” His ears turn red in anger and ask, “What happened to, ‘you can have her?’ and ‘I don’t like her?’” Stacy says, “He said those things because of what you did to him… His nose is still broken. He was afraid of that for years.” Jason sighs and says, “I’m sorry Tyler. I hope you two are happy together. I won’t be around to see it though. You two know how I feel and I don’t want to watch the one girl that I ever really cared about be with someone else. So goodbye.” Tyler tries to stop him from leaving by calling his name but he completely ignores him. Tyler sighs and tries to call him that night. The next day he walks up to Jason and asks, “Do you really expect me to give up on my true love because you can’t let go of someone you thought was yours? Is that really being a good friend to expect that from your best friend? If you think so then I guess we aren’t friends. A real friend would be happy for their friend not jealous and angry. I wish you could just see that. If you can’t… more power to you. Bye Jason.” Jason’s eyes widen and he turns around to say something but Tyler is gone.

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its really long right now and needs some changes but i wanted to get opinions on the story line

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I loved the plot on it but i would help if you put in paragraphs. It wouldn't seem like one whole story. haha. i got lost a few times, trying to find my place. But it was really good! Great work! :)